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Posted - Mar 26 2019 : 12:37PM
All of the stickies are being combined into one since they litter the top of the topic.
If you are posting in this smartbuydisc.ru, it is assumed that you have read this.

No images of children! I'm putting this here as a reminder since we are having an influx of people who have been posting nonsexual images with children.
This is an adult site, images with children aren't allowed. Please be aware of what you are posting going forward.

No cross posting! This is a reminder that posting the same thing in multiple threads isn't allowed here. Before posting, please think of which topic is best for your post instead of posting the same post, or extremely similar posts, in multiple threads.

No more Trump threads! Please stop creating new threads on Trump. There are already more threads than necessary existing on him here. The sheer number of repetitive Trump threads is becoming overwhelming to other members who want to be able to discuss other topics in World News & Nonsense.

Do not troll each other's posts Making posts in someone's thread with the intention of disrupting it is trolling. This has never been allowed here. Either reply to the content or ignore the thread.

Everything here, except for the Trump rule, are all in the smartbuydisc.ru etiquette or the . We should not have to have this sticky here.

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