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Posted - Feb 9 2019 : 10:57AM
I don't know if it's just me with this issue or maybe it's a bug in VLC. It doesn't happen all the time either. When it occurs it usually happens right at the beginning of a video but it can happen anywhere as the video is playing. What happens is the video becomes all pixilated and turns a silvery colour and that lasts for anywhere from a second to up to 10 seconds. Here's a screenshot:


Does anyone know what causes this and if there is a solution? It's not a huge problem but if there is an easy fix I'd be interesting in trying it.



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Posted - Feb 9 2019 : 2:10PM
That's frame corruption. Either due to faulty file or decoding process. I couldn't tell you more without closer inspection, but if you look at the VLC messages, it will tell you what is going on. Just hit Ctrl-M during playback and it brings up the message box where you can see what's going on.
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Posted - Feb 9 2019 : 3:04PM
^ Thanks for letting me know. At least I know it's a problem with the file itself and not with how VLC runs on my computer. I'll use the Crtl-M thing the next time it happens.

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Posted - Feb 18 2019 : 8:15PM
^^ Thanks for the tip!

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Posted - Mar 3 2019 : 1:40PM
well, i think vlc does have some problems after a certan release number


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Posted - Mar 5 2019 : 1:05PM
You can also try fiddling around with some of the settings. You might be able to tweak them to reduce the effects of various playback issues. For lower quality videos, you will have to move the Sharpen slider (in the Adjustments and Effects module) if activated.

Try this. Open VLC:

Tools > Preferences > at the bottom click the radio button > All > on the left panel scroll down almost to the bottom and under the heading Video, click Filters.

The right panel will show with the heading Filters. There you will see a list of filters in two columns.

The filters I chose after a lot of trial and error (some filters will cause VLC to crash, play terribly or won't show well) are the following. Of course, your system might need to use a different combination.

Left column: Deinterlacing video filter, Direct3D9 adjust filter, Direct3D11 adjust filter

Right column: Deinterlacing video filter, Sharpen video filter, Gradfun video filter, Alpha mask video filter, Video filtering using a chain of video filter modules, Direct3D9 deinterlace filter, Direct3D11 deinterlace filter.

Let me know if this works or if you found a different combo that works.


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Posted - Mar 26 2019 : 8:11PM
I encounter this problem sometimes, too. I'm not a tech guy per se, but as I understand, it will necessarily happen with a lot of video compression types. It's also a function of how much compression there is and the quality of the compression. Especially if you're reading from the middle of a video file. Say you pause a video, and your hard drive goes on standby. When you come back to it, this weird image problem will probably happen. If it happens at the beginning of a video file, then likely something is corrupted (not your hard drive, the file itself--maybe even the original file wherever you downloaded it from). VLC will muscle through usually regardless. Lesser video players will hiccup.

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