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Director: Jules Jordan
Starring: Mick Blue, Ramon Nomar, Prince Yahshua, Lana Violet, Ember Stone, Saya Song, Kendra Spade.
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My Bestfriends Sister
My Bestfriends SisterBy The Pornographer(MF, blowjob)Based on a true story...My name is Mike and I'm 30-years-old. And I'd like to share with you all an incredibly hot but true story that happened to...
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Jul 28 2007 11:40AM
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Eatin' Good in the Neighborhood . . .
July 4th; or, what's left of it.I've been driving since 8:30 this morning: Minneapolis MN to Macomb IL; layover for an hour or so; and back again. 860 miles is just too much driving for one day.It's
GaySatyrReplies: 4
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Jul 20 2007 10:13AM
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Tied up
Pericoloso1986Replies: 2
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Jul 12 2007 12:59AM
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Desire & Regret, an erotic e-book
I recently published my first erotic e-book, Desire , about Pam and her brother Ethan and his huge cock.I would like to offer a free copy of my first e-book to the members of this for their
jallen944Replies: 3
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Jun 17 2007 12:56PM
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Joke thread
A man and a woman were sitting beside each other in the first-class section of an airplane. The woman sneezed, took out a tissue, gently wiped her nose, then visibly shuddered for ten to fifteen
RedishReplies: 45
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May 17 2007 7:52PM
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Wife wont put out. (topic moved)
Weve been married for 12 years and have two teenagers. The wifes all paranoid about them hearing us since the bedrooms are close. And even during the day when the kids are gone, she just isnt as
rerodReplies: 1
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May 7 2007 11:43AM
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do you ever...
Listen to the music that brings your sister to you in spirit?
katsirkReplies: 3
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May 7 2007 11:43AM
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My sister called me and said...
That her childhood friend wanted her to have a threesome with her boyfriend.Now, your turn.True stories.
katsirkReplies: 12
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Apr 25 2007 10:35AM
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i fucked a real fat girl & my dick is broken (topic moved)
10 mins ago i lost my penis to a large lady who swallowed my dick whole like an egg rolli also fractured my penis it looks like i can see the blood under the skin.this wasn't supposed to happen! i
SensiReplies: 1
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Apr 19 2007 11:47PM
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A short explanation for the ladies.
The Art of Taking A Pee!You see, something you ladies should understand by now is that men's penises have a mind of their own. A guy can go into a bathroom stall because all the urinals are being
DenverDonReplies: 12
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Mar 22 2007 10:27AM
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Haikus, Haikus, and more Haikus
Pages: 1 2
Cum on feel the noizeAdultdvdtalk willMake someone happyOnce bitten twice shyOur favorite stars onlyKnow where I like itShe is my cherryPie so I hold on looselyAnd go Round and RoundHope we can make
bono-ONEReplies: 67
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Feb 19 2007 12:54AM
Yankey Doodel
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My masturbation disaster!
Greetings all! I have a quite amusing tale you might like to hear about my latest masturbation disaster... I'm sitting here still trying to recover from everything that happened... here goes...So I'm...
GetCoolReplies: 21
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Feb 18 2007 9:03PM
ma meeshka
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embarrassing and crazy sex stories of youth
When I was in high school at a party there was a girl who was very very drunk. She said she was sick of being a 'goody goody' and she wanted to be a 'slut'. She had never even seen a penis before in
ArnoldReplies: 0
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Feb 18 2007 8:03PM
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Add Your Own Paragraph to this Story
ONE NIGHT STANDA bored man wanted to do something different than the normal drinking nights with this friends. So, we decided to go a dance club instead of Joe's Corner Bar and Grill. He ended up at
sphonebellReplies: 22
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Jan 31 2007 4:16AM
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My AEE experience
<link> Story to come.
RedishReplies: 12
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Jan 24 2007 8:35PM
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Help! I'm horny, and I can't...
think of another word that accurately describes this condition.I dislike the word horny, and was wondering if anyone can come up with another one? And what are the origins of the word horny? OK, I've...
dumblondeReplies: 13
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Jan 23 2007 9:11AM
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With a touch of your finger
With a touch of your finger, a blade of grass turns to steel.With each passing touch, you mold the steel to take shape,Until in your hand lies a sword prepared for war.Each touch sharpens the
Endorphin ...Replies: 0
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Jan 19 2007 4:41AM
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Farewell Kathleen
Tiny DiamondsTiny diamonds in her eyesAnd a smile that warms the room-Her presence captivates the crowdLike a thousand roses all abloom.She has a tender caring heart-More friends than anyone I ve
Bandit OneReplies: 1
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Jan 17 2007 8:26AM
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I was thinking there has been many a good verse written here. I wanted to put them all into one place to read. This seems appropriate.My own,The kindness and cleavage armed Loraine,was seeking
RedishReplies: 32
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Dec 21 2006 10:56AM
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-1 for English
Czlm. Sghr hr rn rhkkx! H rgntkc ad azmmdc enq rtbg z rstohc injd.
Dr. George H...Replies: 4
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Dec 21 2006 10:36AM
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Garbled in translation
A young woman comes over to New York from Prague, seeking her fortune, or at least a rich husband. However, since she doesn't have any professional training and only a limited understanding of the
HardwareReplies: 0
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Dec 15 2006 10:33PM
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this really happened...
