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Fetish Poor Woman
I don't know if this falls into the category as roleplaying or sex with the girl next door, but I will love to see pictures of people I know, naked, or fucking, poor or middle class people from my
deadmantis666Replies: 2
Views: 465
Nov 8 2016 10:26AM
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Local Girls
It's there a porn website where local women are featured, I mean very local, Country, City and Neighborhood, thanks
deadmantis666Replies: 0
Views: 477
Nov 7 2016 5:13PM
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longest fucking session?
guys my gf usually ask me and tease me that I have a little fucking time.that is usually 5 to 6 minutes. and I was heart of it.she says that her previous husband used to fuck her 2 to 3 hours.and
marie graceReplies: 30
Views: 5038
Nov 1 2016 11:38AM
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For Shame! You disgusting pervert predator!
Ive cross posted this from the Porn Pool after considering it's intended audience. Hopefully someone will be able to bring attention of it's existence to a person who works in the industry. Of
sporaticusReplies: 0
Views: 589
Oct 31 2016 4:36AM
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What age is it considered normal to masturbate?
We all know hormonal teenagers masturbate almost daily, possibly more. I began masturbating at about the age of 7. I didn't even know about sex at that age. I just knew it felt good to rub it . There...
gorillahungReplies: 9
Views: 1290
Oct 30 2016 5:29PM
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My pic at nearly 44 years old
Ok, I'm a body conscious male. Yes, we do exist. Read the book titled "The Adonis Complex". This picture was taken today. Sorry, I cut my head off in the pic. I'm single and just curious if...
gorillahungReplies: 2
Views: 1174
Oct 30 2016 5:00PM
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Pubic hair?
Do women prefer if I let it grow or shave? I know it makes the D look bigger, what do you women think?
antlersReplies: 11
Views: 2184
Oct 30 2016 4:54PM
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Domincan Chick Grabs 100 guys packages in public!
/ deo.php?v=wshhit9vqeq8Azn99fZf <link> What do the ladies of ADT smartbuydisc.rus think about this?
MelvynReplies: 10
Views: 805
Oct 30 2016 4:50PM
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The Hotwife/Swinger Lifestyle: GQ article
/ icas-greatest-swinger <link> I didn't read the whole thing but it touches on some interesting themes including cheating, cuckolding, envy, race dynamics,...
MelvynReplies: 1
Views: 1071
Oct 27 2016 5:08PM
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Watching amateur orgies
How does a person go about requesting to watch amateurs having orgies and what generally is the price for such a treat? Preferably heterosexual activity but lesbians going at it would be wonderful
oldguyReplies: 1
Views: 884
Oct 27 2016 1:01PM
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Electro-Sex and E-Stim Toys
My girlfriend and I are looking for some new sex toys to play with, and we've seen these kinds of toys in some on-line catalogues.We're not into S&M, although we mess around with some light D/S
toyguyReplies: 21
Views: 15374
Oct 27 2016 7:45AM
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My girlfriend isn't fond of anal
She doesn't get why people are into it. She thinks it's gross, wrong, and bad for your health if you receive it. She also jokingly accuses me of being gay because I'm into it. Could you guys help me
starbug2Replies: 10
Views: 2720
Oct 18 2016 7:49PM
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Think I'll hang around out in this tonight.
Album name: Think I'll hang around out in this tonight. <image> <image> <image> <image> <image> Taken from Wild Selfie, all <link>
johnsmitz7Replies: 2
Views: 438
Oct 17 2016 6:47PM
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Does double anal exist IRL?
Has anyone heard of a girl/guy that has done it in their private sexlife?I mean groupsex, even dps are not so uncommon. I've heard of women (on sexforums) that they have tried double vag and that
geraltReplies: 27
Views: 21959
Oct 10 2016 3:03AM
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Anyone ever have Skype sex?
I'm really interested in doing it. Would love to hear your opinions. If anyones interested, send me a private message!
Sam9786Replies: 1
Views: 634
Oct 9 2016 2:47PM
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Someone know her Name? (topic moved)
<image> / ge-boobsSomeone know her Name
SkuppyReplies: 1
Views: 659
Oct 9 2016 7:44AM
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What do you think about a threesome???
