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Posted - Aug 5 2018 : 1:48PM
I regularly have problems with Idealgasm and Iím wondering if anyone else has the same issues.
One issue is that Iíve encountered several Ďdealsí that simply donít exist. Several months ago I tried to redeem an offer to join Girls Do Porn but when I clicked through to the site to join that deal wasnít available. I emailed the site and asked about the Idealgasm deal and the terse answer I got back was that deal just doesnít exist. Today I checked Idealgasm and one of the weekend deals is a monthly membership to Itís been a couple of months since Iíve been a member there so I wanted to rejoin. Because I had been a member in the past I had to re-activate my account. I went through to do that and the $9.95 offer was available. I selected that, clicked on the button that said my card would be billed and Ö my account wasnít re-activated. I donít see any evidence that my card was billed. The membership doesnít show up on Epoch and I didnít get a confirmation email. So I went back to Idealgasm and clicked through again and the $9.95 offer isnít even there now.
Is Idealgasm an automated site that just makes this stuff up? Youíd think that the site owners would actually confirm that the deals theyíre advertising are real.
The other issue I have is that I canít redeem multiple deals in a row. If I try to do that I get a warning that says I just took advantage of a deal so I need to wait a while? WTF??? Why would Idealgasm care if I want to buy two or three deals in a short period of time?
Final question Ė are there other affiliate sites that offer deals that you can recommend?
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Posted - Aug 5 2018 : 3:52PM
At idealgasm, the "Fine Print" says:
"Cannot be combined with any other offer"
Which may explain why you couldn't do multiple deals in a row.
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Posted - Aug 6 2018 : 9:20AM
^ In this case that wouldn't apply. I wasn't trying to combine deals. I was just trying to get the deal offered.
Just now I tried to take advantage of the $18 Swallow Salon membership. When I clicked to redeem it the price was $31. Someone at Idealgasm must be asleep at the switch.
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Posted - Oct 17 2018 : 10:55PM
Huh, this is certainly surprising to me. For a while now, I've purchased at least one discount deal a month through iDealgasm, can't say I've ever experienced a problem with their deals. In regards to your problem purchasing the Tushy membership, that might have something to do with the Tushy site and not iDealgasm; I've found in the past that reactivating a membership to one of the Greg Lansky sites (Blacked, Tushy, Vixen, BlackedRaw) can be complicated when you're trying to get the discount offer with your previous username/account. I've actually made it a point to wait until the individual sites have a holiday discount offer, which is usually $9.95/month. For instance, I reactivated my Blacked membership last month when there was such a sale for Labor Day weekend.
As for other discount sites out there... is the only other one I use regularly and, like iDealgasm, I've never had an issue purchasing memberships using their discount offers.
All smartbuydisc.rus > Shopping Info > Questions about the affiliate site "Idealgasm.'

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