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Jul 14 2014 12:55PM
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Can i really make some money by doing webcam shows (topic moved)
Not sure if it's a good idea, so i decided to ask it firstCan i really make some money by performing on sites like <link> and others (there're plenty of those nowadays). I've read some
jillymayrReplies: 1
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Jul 6 2014 7:39PM
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The Princess and the Dragon
Can you hear it? I can hear noises. I don't know if what I'm hearing is a baby's heartbeat. He turned his head to kiss my swollen belly and caught a baby's kick in the eye. GodDAMIT, he said,
charnReplies: 1
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Jun 26 2014 10:25PM
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Once upon a midnight roaring
I fell in a holeBroke my noseThe earth drank my bloodThat body was mostly used up anywayI walked my mind to a house inside the sunAll was white and goldExcept for a frosted blue cherry laughing
charnReplies: 1
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Jun 26 2014 10:25AM
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The King's Tomb
We put his body in a concrete sewer pipe and filled up the rest of the space with haze diamonds and narcotics. We sealed the ends with plate steel and sheathed the whole thing in PVC. On the ship I
charnReplies: 0
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Jun 25 2014 11:19PM
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The creation of a Vagina.
Seven wise men with knowledge so fineCreated a pussy to their designFirst was a butcher, smart with witUsing a knife, he gave it a slitSecond was a carpenter, strong and boldWith a hammer and chisel,...
stinkfistReplies: 2
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Jun 14 2014 6:18AM
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The Camper's Delight
When Tommy and John decided to shake off the hectic lifestyle of the city, they figured camping with a bit of hiking and fishing was just the thing. Neither one was really experienced in any of it,
MarylnadGuy1Replies: 2
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Jun 14 2014 6:17AM
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Chanel Preston in Seduced by a Vampire
The following story is 100% pure fantasy, but if any producers would like to use this for a scene or movie and cast Chanel Preston in it, PLEASE take it. I dedicate this story to the ever beautiful
DraculaReplies: 15
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Jun 14 2014 6:17AM
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Story set-up in Radio/FM Studio (topic moved)
Hello FellowsThis is my first post. I watched a movie way back in 1998 on Laser Disc. I don't remember the name or the cast. It was a plot in a Radio/FM studio where there some hot scenes. There is a...
FantasmicReplies: 1
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Jun 1 2014 12:24PM
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Nigella Lawson being choked by husband in argument (topic moved)
nietzscheReplies: 1
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Mar 28 2014 12:03PM
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Parody Porn.
Good idea, but turns out to be just porn in the end, nothing wrong with that. Like the superhero thing, monsters fucking girls, you know list goes on. What have you seen in a mainstream movie you
slf46Replies: 0
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Mar 5 2014 3:58AM
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Feb 4 2014 1:13AM
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New magazine, favorite girl.
I just wanted to share a feeling some of us miss, that feeling of getting a new magazine. We all love the internet, and now being able to know more about those we like, internet helped me here, to
slf46Replies: 0
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Jan 22 2014 3:27AM
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Writing movie called The Nymphamily
so ive been writing a movie series called the nymphamily and so far have more than 15 scenes written. it's geared towards the taboo tip and centers around a family who can't keep their hands off each...
daddy lyzlReplies: 8
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Jan 6 2014 5:43PM
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another nymphamily scene
once again let me know what you thinkThe Nymphamily sixth sceneIt's early evening now and everybody is hanging around the house. Dad announces that he'll be going to the hardware store and a couple
daddy lyzlReplies: 1
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Jan 6 2014 5:40PM
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new nymphamily scene
So I wrote this scene in what I think is script form for hopefully easier reading. As always let me know what you think.The Nymphamily 3 Scene 2We focus in on another house, then fade into the
daddy lyzlReplies: 1
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Jan 6 2014 5:22PM
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latest nymphamily scene
The Nymphamily 3 Scene 3Mother is out shopping and she gets a phone call from her oldest son Frank, away at college. Frank needs money.Mother- I don't know Frank I mean 500 is alot right now. You
daddy lyzlReplies: 1
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Jan 6 2014 5:18PM
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The Camper's Delight 3
We were so exhausted by the time the shed session was over, and our asses were still quivering from the electro stimulation, that we could harly walk. Our legs were like rubber. The girls told us to
MarylnadGuy1Replies: 1
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Jan 6 2014 3:06PM
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The Camper's Delight 2
When they got back to the campsite, the guys couldn't believe how lucky they had been! They only had to look at each other, and their dicks were out being stroked in wild abandon. Just the thought of...
