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- review by Captain Jack
Director: Mick Blue, "Maestro" Claudio
Starring: Mick Blue, Christiana Cinn, Paige Owens, Gia Milana, Gabi Gold.
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Online sites; so much dishonest
I have been frustrated by the lack of truth in advertising from porn sites. I was looking for a site to downloat pictures of blondes with very large breasts. I have paid their fee and then when I get...
jdub1aReplies: 0
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Jun 25 2011 7:01AM
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download to own
Any suggestions on Download to own sites. Videobox is good so far. But I am looking for newer content. Tried gamelink, variety is good but quality was not as expected.
allenReplies: 0
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Jun 24 2011 6:10PM
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Extreme Porn
Has anyone tried they seem to have a large collection of extreme films and I want to order but would like to be sure they are legit?
latino blancoReplies: 0
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Jun 23 2011 7:22AM
latino blanco
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Sometimes when I place orders with they claim that 1 or more of the dvds of my order are out of stock when their site indicates In Stock will ship in 2-3 days. Well it happened to...
dom domeReplies: 25
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Jun 17 2011 5:24PM
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Can't find the title (topic moved)
A year ago I stumbled on a really hot lesbian scene on that was titled something like Lesbenes. It looked like a misspelling of the French word for lesbian.It was an older (maybe mid 30's to
yoyo1989Replies: 1
Views: 400
Jun 16 2011 3:40PM
Drew Black
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I bought Carmella Bings storage locker.....
I don't know if anyone cares about her or her stuff. I am just posting to see if you guys and girls think I should just sell it as regular stuff on eBay like I normally would, or should I sell it as
baddonkyReplies: 2
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Jun 12 2011 10:12PM
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is videbox legal/legit?
Hi friends.I will shopping around some sites that let you stream online and also download the clips/movies. seem like good deal. I want to pay and support these industry, but just wanted...
manwithnonameReplies: 1
Views: 679
Jun 6 2011 9:21AM
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I.D. for Female actress (topic moved)
Hello, 1ST time here. I am looking for help to identify the following actress in tis advertising.Thanks in advance. Dorky <image>
dorkyborkyReplies: 1
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Jun 1 2011 10:06PM
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Question about Wanted List rental club
I'm thinking of giving Wanted List a shot. Can some people that have used them tell me what their experience was like? I don't need steering towards Bush, Xrent, Empire, Sugar, or Excalibur as I'm
ZZZEROReplies: 0
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May 10 2011 3:50PM
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VHS Porn (topic moved)
Anybody out there give me some insight as to whether I can sell VHS porn or if anybody is even still interested in this type of porn format???? Buddy of mine has a vast collection just collecting
daddyhekReplies: 1
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May 10 2011 3:14PM
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Best pay per download sites
So I tried Naughty America for a month. I'd rate it above average. I tried ZTOD for a month, but wasn't crazy about the lack of HD videos. Reality Kings, I'm not impressed with at all. Has anyone
dangolReplies: 23
Views: 2761
May 4 2011 11:48PM
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Anyone tried Exploited College Girls?
Some of their stuff seems interesting, im considering trying them out. Just wondering if anyone is or had been a member. Also, any other sites with the membership? $35 seems a bit steep for one site....
Mutley72Replies: 0
Views: 930
Apr 30 2011 6:11PM
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Where To Find A Discontinued Porn Video?
Yesterday, I was on looking for a review of a movie when I came across another title of a movie that I forgot even existed. The title of the movie is 1,001 Ways To Eat My Jizz. It was
realtipReplies: 8
Views: 5561
Apr 30 2011 11:25AM
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Can you vouch for these sites?
Hi, I'm new at this I'm used to buying all my DVDs from sites such as adultdvdempire, x-rent, adultdvdnow, etc, but recently I've been trying to find places that sell mostly imported Region 2
mizur275Replies: 0
Views: 904
Apr 24 2011 8:41PM
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Closing the Kickback Program
I've got some bad news. All good things do come to an end.I just made a change to the ADT Kickback Program. We're no longer accepting new sign-ups. We recently had a few conversations with the good
Drew BlackReplies: 19
Views: 2139
Apr 18 2011 4:08PM
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Corruption, Upload Director's Cut
Is there any place in the known universe to buy the Director's Cut DVD's of Corruption and Upload by Eli Cross and Sex-Z Pictures?
MooglieReplies: 1
Views: 1174
Apr 10 2011 8:18PM
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Anyone who uses the site ?
