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Posted - Mar 25 2003 : 6:41PM
I wanted to compile a list of shipping tips from traders, buyers, and sellers to help others out in shipping problems.

I use first class mail most of the time. It is good, but only thing it lacks is delivery tracking. You can use delivery tracking with media mail, but media mail takes longer sometimes.

Also I usually do this as well, put something in the dvd case soft like paper towels or little bubble wrap to help the dvd not come a loose and scratch up. It does not weigh that much either and the receiver of the dvd would appreciate that alot.

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Posted - Mar 26 2003 : 8:24AM
Actually Delivery Confirmation has been available for First-Class Mail since last year's rate hike. You can use it so long as the package measures at least ¾” thick (most dvd packages do).

[link inactive:404 - Page not found]USPS Delivery confirmation

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Trading DVDs
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Posted - Mar 26 2003 : 3:20PM
thanks for the info I will try that.

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Posted - Dec 17 2004 : 9:54PM
I cant stand media mail because it takes forever! ive even forgotten about items ive purchased because of slowness of it. i remember one package took almost 4 weeks (sans 2 days) to get to me. most every other way im pretty agreeable with.
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Posted - Feb 14 2005 : 4:24PM
I normally put a broken up piece of packing popcorn (usually about a half or third of a piece broken in two or three pieces) in with discs I sent off. I used to do the bubble wrap or a piece of paper towel, but so often a single DVD is right on the edge for weight. With the packing popcorn it doesn't add weight, uses up the shit, and puts less pressure on the disc.

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Posted - Apr 2 2005 : 7:21AM
When shipping dvds, I find priority USPS to be the best option. When you process the shipment online through, delivery confirmation is free. You can also order most supplies free of charge, such as boxes and tape and even set the supplies to come automatically. The boxes are a much better way to ship DVDs. Far less problems with broken cases and such than the envelopes.

There are a few standard size boxes that are perfect for shipping media. One in particular holds one adult/disney size VHS movie, or (4) DVDs. (4) DVDs weigh about a 1lb, so shipping (4) DVDs anywhere inside the U.S. would run $3.85 and takes 2-3 days.

The best part about processing the shipment online is you never have to wait in line at the P.O. Simply process your shipment at home and drop it off at the Post Office. You are ready to go.

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Posted - Aug 8 2005 : 5:39PM
I just want to add, that now the post office also has flat rate priority mail boxes, it's $7.70 anywhere in the U.S., as long as it's in a flat rate box, mightbe good for people selling or trading larger amounts of DVD's. I can't remember how big the boxes are though, since we don't stock them at my store. Just some info to pass along

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Posted - Aug 8 2005 : 7:51PM
14'' by 12'' by 3.5''

fits 15 dvds

O theres also another size too:
11'' by 8.75'' by 6''
which fits 19 dvds

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Posted - Nov 21 2005 : 11:04AM
I ship 1st class for most DVD's, bow usps has a flat rate Priority box that holds about 12 dvd's for just under $8.

As far as media mail goes, I really have no issues with it domestically. It shouldn't take more than 5 days coast to coast. During the holidays, media mail does get backed up, but so does regular mail.

Media mail sucks going to AK & HI. I had issued with Media Mail to Honolulu. I had a pissed of person, but thank god I tracked it. The pakage took just short of 90 days. That is the slowest boat in the history of USPS.

Bottom like, the faster you ship, the faster people get the goods and I have found based on the postmark date that most people take 3-4 days to ship, some even 1-2 weeks.


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Posted - Dec 9 2005 : 9:44AM
I never had problems with Media Mail (I only use it for domestic stuff)

I have sent stuff and recieved stuff..for YEARS...magazines/dvds/VHS tapes and usually both ways only takes about 5 or 6 days. Its also cheaper. The only drawback is that Media Mail is subject to postal inspection which I dont care..I take out insurance anyway if I send something.

As for boxes, I have never bought a box. My family orders so much online, I have a full supply of boxes of various sizes!

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Posted - May 1 2006 : 9:50AM
Another method you can use is to scotch tape the disc to the case. Crude, but it works very well- it's virtually weightless too.


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Posted - Jun 30 2006 : 6:28PM
A note to all the media Mailers out there: The last time I was shipping a dvd the 1st Class and media mail rate was the same. I usually only ship media mail if the difference is substaantial.

Just a note to maybe ask both rates instead of just going to the counter and saying "media mail" by default.


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Posted - Aug 12 2008 : 3:11PM
This is a probably a dumb question but everytime I ask for media mail I am denied. What are the qualifications?


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Posted - Aug 12 2008 : 9:55PM
See my recent post to this thread [link inactive]Shipping Sex toys to Idaho USA

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Posted - Oct 9 2010 : 1:31PM
Various sellers have Scotch taped discs in the case.
Most often the tape leaves a goo residue on the disc that may
transfer to the data side of another disc.
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Posted - Jun 17 2019 : 11:28AM
Great idea. Anyone trade with me?

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