MarylnadGuy1Replies: 1
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Jan 6 2014 3:03PM
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Hockey Camp
Hockey Campby jallen944 Part 1Ethan sat in Dr. Herbert's office waiting room with Mom, feeling terribly embarrassed and ashamed. Had he known he needed to get a physical before going to hockey camp
jallen944Replies: 7
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Jan 6 2014 1:33PM
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A Whisky & Lemonade
A Whisky & Lemonadeby jallen944 Part 1Ethan ran upstairs to his bedroom to get dressed. He put on a pair of boxer shorts. His thing was not as hard as before, but it hung out the left leg of his
jallen944Replies: 3
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Jan 5 2014 10:23PM
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The Convertible
The Convertibleby jallen944 Part 1This couldn't be more cool. A sunny day driving around with her older cousin Todd in his excellent convertible. She might have just turned eighteen, but she felt so
jallen944Replies: 2
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Jan 5 2014 9:00PM
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Asa Akira house of stories
Neighbourhood Fan Club of Asa Akira . Asa neighbours founded the club and once a month Asa giving them pro striptease. But this month they have first anniversary and Asa decide to give them something...
JulieMasonFO...Replies: 4
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Dec 29 2013 12:33PM
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Summer with my Aunt
I'll never forget the first time I ate out another woman's cunt. I had just turned 22 and I was out for the Summer from Vassar. My Aunt Hilda had invited me to stay with her at the family lake house
MargueriteReplies: 8
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Dec 23 2013 6:44AM
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Pam's New Bikini
Pam's New Bikiniby jallen944 Part 1Ethan sighed. He turned a corner and walked past another rack of clothes, women's sweaters on the left, dress jackets on the right. He sighed again and rolled his
jallen944Replies: 6
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Dec 16 2013 1:57PM
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Asa Akira (Prom is the name of a movie that comes out today); Britney Stevens (Most movies having to do with high school and prom seem to focus on the anxiety of being a teenager); Kinzie Kenner
The Ghost of...Replies: 1
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Sep 27 2013 4:45PM
The Ghost of C...
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Why don't somebody try Erotic Novels?
There are so many good erotic novels. Why don't they are made into adult films?The slow paced plots leading to tantalisingly erotic scenes may be a good experience in adult viewing.Novels by Sylvia
getnorthwestReplies: 5
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Aug 19 2013 12:24AM
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Niniffers life.
NINIFFERS LIFE.Niniffer bittersweet is her name.She was the kind of girl men fainted over. Ridiculously/devastatingly hot and sugary sweet. Greenish blue eyes/Curvy body/Long flowing strawberry
AllbusinessReplies: 5
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Jul 8 2013 12:44AM
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Catwalk Cum Queens
And now for something completely different:Before the ladies get down to any hard action, they will strut and pose in long, tight dresses in front of the judges on a catwalk. There will be a small
John PypeReplies: 3
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May 19 2013 7:59PM
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Calling All Erotic Writers
<link> I want you. I want you to give it to me relentlessly, confidently, and intellectually. I want your tongue, your words, your passion, your thoughts. I want it all, honey. Because after
RedishReplies: 1
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May 13 2013 9:53AM
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I remember
I remember when I was quite youngwatching other children play as from a distanceperhaps I had been born at the wrong end of timean old man in a child's bodydestined to grow younger through the
HardwareReplies: 6
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Apr 17 2013 1:26PM
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ANYONE who is willing to write?
I am looking for a celeb sex story. I want it to be themed on Michelle Beadle. Pm me if you are open to writing it. Thanks.
hardy83177Replies: 1
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Jan 31 2013 7:58AM
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Everybody's got ideas for movies, here's a quickie
Ron Jeremy said in print that he'd like to shit in the pants of every joker who says he'd like to see such-and-such in a movie - because it's all been done. May be true, but there's always more
KlixoReplies: 1
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Dec 5 2012 12:09AM
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Her Wish Fulfilled
This fictional work was partly inspired by Nicki Blue's vaginal defloration, my real-life history, and a few other things. I'm a guy, but I took on a self-imposed challenge of writing from the
The DieselReplies: 0
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Oct 12 2012 11:51PM
The Diesel
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Gangbang Bitches 23 (topic moved)
Hello,I search to buy (if possible on VOD) the film gangbang bitches 23 with bridgette kerkove .Someone can help me to find where ?Thanks.Hondo
hondo1906Replies: 1
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Sep 25 2012 3:01PM
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Why do people get married?