Im interested to buy a DVD from there site,but im not from the US,is there anyone who might be able to help me out, if you feel you can, then please PM me.Thanks
ArtepReplies: 0
Views: 493
Apr 8 2011 4:16PM
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Behind the scenes
Is possible to watch on line behind the scenes of 200 proof and I-rock ? Where?This is two vivid's title, i can't find behind then scene on line..
ls657017Replies: 0
Views: 516
Mar 28 2011 1:43PM
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Amateur Allure, anyone subscribe?
Hi,I am thinking about subscribing to Amateur Allure for a month or maybe more but was just wondering if anyone here has experience with them? How is their customer service if you have problems? What...
cimfanReplies: 0
Views: 932
Mar 17 2011 12:49PM
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Pick and Choose ( a la carte ) scenes
Is there any website or company where one can pick scenes ( from various DVD titles ) while buying. So instead of buying a DVD having 5 scenes, you buy just 2 scenes you like.There are so many DVDs
XXX GuyReplies: 0
Views: 535
Mar 13 2011 3:34PM
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Falcon Store Membership Discount
I became a member of Falcon XXX, to get 50% discount from Falcon Store, but I cannot get the right price, though I registered the same address with Falcon XXX and Falcon Store as it was mentioned on
1225papaReplies: 0
Views: 656
Mar 10 2011 9:01PM
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AEBN now DRM free
Another company decided it would be better to listen to what porn's last paying customers want instead of further pissing them off. Many of the new releases at AEBN now have the option to download
ProphitReplies: 0
Views: 1286
Mar 10 2011 10:01AM
Thread Moved
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Pay-per-view service providers.
Im wondering who everyone uses for pay per view service. I'm just looking for a service that can host my videos, charge for views, and give me an html code. My research thus far has led me to find
thesizzReplies: 0
Views: 536
Mar 7 2011 11:15PM
Thread Moved
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Facebook "like" button on Adult DVD Marketplace
I'm not sure this is the right If not please move. ADM has their facebook like button directly below the wishlist button. It would be incredibly easy to miss the button you mean and post a
backdoormanReplies: 2
Views: 610
Mar 7 2011 8:01PM
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New Adult DVD Now?
Hi,has anyone tried the <link> yet? I think it went live this week or last week.One thing I noticed right away is they send way more advert mail than before.After logging in, I discovered that
pierre78Replies: 1
Views: 802
Feb 27 2011 8:14AM
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Site where you can download and burn DVD's?
Does anybody know if there is a membership site that lets you download porn DVD's and then burn them to discs? I mean of course iso or vob format and not wmv or avi. Does anybody know? Thanks.
rswoboda69Replies: 0
Views: 575
Feb 26 2011 12:22AM
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Where can i get "Snow Honeys"
Hi folks, After watching a bit of Counrty comfort w/ Rhonda jo Petty i went to UTUBE, plugged in her name and this came up, they cut it as i knew they would just before the action took place. But
simon33333Replies: 2
Views: 543
Feb 24 2011 9:02PM
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Best Online Thru The Mail DVD Rental Company
Hello everyone! Well, here is my first question for the I've been thinking about joining a club like SugarDVD or BushDVD (I prefer the latter since it has more alt-porn) but I have never
kittenmoonReplies: 2
Views: 1014
Feb 22 2011 10:12PM
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Streets of New York, need to find.....
I've been trying so hard to find any copy of Pleasure Productions Streets of New York series. Looks like the only one on DVD is #12 but I'm reallly trying to find #6. I found it's listing on
TaggulfstreamReplies: 3
Views: 1405
Feb 22 2011 6:04PM
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Interracial websites
Does anyone know of some really good interracial websites with loads of content?
cm94577Replies: 0
Views: 465
Feb 21 2011 5:46PM
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Discount Sex Toys
I'm looking to get a Fleshlight sex toy. However, I'm SICK of looking at $60 sex toys. Unless the vibrating egg is hooked up to a Rolls Royce Merlin aircraft engine, I don't want to pay over $30 for
LordishReplies: 4
Views: 1065
Feb 20 2011 8:13PM
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Blissbox Customer Services
Just to let you members know. I ordered two samplers last March from Blissbox at GBP 5 each. I am still trying to get one of the two. First they sent me one which wasn't what I ordered, then after 3
frank54Replies: 0
Views: 650
Feb 17 2011 11:31AM
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Adult DVD Empire Rental Program Disenchantment
I have become very disenchanted with ADE's rental service and just cancelled my membership.. In the past 6 weeks, I have received 12 DVD's that arrived damaged. I also receive very few titles in my
stan-media-manReplies: 1
Views: 690
Feb 11 2011 9:26PM
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All CandyGirl Video DVDs just $9.99
Hi everyone, this is Jason from CandyGirl Video.All of our DVDs at the site have just been slashedto $9.99 each! This includes our popular 2-discClassic Upskirts DVD set. All of our DVDs areat least
CandyGirl VideoReplies: 0
Views: 1091
Feb 5 2011 10:20PM
CandyGirl Video
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What happened to adultdvdtoday?