My gf and I would like to have a threesome and I was wondering what aome people thought about it and who would you find someone that is willing to do it with you?
GiaspotoReplies: 15
Views: 1268
Oct 9 2016 3:48AM
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Penis sleeve experience. Big cock wife
Hey folks. I was just wondering if any of you have used these cock sleeves or extenders.Me and my wife have recently found them out and its been great.We first used one after a night out we were both...
DpassmanReplies: 2
Views: 8360
Oct 9 2016 3:44AM
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Hi I am Cristalh
My name is Cristalh, but on internet i use to choose my nickname asiamature. I'm not so cute like tweety. I am currently looking for new friends feel free to message me for more of my info. Nice to
asianmatureReplies: 1
Views: 534
Oct 9 2016 3:33AM
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I like big cock and I cannot lie
I model at <link> and I like big cock.My question is how do I make sex more enjoyable and less painful because of the size of the cock?
euellgongReplies: 2
Views: 1554
Oct 9 2016 3:26AM
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Is it unmanly to worship a woman ?
I've been told that women are supposed to look up to the man and worship him. That falling so hard for a woman to where your actions are influenced by her and pleasing her is not manly. You should
HellscreamReplies: 13
Views: 660
Oct 9 2016 3:19AM
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Have you ever tried fisting?
I think we may have touched on this before, but I curious to get an update, and some of the newbies opinions. -lunacy- -lunacy- -lunacy-
-lunacy-Replies: 35
Views: 4433
Oct 9 2016 3:17AM
Topic Locked
Nothing to see here, please move along.
MOD:Stealing is never cool.
leohowardReplies: 0
Views: 253
Oct 8 2016 9:52AM
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An amateur set submission! Enjoy guys!
Hi guys,I am new to this but as of today I will be posting softcore nude selfies set every week for your enjoyment. If the feedbacks are good, I will be more than happy to post more. Without
johnsmitz7Replies: 0
Views: 439
Oct 7 2016 1:42PM
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More Anti-Sex Sexism in Social Media
Commonly referred to as "sex negative" which means demeaning or belittling that which even only to the slightest degree is sexually suggestive. / PAE
MelvynReplies: 7
Views: 578
Oct 5 2016 1:26AM
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Do women fantasize about guy on guy?
Like with us men the visual of two woman together is amazing.But do you think women have the reverse of that. Getting really turned by watching twomen getting-it-on.
AllbusinessReplies: 42
Views: 3800
Sep 28 2016 10:34AM
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Fuck deep and fast
Hello questions to guys here and who ever wants to answer how do someone can keep it up and fuck deep and hard and fast for some long period of time Thanks in advance
jacklyneeReplies: 16
Views: 3737
Sep 27 2016 3:21AM
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Balding Men's Hair Choices
Okay, so I'm bald and rocking a Willie Shakespeare look, long on the sides but bald on top. I do keep it clean and neat. Is this wrong , in the sense that there is no way that women ever like the
Rolf MullerReplies: 17
Views: 1667
Sep 26 2016 7:04AM
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Is This Normal?
When masturbating I'm sure it's totally normal to fantasize about a hot pornstar you like and imagine you are fucking her. But is it normal to fantasize about another guy (usually a male pornstar)
CloudburstReplies: 10
Views: 2331
Sep 24 2016 8:51AM
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Hey, is it normal for a guy to desire being gang banged?I mean, if there was an opportunity given to me that involved being gang banged on film several times a week I would do it. If there was an
rhj187Replies: 2
Views: 809
Sep 24 2016 8:43AM
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Does a naked man look sexy if he has a small penis
Imagine a naked man who has a muscular body, is well groomed, but has an erection that's about 5.1 inches. Would he be considered sexy despite being a bit on the smaller side in the genitals? (YES, I...
gorillahungReplies: 21
Views: 1871
Sep 22 2016 12:43PM
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Watching your GF / Wife have sex with other men?
