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Nothing to see here, move along please.
Edited by - Flash on Apr 14 2017
Laura22Replies: 0
Views: 325
Apr 14 2017 10:21AM
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Facebook Sex groups
Hi,are there good facebook sex groups? I just found some, where you get just spam requests.. and lots of indian guys..
aZ09_Replies: 1
Views: 817
Apr 12 2017 3:01AM
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Have you ever experienced VR porn? (topic moved)
Virtual Reality Porn is pretty much already a thing. Does anyone here have the experience on vr sex?
JerryvrheadsetReplies: 2
Views: 481
Apr 10 2017 9:38AM
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Why do we still buy DVD's (topic moved)
Please give your reason.I like to collect them because it just turns me on knowing I can watch my favorite pornstars without viruses and such.
Azamkckr42Replies: 1
Views: 348
Apr 9 2017 1:53PM
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Pakistani Adult movies (topic moved)
Where can i get the DVD of Pakistani adult movies "Titliyaan" and "Andheri Raat"?
Innocent LickerReplies: 1
Views: 579
Apr 9 2017 1:52PM
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What is his name? (topic moved)
/ tic-picdump-142017-100-pics.htmlWhat is name of this girl in 12 photo? Please answer me
light1313Replies: 3
Views: 354
Apr 4 2017 3:52PM
Mister Fahrenh...
Topic Locked
Edited by - Mister Fahrenheit on Apr 4 2017
KrosKrysReplies: 0
Views: 260
Apr 4 2017 2:58PM
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Any comparable movies (topic moved)
My top 3 movies are:1. Keri Sables gangbang anal creampie swallow.2. Jane Darling's 3 on 1 with Erik Everhard, Steve Holmes and some other guy.3. More recently Proxy Paige legal porno vid where she
SlimfattyReplies: 2
Views: 334
Mar 31 2017 1:14PM
Mister Fahrenh...
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Can you tell when a girl is faking a orgasm?
Sometime, I can tell when I'm working with a girl, but I have worked with girls that I didn't know.Lauren Phillips
LaurenPhillipsReplies: 2
Views: 882
Mar 22 2017 10:09AM
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Nothing to see here, move along please.
Edited by - Flash on Mar 20 2017
tomcruckerReplies: 1
Views: 310
Mar 20 2017 9:58AM
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What is a Good Way to prep for Double V/Double A
I want to try to this one day. Any Advice?Lauren Phillips
LaurenPhillipsReplies: 5
Views: 912
Mar 19 2017 10:10PM
Topic Locked
Nothing to see here, move along please.
MOD:I just don't even know.
PanelHearingReplies: 0
Views: 277
Mar 18 2017 10:27PM
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Does Anyone know this horny Blond pornstar? (topic moved)
<image> SheThanks, buddies.
Love LaceReplies: 1
Views: 607
Mar 16 2017 10:46PM
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question about female orgasm
For the first time in my life I am in a committed relationship, we plan on sleeping with each other for the first time in the near future. I have a question though; I was wondering if there's a way
MarkCReplies: 3
Views: 607
Mar 12 2017 3:01PM
Gore Gore Girl
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Wanting a bigger dildo for anal...
I've been playing with kong suction cup and maxxmen 11" bent suction cup dildos. Im ready to go bigger, but wanting any feedback on a few in mind. I've been looking at Danny d secret weapon,
WasntMeReplies: 0
Views: 537
Mar 8 2017 6:39AM
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darkish asshole
Hello Guys I got this fetish that I really love darkish assholes like very very dark but on white girls and yeah I searched here alot and I have found a where everyone was posting names of
bellamy233Replies: 1
Views: 1216
Mar 7 2017 6:31AM
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Spammy spammy spam
Bye again.
queenescorts123Replies: 0
Views: 253
Mar 4 2017 12:39PM
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The 1st Time
How much time should I last in my first time? What's considered a great time?
straponguyReplies: 8
Views: 973
Mar 4 2017 12:38PM
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Butthole licking
I did post something similar to this elsewhere on here, but interested to get a response, hopefully from some in the porn business as well.I have a massive obsession with buttlicking porn, but I've
luvthosehoesReplies: 24
Views: 5264
Mar 1 2017 6:03PM
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I gotta admit, I don't know too much about this. I do know there are different levels of gals who perform sexual services for pay. Street hookers, call girls, Nevada brothel gals, massage parlor
budtugleyReplies: 143
Views: 9413
Feb 26 2017 1:27AM
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Is there risk for me?
