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Starring: Syren De Mer, Cadence Lux, Lexi Luna, Keira Croft, Serene Siren, Vienna Rose, Michele James.
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Wanted: Chili Pepper Vol 11/pay top $$$
Ill take dvd or vhs / Racquel Darrian is one of the stars in this compilation video
roger6173Replies: 1
Views: 406
Dec 26 2005 10:41AM
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Wanted: Hard to Find...from '98 and '99!
I've been looking for a while now for these videos:1) Anal Inspection Service [Ultra Image]...with Lexington Steele2) Rich Wives Club 2 [Fleshtone / Arrow] ...with Charli. 3) Sensation [Odyssey
Sheldon Replies: 0
Views: 532
Dec 25 2005 9:59AM
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Kudos To BushDVD
I have been with them for 18 months, going on 2 yrs. I have been very impress with there service and turn around time. 95% I get my dvd's in 2 days after reciving, the longest wait is 1 week (happen
Evil Angel I...Replies: 11
Views: 1677
Dec 23 2005 1:00PM
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legitimate company?
This company is giving away four dvds for looking at their website. Does anyone know if they are legitimate?/ .com/home.php
bn700Replies: 2
Views: 618
Dec 19 2005 10:51AM
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Save 10% on one item
Barnes & Noble couponFor those planning to buy softcore movies, mainstream movies or even books!Save 10% on one item in your online orderCoupon code: 4UFMELBExpires: December 19, 2005Terms &
missionReplies: 0
Views: 476
Dec 17 2005 1:11AM
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Five Star multi shipment
Five Star was only able to ship part of my order. The email from Five Star did not say how much was charge for this part shipment - was I charged what was shipped plus shipment costs or was I charged...
missionReplies: 3
Views: 624
Dec 17 2005 1:08AM
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What Happened to
It's like the store is totally gone. Even is gone.Just noticed this today...never seen it happen before. ;)
LookerReplies: 4
Views: 933
Dec 15 2005 6:18PM
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Need help to ID a Lauren Phoenix movie (topic moved)
I'm only saw a 1 second clip. Lauren Phoenix was sucking the biggest black dick i've ever seen. I didn't see the guys face( sorta giant like Mandingo's).They were in front of a deep blue sofa or
jmartin5381Replies: 1
Views: 448
Dec 14 2005 7:38PM
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HD "DVD" movie list??
After having watched Island Fever 3 in the WMV-HD version, I want more of the same quality.So my question is - what other titles are availbe in HD - as long as it will play on a PC it will be
WebmonkeyReplies: 8
Views: 898
Dec 12 2005 2:20PM
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anybody knows how can i buy this movie and where?the e-mail doesn't work.
loopReplies: 6
Views: 762
Dec 7 2005 7:52PM
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If you are wanting JKP dvds, here is a bit of info
Jill Kelly Productions dvds at Five Star DVD: <link>
willywillyReplies: 1
Views: 564
Dec 7 2005 6:54PM
No New Posts gets plug in "Stuff" magazine
I noticed they did a very small snippet on the porn page in the December issue hailing them as the Netflix of porn . Just found it interesting, considering they don't seem to get as much play from
Patrick Rive...Replies: 8
Views: 942
Dec 7 2005 4:59PM
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Five Star conclusion
Right now, I think it's about time for me to rate Five Star's performance as regards customer service. Although a huge chunk of their catalogue seems to be out of stock, their actual customer service...
MojoReplies: 5
Views: 879
Dec 7 2005 6:55AM
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Dr. Fellatio titles deleted?
I can't seem to find vols. 33-38 of the Dr. Fellatio series. Were these deleted?
gainsbarre Replies: 8
Views: 822
Dec 1 2005 11:40AM
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Anyone have experience with ?
Hey all,I'm considering purchasing a couple instock dvds from & was wondering if any adultdvdtalkers have used them before.I'm a little hesitant because:- Their store doesn't
XYZ1406Replies: 2
Views: 570
Nov 30 2005 4:42PM
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Looking for "Sweet 18 From Prague" Series..?
