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what lube do they use in lubed.com episodes?
what lube do they use in lubed.com episodes?
Borse2008Replies: 0
Views: 546
Nov 28 2017 7:24PM
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Who is the best huge tit dirty talking pornstar? (topic moved)
Hey guys! I am new here, and am wondering if anyone here shares my interests in huge tit pornstars? I am looking for pornstars to jack off to and I cant find those special ones who get me harder than...
pornstarking39Replies: 1
Views: 596
Nov 26 2017 9:42AM
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Different Cloth Textures, Oils and Lotions
I like to feel different textures on my dick because literally my penis feels different in my hand from different materials like the skin feels and glides differently. it might feel fluffy but hard
BezerkingoffReplies: 0
Views: 219
Nov 19 2017 1:50PM
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Anyone know her name? (topic moved)
Trying to find who this girl is <image> <image>
arcsevenReplies: 1
Views: 411
Nov 17 2017 3:35PM
Topic Locked
[mod edit: link removed. <link> .]
greenhorn94Replies: 1
Views: 179
Nov 11 2017 2:49PM
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Virgin at 21, could use tips.
Pages: 1 2
Yes I am virgin at 21. Growing up I had low confidence around women. I had hard time approaching women I would freeze up get nervous. One day it will happen, I will DO it. But how can I perform well
jerkanator12Replies: 51
Views: 3333
Nov 3 2017 10:39PM
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Why don't I want to have sex with my wife?
I got married six years ago and I had two children. Now, I am 39 and my wife is 31 year old. However, I didn't really feel sexually attracted to her. Why? Help me please! removed
nguyenvantu77Replies: 7
Views: 1073
Oct 22 2017 9:46AM
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What Are Your Sex Expectations?
All couples enter marriage with their sex expectations regarding frequency, endurance, performance, sex positions, locations, and what types of sex you will engage in. The stereotype is that most men...
FrankRBlantonReplies: 1
Views: 441
Oct 22 2017 5:27AM
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Premiumbukkake-Jane (topic moved)
Hello,can anyone tell me who is this pornoactress-Jane, and if she have another porno videos than Premiumbukkake videos? <image>
hummel37Replies: 1
Views: 1116
Oct 21 2017 9:51PM
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Pussy Driller
I've seen in a few porno's this super fast mach-speed Drilldo being used on women's vaginas. I wonder if any women here can tell us how this feels? Is there a Dildo that spins around like that? I am
BezerkingoffReplies: 0
Views: 521
Oct 19 2017 5:14PM
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What is Pierre Woodman's technique?
What the hell does he do to make girls squeam and orgasm as much as they do from his oral sex? I know he sticks a finger up their butt, then sucks/licks their pussies, but every girl he does a scene
whitewalkerReplies: 14
Views: 13703
Oct 16 2017 9:52PM
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actress name please... (topic moved)
actress name please <link>
mda777Replies: 1
Views: 412
Oct 16 2017 11:05AM
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Nothing to see here, please move on
[MOD:No tube sites]
mda777Replies: 0
Views: 210
Oct 15 2017 10:13AM
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What do you guys think of Candice swanepoels ass?
ScaramangaReplies: 1
Views: 617
Oct 7 2017 11:27PM
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Has anyone bein a swinger? Was it hard to make first step? To discuss about it with gf?
Fred39999Replies: 22
Views: 1706
Oct 5 2017 10:39AM
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Porn to real life orgasm / Favorite Orgasm
SO I just finished watching 2 Brazzers scenes. Eva Notty and Kieran Lee and Kristen Scott and Toni Ribas I think. In both scenes the ladies had orgasm after orgasm it seemed. Now I've watched many
Views: 731
Oct 2 2017 4:04PM
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Name of the movie featuring alex sanders? (topic moved)
I don't remember the name of the Alex sanders' movie. The movie where Alex sanders appears out no where whenever anyone thinks of sex. Whenever anyone becomes horny, Alex sanders appears and fucked
smartpornseekerReplies: 1
Views: 251
Oct 2 2017 1:05PM
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i wanna know their names Plz
may any body help <image> <image>
milfloversReplies: 3
Views: 522
Sep 19 2017 12:37PM
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Is it Hemorrhoid? or is it Other type of STDs?