I'm almost sure that this will be the most stupid question ever, but altought i will aks you! So... i'm 22 years old female and i have boyfriend. We are doing anal sex almost every day. I like the
kaprizReplies: 4
Views: 980
Feb 22 2017 9:50AM
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Edited by - Mister Fahrenheit on Feb 15 2017
djalal19Replies: 0
Views: 294
Feb 15 2017 3:54PM
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If you have to...
If you have to share your girlfriend with a male pornstar who would you share with?
pornnerd987Replies: 3
Views: 457
Feb 8 2017 1:29PM
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Uncircumcized male Performers
I'm sorry if I offend anyone with this topic but some of the best male performers today are uncircumcized, Rocco, Manuel Ferrara, Mark Davis, Steve Holmes. I was wondering if being uncircumcized has
SandersReplies: 40
Views: 23619
Feb 3 2017 5:03PM
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Suck a Dick...Save a Marriage
<image> S U C K - A - D I C K . . . S A V E - A - M A R R I A G E . . . The Gospel, according to Deidre (me) **Irrelevant BACKGROUND INFO: a series of events pertaining to the male obsession
DeidreReplies: 26
Views: 2686
Jan 22 2017 9:22AM
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Question about Escorts
I'm a guy in my mid 20s.I read a bit online about escorts and have many questions.I know there are some escorts that charge like $5000/hr and huge rates like that and they are usually pornstars. My
georgewalshReplies: 30
Views: 4642
Jan 6 2017 4:39PM
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Anyone fallen in love with a prostitute?
I have and it hurts. I used to go to a masseuse regularly and slowly talked her into jerking me off. She told me that she didn't do it for anyone else. She also did not charge me any extra money than...
Sunny47Replies: 14
Views: 2966
Jan 6 2017 3:29PM
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Jessica Lynn Update
Hey there, I want to know if anybody has info regarding Jessica Lynn, a blonde that worked in the industry a few years ago specially with Penthouse, Bangbros and Brazzers and that she promised to
straponguyReplies: 1
Views: 5150
Jan 6 2017 1:40PM
Gore Gore Girl
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my girlfriend told me how much cum she swallowed
total in her lifeit was about two liters give or takehow would you react? i think my share is about very little drops in this amountand yes, she swallows every time she has an intercourse
SwallowWatcherReplies: 5
Views: 1481
Jan 6 2017 3:21AM
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Not attracted to white women?
I'm attracted to pretty much all other races of women but in a general sense I'm not attracted to white women, that's not to there aren't white women I find attractive because there are plenty just
sethrob882Replies: 5
Views: 948
Jan 6 2017 12:55AM
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Can a porn star be a good life partner?
This is a question of my beyond porn. We have seen many porn star is living a happy life. So my this question and post is dedicated to those. Here is my opinion..[link removed: no link
sutzReplies: 43
Views: 5691
Jan 5 2017 7:21PM
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Why do women pretend not to like sex?
It seems to me they like it more then men. A vagina is thousands of more time as sensitive then a penis so women factually get far more pleasure from sex then men. . Is it just for "sex as a
zoroisfictic...Replies: 17
Views: 909
Dec 31 2016 10:40AM
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Double vag
My girlfriend and I recently tried the coveted Double vag she loves it I mean speaking in tongues loving it. Why is the question ? I aint small 7 long and 6 around is it the extra pressure ? this
ass_clownReplies: 43
Views: 5798
Dec 22 2016 11:31AM
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catfights at orgies or swing clubs or during 3way
This has long been a fantasy of mine, even though I've never been close to experiencing a 3way. I've always been a huge catfight and female wrestling fan, and what normal guy isn't a fan of double
Beavis69 Replies: 1
Views: 573
Dec 19 2016 2:29PM
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sex club in Denver CO
Anyone been to Mon Chalet? It's pretty awesome, it's an adult hotel with an indoor pool and hot tubs where every one hangs out nude. They let single guys in, and there is usually a M/F couple or two
mcs1025Replies: 2
Views: 990
Dec 14 2016 11:27AM
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how to find a woman who really like kinky sex
I am 36 and had two relationship before and now I am divorced and single.The two women were always focusing on $ , work and family. They were not even interested in vanilla sex , not to mention kinky...