Hello everyone, Nov.26.05. I am having incredible difficulty in finding this One - Series of Videos,that lovely young Silvia Saint performed in, during earlier in her career,the years
Juha_ni_Esq. Replies: 2
Views: 2760
Nov 29 2005 12:30PM
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Porn star Serenity and foot fetish (topic moved)
Can anyone recommend a good movie(s) starring Serenity which show her pretty feet a lot? Thanks.
hithereReplies: 1
Views: 821
Nov 29 2005 8:31AM
Drew Black
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Euro DVDs and Vids
Does anybody know if the Euro versions of US made movies, such as the Max Hardcore series can be purchased in the USA via the mail? I know these thypes of vids are not permitted for rental in the
phillydeadheadReplies: 1
Views: 566
Nov 25 2005 7:48PM
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Praise for ADM
I recently placed an order from a seller on Adult DVD Marketplace. After 21 days, I had not received the item, nor had the seller responded to any of my emails. I notified ADM customer service, and
threesomebodyReplies: 13
Views: 968
Nov 22 2005 8:46PM
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GGG Download?
It looks like adultdvdempire no longer had GGG films at all! I really wanted to download Ass Full of Cum ! Does anyone know of a Download VOD site that carries a good number of GGG flicks?
Stroker77Replies: 2
Views: 674
Nov 22 2005 8:16PM
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Hello, Earth calling Five Star!
As I put in your company's review, I sent you an E-mail on Saturday!
MojoReplies: 1
Views: 484
Nov 22 2005 4:20PM
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Belladonna's fetish fanatic and Five Star dvd ????
hey now. this past weekend i noticed Five Star dvd was selling ' belladonna's fetish fanatic for $4.95 . naturally i ordered a copy, and other titles too. today i hear from one nathan garrett at five...
barrettman ...Replies: 2
Views: 788
Nov 17 2005 4:39PM
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When's a Wish List not worth having?
ANSWER: When the company you've got it with doesn't put the instock titles by!Would you believe it, I've had my Wish List at FiveStar waiting around for around two weeks now. I've waited for longer
MojoReplies: 11
Views: 713
Nov 17 2005 1:22PM
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Studio Websites Search
Wondering if there is a site that lists the websites for studios? I wanted to look at some titles for New Sensations, Zero Tolerance, etc., to look for more detailed info or pics before buying. I did...
md99Replies: 2
Views: 606
Nov 8 2005 10:29PM
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Who has the best online XXX rental plan?
I'm considering joining an online rental site like xrentdvd/sugardvd/bushdvd, etc...Any comments or opinions on which is the best site? I don't want to join and then have most of my selections
dplovrReplies: 26
Views: 3237
Nov 8 2005 11:13AM
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Feeling Nostalgic
I was discussing favorite introduction to porn flicks with a friend of mine recently and remembered two films very fondly that I would love to find. I have searched some of the sites here on ADT and
JAGnLAReplies: 9
Views: 617
Nov 8 2005 5:32AM
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Download Divx on ?
Hi to all,I've seen a DVD that interest me on seems that i can download it for $9.99 for a 7 day rental... But what happen after this 7 days ? I can't see the divx anymore ?Who can
bigdarReplies: 3
Views: 678
Nov 7 2005 10:02PM
Drew Black
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FiveStar E-mail response
I sent an E-mail sometime yesterday requesting info on when they'd be restocking out of stock titles and I STILL haven't had a reply! Have any of you had trouble with getting responses to your
MojoReplies: 12
Views: 906
Nov 7 2005 6:21PM
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Kickback redemption at Five Star ???
Hello!I've requested Kickback redemption at FiveStar on 11/1/2005 and received coupon for AdultDVDEmpire! :-0I thought it has been my mistake and I had chosen wrong store. So I tried to request it
gonzoooReplies: 2
Views: 413
Nov 6 2005 11:06PM
Drew Black
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Is everything ok over at Action-DVD? They seem not to have gotten any new releases in the past few weeks.
bungshyReplies: 0
Views: 417
Nov 6 2005 2:39AM
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Looking for these Euro Dvd's
I am looking for these at a decent price around $15-$25 eurosThe Papy Voyeur series and the Old & Young seriesIf you carry them let me know
Silverbutthu...Replies: 2
Views: 498
Nov 5 2005 2:04AM
Joey Starr
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I'm a dope...
I've probably bought 150-200 DVD's over the past couple years, thinking that was the best way to get the porn I wanted. I signed up for DVD rental from both X Rent and Wantedlist recently and just
ArcticSnowmanReplies: 2
Views: 547
Nov 4 2005 8:08PM
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Best site for selling used DVDs?