I'm a newbie here. This is my first topic in the smartbuydisc.ru. I just curious. I've watched several mature porn actresses. I'm going to focus on these four actresses: Rita Daniels, Ginger Lynn, Slut Deb,
ch120m1uMReplies: 12
Views: 1330
Sep 12 2017 11:19PM
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Questions for men who had sex
HiI am really in need for answers and this is not post for funI am a man and have never had sex beforeI watch porn and I like hard sexI am from a religion group where we have sex after marriage so my...
OuiouiReplies: 10
Views: 990
Sep 2 2017 11:41PM
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More than 2 boobs
Edited - should have known better.
jayo Replies: 0
Views: 507
Aug 19 2017 3:54PM
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actress name please (topic moved)
<image> Please anyone help me find this girl or the link to this video thanks in advance
NongsabaReplies: 1
Views: 343
Aug 17 2017 10:18AM
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Anyone use these online pharmacies?
BM PharmacyCanadian PharmacyTrust PharmacyPerfectEDStore?Obviously, looking to buy Viagra or Levitra generics online. I do not have insurance, so this is the only source.Also, please feel free to
Views: 723
Aug 16 2017 9:37PM
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Is it really Herpes?
Hi guys, I've been curious for this question actually. I've watched dogfart's blacks on cougars starred by Jenna Covelli. I also have the photoset. What attracts me is when she's photographed like
ch120m1uMReplies: 5
Views: 2231
Aug 16 2017 9:25PM
Topic Locked
Nothing to see here, move along please.
Edited by - Flash on Aug 14 2017
ityshenkoReplies: 0
Views: 228
Aug 14 2017 9:46AM
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Mutliple Male Orgasm in porn question (Biology?)
There are a a small handful of male porn stars who can cum twice without any cuts/edits in a scene. Most of these guys might say they’re going to cum but they’ll have more and it happens
jemappelledavidReplies: 0
Views: 647
Jul 30 2017 5:37AM
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Mutliple Male Orgasm in porn question (Biology?)
There are a a small handful of male porn stars who can cum twice without any cuts/edits in a scene. Most of these guys might say they’re going to cum but they’ll have more and it happens
jemappelledavidReplies: 0
Views: 362
Jul 30 2017 5:10AM
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My asian GF friend porn Fantasy ....
Hello,I am dating this girl for a couple of weeks.[MOD: Don't post other people's personal pictures ]She mentioned to me her desire to go into porn after an agent told her she could make a big living...
merlerReplies: 1
Views: 861
Jul 28 2017 10:11PM
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Who is this girl?
Who is this girl or what video is this? Its in a pornhub ad that I keep seeing and it shows 2 different videos. I figured out the first one and I have the video saved to my computer but I can't find
boiiiReplies: 0
Views: 710
Jul 26 2017 3:13PM
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Sex drive issues
I have always had sex drive and arousal issues. I wonder what can make a person more aroused? Or fantasize more?
sigmatic787Replies: 8
Views: 1091
Jul 26 2017 2:07AM
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piss drinking
my boyfriend ask me let him piss on face and I myself want too try it once atleast too.Isnt it bad for health? if goes to my mouth? please help me.
86442032Replies: 27
Views: 15572
Jul 26 2017 1:35AM
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safety about oral sex to female
HelloI never gave oral sex to female before but my new mistress wants me to do this for her, for the first time. I have little medical knowledge, my question is simply as -- what's the possible STDs
kenny1980Replies: 1
Views: 500
Jul 26 2017 1:32AM
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Brazil Porn Studio
Hello everyone. Nice to e-meet you! Guys, please advice me porn stuiod in Brazil, which can shoot good exclusive porn videos, or give contact details, please. I will appreciate so much if you help
AnnaKReplies: 0
Views: 835
Jul 24 2017 3:07AM
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Nothing to see here, move along please.