*disclaimerthis has nothing to do with anyone on this site who is happily married (Luna, Saki) or anyone who plans on getting married soon (Steph, Drew).I admit I'm not a big fan of the institution,
dumblondeReplies: 10
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Aug 29 2012 12:57AM
Joey Starr
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Happy Birthday
So I am scrambling my brain for my Babygirl's birthday trying to think of something fun to do when I actually take the time to read her online journal, bad Daddy for not doing this before! And hmmmm,...
BreezeReplies: 7
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Aug 19 2012 2:35AM
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Never Had a 3Some, but Just Had a 4Some. WTF?
Yes, this is a strange one, but it should make the three-some go great! I'm caby DiSalvo from PerfectFuxXx. I understand men better than most men. Just one of the MANY reasons my husband liked it and...
PerfectFuxXxReplies: 0
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Jul 2 2012 5:29PM
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Sex Shop Boners!!!!!!
Coming soon..or should that be cumming soon.The highs..and lows of sex shop Britain as seen through the eyes(not much hope there im going blind)of stinkfist.Why is there no tradesman's entrance(back
stinkfistReplies: 12
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Jun 1 2012 6:42PM
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I patiently wait outside the door to hear her soft voice call me inside. As I enter I see that she is wearing the button down shirt and panties that I requested and nothing else. I have her sit in
Endorphin ...Replies: 7
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Mar 26 2012 8:33AM
hawkeye jones
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Feb 25 2012 2:51AM
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The Men's Room
<image> Emma Watson says, Okay, so which one of you blokes wants to fuck me tonight? The answer to her question is, with the exception of the clicking cameras, silence. Emma walks into the
The Ghost of...Replies: 2
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Feb 18 2012 2:32AM
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Craft Fair
As a hobby I've been selling handmade wooden boxes for a full years. Recently I've joined craft fairs in effort to increase sells. Most of the fairs consist of little 1 hex 10 portable canopies that
bishopReplies: 0
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Jan 2 2012 8:59AM
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How far will she take this?How far can I?My wife, Shannon and I have been married for seven years and things have been getting a little stale lately. She works for a non-for-profit organization as a
bishopReplies: 0
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Jan 2 2012 7:53AM
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Dirty Jokes
(with credit to Jackie Jokeman Martling)* Q:How do you know if a termite is gay? A: He only eats male boxes*Q: Why do they call the space between a woman's asshole and her vagina the driving range ?
AlgaliareptReplies: 0
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Dec 30 2011 3:37AM
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Roses are red,Violets are red,The trees are red,Oh, damn, someone call the Fire Department !!!!!!
RedishReplies: 5
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Dec 30 2011 1:05AM
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My Fate - Poem
Days dying, reborn by starsEmotion gone, open scars.Tears stream, devoid of fear,Not long till I'm not here. Guilt stricken, blame trueIts all over, because of you.Torn from love and hate,This was
AshliiReplies: 0
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Dec 12 2011 11:11AM
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More detailed than sugar, spice, everything nice
This has nothing to do with adult entertainment, so probably should go in World News and Nonsense, but for me the richness of language makes Story Time a better fit; as it regards women, whom I am
alphadachsReplies: 0
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Nov 2 2011 8:45PM
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Midnight Ride
It was a hot night in Auckland; a humid dry night that Evie was feeling the effects of. Because of the wheather she had decided not to wear any underwear, her thong in hot conditions would ride up
AshliiReplies: 4
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Oct 22 2011 6:53PM
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Southern Discomfort [under serious revising]
I'm revising this story so don't get bent outta shape. haha. Enjoy any other stories that I've written and remember to comment on other stories in Story Time.
blackonidragon7Replies: 10
Views: 1744
Sep 8 2011 10:07PM
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