Of the following which is the site for quickest sale?Adult DVD EmpireAdult DVD MarketplaceI have alot of newly purchased DVD's--watched x1 or not at all.I want to get a fair price for them.
AztecGold11Replies: 3
Views: 609
Nov 3 2005 8:42AM
No New Posts over 15 thousand clips!
HiJust a shout out to our customers, we are pleased to announce a huge addition to our site, we just added over 15 thousand 1 minute clips to the site, to help our customers with their
shakfahReplies: 0
Views: 615
Nov 1 2005 11:44AM
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Unlimited online DVD sites
Recently I tried which gives you all you can watch / download for $9.95 per month. I am blown away by this site. -Anyone else try this? -Can the industry survive on this pricing /
GmanReplies: 7
Views: 1143
Oct 24 2005 8:29AM
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Complaint to a dvdshop
A complaint to an online dvd-shop:**************.comBy not writing the name, I would give them a chance to change their routines and not getting bad publicity.The problem is that they don't send
kock2Replies: 10
Views: 852
Oct 23 2005 9:16PM
Drew Black
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special fetish
I have a special fetish I'm looking for:A guy pays a visit to the doctor, whitch happens to be a supersexy babe. The doctor and her nurse are wearing hot doctor outfits, and the guy is examined
a-manReplies: 0
Views: 577
Oct 23 2005 8:29AM
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removed. don't ask for things that are illegal in the US.
CandymanReplies: 0
Views: 456
Oct 23 2005 6:38AM
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adultdvdempire search problems....grrrr...
I look at the recent releases at adultdvdempire every day, if not every other day.If their most recent release dvd is a day or two old, I do an advanced search to view the movies that have been
XYZ1406Replies: 14
Views: 1356
Oct 21 2005 3:12PM
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senior orgies
where can I purchase homemade senior group sex tapes, with seniors over fifty, homemade only
bobby101861Replies: 0
Views: 947
Oct 16 2005 1:25AM
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Has anyone tried this online DVD rental store? If so, how is it?I'm specifically interested in turnaround times and throttling, if any. It would be great if customers who have been with them for a
jolly Replies: 2
Views: 559
Oct 14 2005 1:25PM
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Looking for Australian stores that sell GGG DVDs (topic moved)
HiI'm looking to buy/exchange GGG DVDs in Australia, but am having a difficult time finding stores that stock that range of movie. I travel around Australia a fair bit so can usually get to most
Matt7Replies: 1
Views: 400
Oct 14 2005 8:44AM
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Porn Posters
Anyone know where to get quality porn posters? Whether they are specific pornstars or specific movies. The only type of posters I can find are posters for Jenna Jameson and really common people like
Bootleg ZaniReplies: 6
Views: 1068
Oct 13 2005 12:17PM
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Physical Adult DVD store? or Online?
Hi,I am thinking about openning up a physical adult store that strictly caters to Adult DVDs, such as a huge rental section, used dvd trader section, and new dvds at a lower cost than normal retail
RayhawkReplies: 12
Views: 981
Oct 12 2005 4:27PM
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excalibur films
has anyone had any good experience with this company? I found that debi diamond title I'm looking for on DVD there, but not going to order from them until I have an all-clear signal
DVDwishesReplies: 34
Views: 1747
Oct 11 2005 4:57PM
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Porn Rental shops
I live in northern Los Angeles ( San Fernando, Sylmar ). It's been very hard for me to find a good store to rent from in the area. I love the newest releases especially from diabolic and evil-angel.
krazie_1Replies: 0
Views: 520
Oct 11 2005 12:24AM
Thread Moved
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Whither FiveStar?
They're gone?? (from ADT)professorwolf
professorwolfReplies: 5
Views: 621
Oct 9 2005 10:41PM
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Why isn't Jaded selling SS2???
Why isn't selling Supersquirt 2?? It's bumming me out man!!
noahpedReplies: 3
Views: 507
Oct 8 2005 6:06PM
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Anabolic/Diabolic sale
Anabolic is advertising a $10 off sale on all their videos from their website. Has anyone tried this offer?
bungshyReplies: 0
Views: 489
Oct 7 2005 3:56PM
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tricia: questions about
tricia devereaux,Is the shipping and Handling cost of the DVDs on already included in their prices? If not can you please give a breakdown of the cost for all the shipping and
alexl467 ...Replies: 1
Views: 913
Sep 30 2005 9:43PM
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