kenny1980Replies: 8
Views: 1180
Dec 13 2016 5:11PM
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Love Anal
I'm not Gay and never really thought about anal until about a year ago. Don't get me wrong... I've had my asshole sucked by a lot of girls but never have I been fucked or fingered. Anyways, I was
jstant11Replies: 3
Views: 887
Dec 13 2016 4:03PM
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what is the risk of oral sex / drinking pee
A HIV-positive woman giving oral sex to a healthy man, without condom, and the man does not reach orgasm and does not cum at last, how likely would he get HIV or other STIs?A healthy man giving
kenny1980Replies: 3
Views: 720
Dec 12 2016 3:50AM
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Orgasm? To squirt or not to squirt
My wife loves getting oral sex, I'm very good at it, but when she starts to trembling, twitchig and coming she tells me to stop, because she feels that she is going to pee, and wont let it go, I
deadmantis666Replies: 2
Views: 830
Dec 10 2016 9:09PM
Gore Gore Girl
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Porn chicks and Creaming
This question is for any one in the know. Prefer to hear from a working porn chick that does cream or knows others that do/can. My question is...does creaming come as easily as it does for guys to
BDDReplies: 7
Views: 1165
Dec 6 2016 5:30PM
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questions about porn production safety
I hope I am not asking questions that are too stupid. However, I am living in a country where porn industry is uncommon.1. Is uncensored porn doing for real ? i.e. having sex for real? I heard about
kenny1980Replies: 2
Views: 409
Dec 5 2016 1:31PM
Gore Gore Girl
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Renata Fox/Elnara Cat (topic moved)
New russian anal princess. I hope she will rise into new anal queen. Where would you like to see her?/ ndex/elnaracat.html
tommyweilReplies: 1
Views: 460
Dec 5 2016 2:03AM
Mister Fahrenh...
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Is my taste in porn weird?
I love lesbian stuff involving yoga, real estate agents, older women-younger women and peeing.If I do watch straight stuff it's double penatration, facials and bukkake. I need the women to be
zoroisfictic...Replies: 8
Views: 594
Dec 3 2016 1:31PM
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health questions about kinky sex
Hi1. What is the possible disease that could lead to from drinking pee? How likely?2. What is the possible disease that could lead to from eating "traces of shit"? I do not mean to eat her
kenny1980Replies: 1
Views: 508
Nov 27 2016 12:52AM
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Italian Women- Size Queens?
I've noticed over the years and especially in porn that a lot of the Italian girls have confessed to being really open to enjoying big cocks like Jewel De'Nyle, Angelina Valentine (Dated Chris
CrissStrokes...Replies: 1
Views: 779
Nov 25 2016 5:17AM
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Help please-Ideas for roleplay fun...
Already played the part of a perverted Doctor with much fun thrown in but can anyone suggest some more please.Would love some comments from the girls too if possible thank you
stinkfistReplies: 13
Views: 878
Nov 20 2016 3:13PM
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What Live Webcamstar Would You Like To Fuck?
Hi! Today there are a lot of different live chat web cam services and a huge amount of sexy models masturbating and fucking online. I like to watch online girls much more then to watch porn! Bu
xluluReplies: 0
Views: 293
Nov 11 2016 9:25AM
Topic Locked
Natural Tits Fat Implants
A while a go i read there was some kind of breast implants that made the fat tissue grow upon itself, so the feel and looks were natural, is this real or was it experimental or just a Myth?
deadmantis666Replies: 1
Views: 435
Nov 8 2016 5:25PM
Mister Fahrenh...
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Dry Humping
What are your experiences? Did you try it before sex when you were young, share your tales please.
deadmantis666Replies: 0
Views: 430
Nov 8 2016 5:05PM
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Sex in Nicaragua
Has any you guys visited nicaragua before, could share some pics of local girls?, The more latin the better,
deadmantis666Replies: 0
Views: 539
Nov 8 2016 11:18AM
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