Edited by - Flash on Jul 20 2017
BlastOff1Replies: 3
Views: 331
Jul 20 2017 5:33PM
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SPH fetish even though average...
I remember my girlfriend, in my late teens, would always make fun of me for having a small penis. She would call me a "garden gnome." But the thing is, I actually measured it because I was
imitarReplies: 13
Views: 2124
Jul 15 2017 1:15AM
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Jerk off club -Strokerz (Montreal area)
Anyone interested in joining a jerk off club with me? STR8 dudes who live porn and want to have a bunch of buds around as we chat and jerk.I have a small group on Twitter already. But distance is a
Roggie71Replies: 0
Views: 677
Jul 12 2017 9:09AM
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Looking for an old movie ... (topic moved)
Hi, everyone ;-)I'm new to the smartbuydisc.ru.About 10 years ago I saw a porn movie that starts with the following scene:A man comes to someone's house, she has released a pit bull for sale.He went into her
CtkebuphycukReplies: 1
Views: 373
Jul 11 2017 10:01PM
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Anal Masturbation for men: Hitachi or dildo?
Hey there I am a man exploring for anal pleasure and want to know which one is better for anal masturbation: Using a hitachi or a dildo?Thanks
straponguyReplies: 2
Views: 842
Jul 7 2017 1:19AM
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Question about oil or lubed use in porn scene
Does anyone know what pornstars use during an oil scene, Example the Oil Overload from JulesJordan series? They always seem to be using a ton of oil or lube, I'm not sure what. Thanks
Yazeler23Replies: 1
Views: 468
Jul 4 2017 1:46PM
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Dating girls in Dubai
Edited by - Flash on Jun 22 2017
amnamodel80Replies: 0
Views: 749
Jun 22 2017 7:04PM
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Unsanitary oral Sex from toilet seat germs
Recently it has been publicized in a home maintenance documentary, that it is more sanitary to close the lid on your toilet seat to prevent massive unsanitary fecal / shit germs from spewing up to
LOLReplies: 0
Views: 387
Jun 19 2017 11:54AM
Topic Locked
MOD: No tubesites.
bestjavsiteReplies: 0
Views: 207
Jun 8 2017 2:07PM
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How does the Fleshlight's Forbidden Texture feels?
Hey I want to know how close does the Forbidden Texture feels in comparison to the real thing? What other textures do you recommend?Thanks
straponguyReplies: 2
Views: 1051
May 31 2017 9:54PM
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Check out new site SexyOlympus.com
My site <link> is Greek Mythology themed, and features a lot of Fleshlight reviews and comparisons. It also contains sexy Goddesses and other content. Let me know what you think in the
FreshAir7500Replies: 0
Views: 398
May 18 2017 4:55AM
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Cum: in the ass or not?
So, for the times my wife and I have partaken of anal sex, I will pull out just before I climax, assuming of course that she would not want me to cum inside her ass. Now in the porn business there
Matt47Replies: 45
Views: 10745
May 16 2017 12:27PM
Topic Locked
Nothing to see here, move along please.
Edited by - Flash on May 3 2017
dubaiplayboyReplies: 0
Views: 339
May 3 2017 3:46PM
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Anal Sex Tips from Porn Stars
/ Fq0
fanofmanReplies: 1
Views: 1461
Apr 28 2017 2:07PM
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Ladies, if u were a man, what size dick u'd have?
Sorry for the bad English in the title. There's only so much space permitted in that field.Basically, if you could magically inhabit the body of a guy, or if you were born male, or if you could have
MelvynReplies: 4
Views: 1219
Apr 26 2017 10:47PM
Stanley Moon
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Better Than the Hand is a great little book on male masturbation that deserves some attention. While female masturbation is becoming more and more mainstream, male masturbation is still looked upon
astroknightReplies: 0
Views: 588
Apr 22 2017 11:00AM
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BBW Porn
I'm new here so I may not be posting this in the right spot. I'm a big girl (5'3, 245lbs) and I like to watch a bit of porn. My tastes are what some my consider vanilla. I just have a couple
FluffyLadyTh...Replies: 7
Views: 2427
Apr 22 2017 10:59AM
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