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Posted - Jul 4 2019 : 10:20AM
MAD Magazine, the satirical humor publication, will effectively close after the August issue, according to various contributors and The Hollywood Reporter. After 67 years publishing monthly, publisher DC Entertainment will reportedly shift later this year to repackaging old content with new covers, running new pieces only in the end-of-year specials.


I kinda saw this coming; I have been reading it (or the collected trades they used to do) since I could first read.

But lately I would glance at it at Barnes and Noble and I found I was laughing at it less and less and I realize two things were at work:

1) The world has degenerated into something almost beyond parody, and:

2) Mad invented snark, but it's everywhere now. Beginning with Saturday Night Live through SCTV, The Simpsons, Chappelle's Show, Politically Incorrect, The Daily Show, all the way to today with The Onion, Dank Memes and Twitter. It's been upended by it's own progeny.

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Posted - Jul 4 2019 : 10:37AM
Happy trails, Alfred!
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Posted - Jul 4 2019 : 8:58PM
Who needs Alfred E Neuman when we have Donald J Trump? RIP Mad Magazine.
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Posted - Jul 4 2019 : 9:55PM
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Posted - Jul 19 2019 : 4:08AM
I loved Mad Magazine as a kid and obsessively collected and read old beat up used copies. It was through the great Mort Drucker film parodies in those old issues that I became interested in the classic American films of the 70s and became a film nerd pretty young.
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Posted - Jul 21 2019 : 5:53PM
Sad news. I read it when I was young in my school days in the 70s and 80s. It was even kind of popular in my home country Germany. But as said above: the sens of humor has changed through the years. RIP
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Posted - Jul 21 2019 : 8:11PM
I would never have guessed that that sort of humor could carry over into German culture, or any other culture for that matter.

I myself was a big fan of Mad throughout the 70s. The movie and TV parodies, Spy vs Spy, Dave Berg.

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