Has anyone tried this?
editorbbReplies: 28
Views: 4157
Sep 21 2016 12:26PM
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Rough Sex Club
So who enjoys and engages in rough sex??Depending on the girl I can go into hard pounding, slapping, spanking and pinning down by force..Usually I do not like sex without anal so a girl with a big
editorbbReplies: 3
Views: 1386
Sep 21 2016 12:16PM
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Cock slapping???......
In porn today you see a lot of guys slapping their cocks on girls tongues, face, pussies. Especially after they cum for some reason. Tried if with my girl recently and she was like wtf are you
moose1506Replies: 13
Views: 2228
Sep 21 2016 12:10PM
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Does this position have a name?
Always liked this but don't know what to call it. MOD: Image removed. Please follow <link> No images displaying sex acts, this includes masturbation, oral sex, anal sex, gay sex, veggie sex,
Cldnm3Replies: 3
Views: 510
Sep 15 2016 11:24PM
Mister Fahrenh...
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Girls w/best Female Completion record/no-jerk guys (topic moved)
What female pornstar is most reliable in terms of getting guys to come without them having to jack it? Or for making the male talent lose control? I realize chemistry takes two to tango but there is
mrstrummyReplies: 1
Views: 380
Sep 15 2016 10:55AM
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Nothing to see here, move along please.
Edited by - Flash on Sep 8 2016
missruhi2099Replies: 0
Views: 347
Sep 8 2016 9:54AM
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Edited by - Flash on Sep 8 2016
missruhi2099Replies: 0
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Sep 8 2016 9:52AM
Topic Locked
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Edited by - Flash on Sep 8 2016
missruhi2099Replies: 0
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Sep 8 2016 9:50AM
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missruhi2099Replies: 0
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Sep 8 2016 9:49AM
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Nothing to see here, move along please.
Edited by - Flash on Sep 6 2016
ursulasuarezReplies: 0
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Sep 6 2016 2:02PM
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ursulasuarezReplies: 0
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Sep 6 2016 1:30PM
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dirty dreams
both girls and guys have dirty dreams, some times strange and funny, lets share some here ;)
Not Lucy Lee...Replies: 25
Views: 2270
Sep 1 2016 7:07AM
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Real Sites for Affairs
Are there any recommendations on sites for married men and women looking for an affair or FWB ? Since the implosion of Ashley Madison , is there any site with any integrity ? Craigslist seems so ,
jakejd4949Replies: 7
Views: 956
Aug 31 2016 2:49AM
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Need insights into the submissive female psyche!
Hi,To make a long story short, I've started corresponding with a young sub, we build scenarios and little scenes that evolve in he says/does , she says/does fashion. Things are pretty kinky and
Joey StarrReplies: 4
Views: 437
Aug 31 2016 2:44AM
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Common names for these two positions
First is female flat on her back male on top flat against her, not meaning missionary.Second, female flat on her stomach, make on top flat against her body,.Thank you, I've seen nomenclature related
md99Replies: 3
Views: 654
Aug 30 2016 1:05PM
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Who is this?
/ Ad-1/hot%20sexy%20pornstars%2092ee01r789 789.jpg
EarncreekReplies: 2
Views: 1050
Aug 28 2016 1:35PM
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Handjobs/blowjobs and jewellery
Does anyone guys get extra hard when a girl with her writ wrapped ringing brackets and clicking bangles gives a handjob/blowjob. I get these tingling when I hear the sound the jewellery making all
DiamondJackmanReplies: 7
Views: 944
Aug 23 2016 2:04AM
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This is my first time
hi guys..i come from place sex cannot be done until marriage..i can't wait any more .. i decided to have sex for first timehowever there many hot Thai Asian come to our country and they come for few
moh77877Replies: 3
Views: 640
Aug 18 2016 3:48AM
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10 Aug: Plan my GF birthday bang!
So 10th August is my GF birthday and we plan to take her into a basement at undisclosed location..(she will be blind folded for the entire journey) and then turn her into our fuck toy...there will be...
editorbbReplies: 6
Views: 874
Aug 8 2016 2:28PM
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