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Posted - Mar 7 2016 : 4:56AM
If I like a performer, I'll bookmark their Twitter account. Unfortunately, on performer pages at IAFD I'm encountering links to Twitter accounts that are clearly fake or inactive. Often there is a generic description that they all share and a single post containing a link. A couple of recent examples, though there are more that are not listed:
Angel Cummings: />Jana Jordan: />Pleasure Bunny: />
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Posted - Apr 6 2016 : 6:00PM
Sorry for the late reply. Just use the Submit Corrections button to let us know... a lot of times they start legit and then become illegit.


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Posted - Jun 7 2016 : 8:33PM


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Posted - Mar 29 2017 : 1:54AM
Hope this the right place for this. Here a couple fraudulent Twitter accounts and some background info. Though a long post hopefully I've kept within the Twitter theme of the thread.

Back in the mid 2000's two models out of Ohio were cast to play characters Liz Vicious and Raven Riley. Most may remember their full length feature Sucubbus in 2007. Shortly after, in 2008-09 still under a five year contractual obligation the two went dark, quit, were let go or just plain ghosted. For whatever the reason the models went off line. The reasons why change depend on whoever is telling the story. There's more reading here if you like.
Anyway questions arose about who was really running the "official" twitter accounts of Liz and Raven. hasn't had an activity since 2014 and is no longer an issue.
In 2013 someone claiming to be Liz vanished after many reports of him being a fraud. Here's the report from the once very popular fake Twitter hunter.
In late 2016 , a verified account none the less, however was reborn. Claiming to be the not just the character Liz Vicious but model herself. Posts showing family photos (my main issue) with non model members and fraudulently telling followers "she" is really Liz Vicious. These photos were obtained from the within the account when the con man in question came back on line. It's been noted the man who ended up with the password at one time did have a role in the creative department at He spent a few years in the NY state prison system for check/tax fraud (Fraud ? go figure) hence the lapse in the accounts activity. So the model in question, staff members and former management are completely out of the picture. Going through this drama once already and have washed their hands of this years ago. The account currently sits with over 36,000 followers and continues to Tweet pictures at least eight years old. Up to to 10 mostly photoshopped pictures a day are doled out He has an estimated 4000 pictures in his possession.
Long story short the "official" verified account is fake run by a fraud.
If you are a part of Twitterverse please report this page and help get it shutdown for good. Thank you for you're time
Reference related info [link inactive:404 - Page not found]/>
Some Twitter accounts with info and dedicated to the removal of the fraudulent account.

Other fake accounts used
His personal account

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Posted - May 13 2018 : 4:21AM
I was not going to do this myself but seeing as things always seem to be told wrong i thought i would get my hands in this (and i can back up anything i say with REAL facts if need be) Raven went off line due to getting pregnant and also do to the fact she had a Law Suit against the company and against Flesh Light as for me a lot of it had to do with the death of Mathew Danzig (thats what we called him)
Also note any link I post still works...
So now we know that /fakeouter/ and his Twitter are no more.. has a Follower The one and only 3xtom the owner and manager in fact the same 3xtom follows my Twitter odd the owner and manager would be following 2 fakes. as for leaving the net for a while thats nothing new i have done that before even years ago...The Facebook page is your only link that works so lets deal with that next, Once again no information posted there can be verified, they have what they call the REPORT written by the absent /fakeouter/ However the only and i mean the ONLY Witness in the whole thing is 3xtom (Tom Leach) now Tom is over all a good man but he does what is best for Tom at that moment. allow me if you will a chance to discredit Tom I have a little more to add to that post but i been busy...Oh and your wrong about the number of photos its closer to 18,313
as for these 3 (will soon be gone) (gone account removed) (account dead)
as for this information
Other fake accounts used (I had all the photos on this account removed hence they have changed the name and no longer post Liz Vicious photos) (as for this account it is just a FAN page so who cares)
His personal account (as for this it belongs to John I would be careful pointing fingers and calling people a scam you can be bought up on charges)
Defamation of character (Libel) in case you do not know what that means I will tell you
Libel is an untrue defamatory statement that is made in writing.
Defamation is a false statement presented as a fact that causes injury or damage to the character of the person it is about. An example is “Tom Smith stole money from his employer.” If this is untrue and if making the statement damages Tom’s reputation or ability to work, it is defamation. The person whose reputation has been damaged by the false statement can bring a defamation lawsuit
Oh yeah and Raven Riley how could i for get
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