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- review by Dirty Rock
Director: Stills by Alan
Starring: India Summer, Cherie DeVille, Jenna Sativa, Jill Kassidy, London River.
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He was my sunshine and I was his everything.
I was never alive to him. No matter how much I spoke to him, he just couldn't believe I was alive. My guess is that I was too true for him. He couldn't believe that such a doll like me existed,
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Jun 15 2001 2:55AM
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Naughty Stories
So I, was standing around when I just happened to look down.When I saw Looking up at me.Gee I thought it must be my lucky day.But before I could go up to him started chasing me away.AFter
Evil_RipReplies: 4
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Jun 15 2001 1:49AM
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Blondie's Bar & Grill
I'm not really sure what I have in mind here - but much like a kid who feels the need to build a fort, I felt a need to have a place that I could fill with journal entries from my life, poetry to
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Jun 14 2001 3:47AM
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Now Appearing: Maria McKee
Ways To Be Wicked Honey, tell me why you're smilin',when you see me hurt so bad?Tell me what I did to you, babe,that could make you act like that?Yes, I've been your fool before, honey.and I probably...
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Jun 13 2001 12:16PM
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Ode to a break-up
Here's a little ditty I wrote about a year or so ago, right after my boyfriend and I split up. I just re-read it and had to laugh at the bitter tone, but I thought someone else might appreciate
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May 31 2001 2:40AM
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Gentlemen, start your engines!
I love the races!Cars speeding around the trackFull bore, don't look backDestruction DerbysTo the Indy Five HundredAlaskan dog-sledMust be in my bloodPaved oval, dirt and off-road Grandstands
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May 21 2001 9:33PM
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Review: Vibrating Cock Ring
Vibrating Cock Ring *TYPE: vibrating plastic cock ring *SIZE: expandable ring, bullet 11/4 x 21/2 *BATTERIES: 2 AA (not incl.) *NOISE FACTOR: high *EXTRA FEATURES: variable speed, 'glows in the
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May 19 2001 1:49AM
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I'm hanging after a rock show . . .
I go and see Sick Of It All and Biohazard in concert way back in like super early ninties. I'm like . . . 16 years old. I'm as green as an unripe tomato. So anyways . . . we (huge posse of
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May 16 2001 7:45PM
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The XXX-Men! #1 premiere issue thread!!!
Summer of 2010. The weather is awful, rain pours, but it's hot, it's like someone spill the boiled beans on your back. The climate is awful, Earth has drastically changed. Society, is not what it
sonicReplies: 28
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May 11 2001 8:54PM
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REVIEW: Tina Tyler's Dildo (MINE NOW!!!)
Tina Tyler's Favorite Blue Dildo *TYPE: I'm not sure what to say here - revolutionary? *SIZE: Big enough, but trust me, size does NOT matter here! *BATTERIES: n/a *NOISE FACTOR: Me, off the scale!
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Apr 21 2001 2:49PM
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Return To Dildo Mountin'
*FBI WARNING* (Fuckin Broads Intl,)This story may not be suitable for all hardcore family viewers.It contains no blowjobs, facials, gangbangs, anal, bukkake, snowballing, felching, DV's or DP's (in
dumblondeReplies: 17
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Apr 12 2001 3:06PM
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What am I? (Part 3)
It's been hoursHaven't gotten anyIt kills me.Why do I torture myself like thisWhat should I do?It calls meIt teases meI want to go to itBut I decided once and for all, to get a divorceThis breakup is...
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Apr 12 2001 5:20AM
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What am I? (Part 2)
I no longer belong to those individuals.Now she owns me.She loves me.She caresses me.She adores me.She is pure and clean.I fall, all because of her love.Her body nude, there are no words to describe
sonicReplies: 28
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Apr 10 2001 4:39PM
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Best Love Song Lyrics
Although I'm not too fond of most sappy love songs out there,there IS one that has run through my head ever since I heard it a few years ago. This can't convey the beautiful melody to this song, or
dumblondeReplies: 10
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Apr 7 2001 11:26PM
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My first haircut
I'm first haircut.During the's too hot.Need water to cool off.During winter, it's too cold and the way I hide, I cannot almost be seen.Will it hurt?How smooth will it be?I just
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Apr 5 2001 11:21AM
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Fun at the reunion
There she was right in front of him the girl of his dreams, at least in high school she was. John got up the courage to walk up to her and say hello. Kimberely Donahue was polite and said hello back
bono-ONEReplies: 2
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Apr 2 2001 12:32PM
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What Am I?