Realised i hadn't checked their site for a long time. Googled them....and they are gone.Another well known adult retailer bites the dust?
sir wankalotReplies: 5
Views: 1205
Feb 5 2011 9:53AM
sir wankalot
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professor joe videos
Does anyone know what web sites have the old Professor Joe videos at, otherthan The series of college girls are the best. thanks for any help.
natefarwellReplies: 0
Views: 531
Jan 31 2011 6:35PM
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Why isn't the prices for listed anywhere on their website? Anyone know how much Payones costs?
BustdownGalReplies: 1
Views: 1191
Jan 31 2011 2:08AM
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websites for ordering japanese porn DVDs?
Does anybody know some good online sites from which you can order Japanese porn DVDs?
daphatkatReplies: 3
Views: 2997
Jan 30 2011 2:16PM
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Best VOD
Ok...which website has the best vod plan for the best price?I'll confess up front that I hate per-minute plans.
BustdownGalReplies: 0
Views: 557
Jan 29 2011 12:57AM
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California Exotic Video voyeur
<image> Understanding that this product is out of production, I wonder if anyone still has this left in stock as I am in desperate need of this product. Ive googeled till i could google no more...
ActionJacksonReplies: 0
Views: 633
Jan 28 2011 10:21PM
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Where does a person shop for German DVDs?
I went to and bought 2-dvds.....high priced and they charge you for the boxes and covers. is great. Boxes and sleeves with scenes come with them if you ask for them and...
george78Replies: 10
Views: 934
Jan 9 2011 4:37PM
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Hello -- Anyone home on Kickbacks?
Greetings,I'm trying to closeout/clean out my Kickback acount.I put in a redemption request and got the email confirmation of the request --- then nothing.Email to get no
BadKarmaReplies: 1
Views: 577
Jan 4 2011 3:25AM
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SpecialOrderDVDs on ADM
Anyone order from them? They have no ratings yet.
backdoormanReplies: 6
Views: 1160
Jan 3 2011 9:54PM
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Adult DVD Now - 15% off coupon has expired
Hi all,I wanted to place my first 2011 DVD order <link> but the 15% off coupon mentioned on the <link> no longer works: I get a Coupon has expired red message when applying it Is that
pierre78Replies: 0
Views: 451
Jan 1 2011 12:22PM
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Wholesaler where I can find Swedish Erotica series
Anyone know of one that sells low enough that I can actually make a little money selling them on ADM ? So called wholesalers I have found want as much if not more than sellers on ADM. I don't know
backdoormanReplies: 2
Views: 581
Dec 13 2010 12:09PM
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I have been looking at this site for a while with a view to subscribing - does anyone have any experiences (quality of vids, download speed, outages etc) with it?Also - looking at their mobile site -...
MoonyReplies: 0
Views: 594
Nov 22 2010 4:46AM
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Customizable Clip Downloading
Does anybody what sites out there have customizable clip downloading like has? It's where you can choose the beginning and end of a clip and only download those parts. I would prefer the...
KabulnationReplies: 0
Views: 424
Nov 21 2010 1:57AM
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Finding Distribution From Existing Companies
I've been considering shooting adult films for a while but I'm not particularly interested in setting up the large apparatus necessary to distribute the finished product. I have too much
Roland PicheReplies: 0
Views: 428
Nov 11 2010 8:46PM
Roland Piche
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Anyone have any experience with this ADM seller
hotlimeade !
backdoormanReplies: 6
Views: 1004
Nov 10 2010 7:17AM
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Customers at
I would like to come in contact with people that used to buy dvds.Are you or were you ever a customer,how is there service?They dont ship from outside of the US do they, if it possinle
PehallReplies: 0
Views: 465
Nov 5 2010 7:33PM
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