I don't exist yet.I am inside the womb I guess.So much turbulence, what is going on?I hear voices loud enough to make me wonder.What is the point of all this?Who made me? What am I?Why suddenly I
sonicReplies: 8
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Mar 20 2001 1:49AM
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As you walk in the door I know you see the mischievous look on my face and wonder what I have in store for you. Before the door is even closed behind you I am out of the loose shirt I am wearing,
-lunacy-Replies: 3
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Feb 28 2001 6:57PM
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Review: dumblondes hardcore sexual robots!
Director: dumblondeType: VHSPeformers: Dumblonde, 78IE3po, 890, Sally908, Peter Nort67Time: 90minThemes: Real tits, real pussy, big robotic cocksDate of production: 2/03/01Extras: VHS, no extras.
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Feb 25 2001 2:26PM
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My life as a cucumber :(
Why do I exist?Who am I?What is my purpose?In the morning, I am ignored.I am lonely.I am nothing to them.At night I am awaken.I don't mine their daughter.Their teen daughter is really nice to me.She
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Feb 22 2001 10:40AM
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The Customer Doesn't Always Come First Pt.2
Part 2She took his cock in her mouth as she cupped a hand around his balls and massaged them.Sucking slowly at first, she looked up into those expressive eyes of his to see his reaction, and could
dumblondeReplies: 4
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Feb 21 2001 12:15AM
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Left in the middle of a thought...
With slightly quivering lips I place a kiss on the warmth between her shoulder and her neck. Inhaling the sweet scent of her makes the flame between my legs burn even hotter.My aprehension slides
-lunacy-Replies: 6
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Feb 20 2001 12:37AM
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The Customer Doesn't Always Come First
The Customer Doesn't Always Come First Part 1She had seen him there before, and each time had wanted to say something, to get his attention someway, but was always busy at the time with another
dumblondeReplies: 8
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Feb 20 2001 12:34AM
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Max to the Max
Max to the MaxI have watched him on television. I even bought a DVD film where he plays a gay son ostracized from his family. I am so into him.His rugged good looks, his strong muscular body. You
TigerDragonReplies: 9
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Feb 20 2001 12:16AM
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7.Diamonds and fast cars,Lick er on my mind.Drivin , drivin , and drivin To the county line.I m gonnna roll your joint,Push your point,Gonna leave it all behind.Can t wait to sink,Can t wait to
Endorphin ...Replies: 3
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Feb 19 2001 5:47PM
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Welcome to the new story time
Since we have so many creative writers (and since you asked for a story here it is! I wish we could move all the great stories and poems already posted into this, but we're unable to
JanitorReplies: 13
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Feb 18 2001 8:39PM
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Think Happy Thoughts
And I can flyGrab hold of the sunAnd the downtrodden tulips will rise and singAdrenalin rush, never sedate meInvincible, the sky is my weaponThe wind blows cold in my faceThe clouds move from my
Endorphin ...Replies: 5
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Feb 16 2001 5:40PM
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Gay Stories
I don't personally have any stories to share, but I figured this would be a good place to point people over to the <link> .They have TONS of gay/lesbian/bi/transgender stories just waiting to
joeblow69Replies: 9
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Feb 15 2001 11:21PM
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Tina Tyler’s Wild Western Epic: PART ONE
This was based on an earlier thread about writing your own script.This is still a work in progress. But I'd like to share what I have so far...let me know watcha all think.----------------------Tina
Evil_RipReplies: 7
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Feb 14 2001 9:13PM
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Sonic's "Review": 4-way Fuckfest
Wow, thanks Steph & Drew, this is going to be fun fun fun!!!I thought it only fitting we kick it off with Sonic's most excellent review of a tape I sent him, so I pasted this from the sex
dumblondeReplies: 8
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Feb 14 2001 8:49PM
Topic Locked
Best Amateur DVDs? (topic moved)
Does anyone know besides Legend's Real Sex Magazine's Series DVDs...which ones out there on DVD land is also great Amateur..real sex, not scripted, and looks very real and natural?I think I'm gonna
sonicReplies: 1
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Feb 12 2001 11:13AM
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