My gorgeous friend, blond, big boobs, hot, owns a salon and next door there is a tattoo parlor. She goes over there, giggling because she has a funny joke to tell. She walks in, says, hey guys, if
katsirkReplies: 2
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Dec 1 2006 6:35PM
ma meeshka
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A Nutella Joke
Two couples had gone away for the week-end. The two guys, Jack and Bill, have decided to try to persuade their wives to have a bit of partner swapping for the night..... The guys have agreed that if
Dr. George H...Replies: 0
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Nov 27 2006 11:17AM
Dr. George Hodel
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The Perfect Woman
well, I've found the perfect woman, boys,who could ask for moreshe's smart and pretty and young and wittyand she owns a liquor storeshe also is my landlady; doesn't charge me rentwell she don't care
Dr. George H...Replies: 0
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Nov 26 2006 3:49PM
Dr. George Hodel
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I Am the Walrus
I am the Walrus.Just not Lennon's but Carroll's.Don't you forget it.
Dr. George H...Replies: 0
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Nov 25 2006 9:41AM
Dr. George Hodel
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anybody want ro see dildo girl??? (topic moved)
She's in the last 30 seconds of the video in the tight tube dress with the black hair. / uECal444Somewhere thinkin
cal444Replies: 1
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Nov 19 2006 12:39PM
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Dr. Picklefeather Lives
Dear Dr. Picklefather,My wife and I are both very passionate about politics. Unfortunately, she's passionately liberal and I'm passionately conservative. It's really difficult keeping our politics
DivilleReplies: 3
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Nov 16 2006 11:12PM
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Biancas smut shack, Dildo girl at Burning Man
I was at Burning Man a few years ago and one of my friends brought his hand made clear dildo collection with him. He designed a special one that was hollow in the center with a screw in cap at the
cal444Replies: 6
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Nov 16 2006 7:45PM
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Abracadabra "The World of Miranda". ACT II Part 1
ACT II (Sue the She Male)The next morning (Saturday) Jessica gets a call from her friend Sue (she Jessica best friend and she know her secret plus she bisexual and has the Hot for Miranda). Sue gets
BeWitching MegReplies: 0
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Sep 26 2006 12:59PM
BeWitching Meg
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Abracadabra "The World of Miranda" ACT I
!!!!This Sexual Fantasy came from that ideal So Enjoy!!!! Act I ( We Meet Miranda) Hello my name is TK. and this is my story. It's a Friday night and I'm in my bed room with my girlfriend her name
BeWitching MegReplies: 0
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Sep 19 2006 5:29AM
BeWitching Meg
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Abracadabra "The World of Miranda"
Well Hello out there and Welcome. I'm going to tell you a little story I got the ideal from some guy I was chatting with a while back on Adult FfiendFinder who has a thing for Sexy Witches so sit
BeWitching MegReplies: 1
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Sep 17 2006 2:28AM
ma meeshka
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I lost my virginity but I still have the box it came in. HEHE
katsirkReplies: 0
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Aug 17 2006 9:22AM
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Short Story
She dropped on the quilted bed, and sat facing him. The white silk skirts parted and fell back on each side of her long slim thighs. She twisted the handful of his curls, and said, in a voice that
ArtusamakReplies: 0
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Aug 9 2006 3:18AM
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kind of a fairy tale (tail?)
Once upon a time, in a deep forest, behind a big cliff, was a castle. Inside the castle, was a woman, a girl of only 18. Yes she was a virgin having only fucked the animals in the Kings lot. But she
allitReplies: 1
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Jul 31 2006 8:52AM
ma meeshka
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The Terrorist, He's Watching
The bomb in the bar will explode at thirteen twenty.Now it's just thirteen sixteen.There's still time for some to go in,And some to come out. The terrorist has already crossed the street.The distance...
Delaware Replies: 0
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Jul 27 2006 4:02PM
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It was a dark and stormy night in Chatsworth...
Having trouble picking up the story from there. Anyone got the next sentence?
Roads To MoscowReplies: 4
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Jul 26 2006 3:27PM
Daniel Metcalf...
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The ugly American
The ugly AmericanDavao City, not late, maybe six o clock. The clouds roll in. It is the rainy season. The clouds are building with their upward motion going fast; water will gush out soon, with the
allitReplies: 2
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Jul 25 2006 10:36PM
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Heck plagerized pretty much again
I awoke early on Sunday morning with Jenny resting her head on my chest. We laid there nude, holding each other and kissing for almost 10 minutes. We headed for the shower and Jenny climbed in and
allitReplies: 2
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Jul 21 2006 2:00AM
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This is almost totally plagarized
In Montana, there is a mountain, a balding mountain top with an alpine meadow full of Indian Paint Brush. One can see hundreds of miles in each direction from here. The air was cool here on the
allitReplies: 0
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Jul 20 2006 4:49AM
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This is kinda plagarized too
Boracay revisited. The moon slowly rose over the distant horizon and cast its silky light across the sea. The wave caps were painted a frosty white as they broke across the beach down below. In the
allitReplies: 0
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Jul 20 2006 4:43AM
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This is pretty much plagarized too
Taking Jenny in the shower Do you want to take a shower with me she asked. YES I DID. She had been on the rag two days now, no sex, my cock was rock hard. I was either getting a blow job or I was
allitReplies: 0
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Jul 20 2006 4:39AM
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This is mostly plagurized
I was going to give Jenny a surprise. Earlier, we had taken good showers and cleaned ourselves real good. She with her mouth on my thick cock and a vibrator on my g-spot, I had jizzed so hard that
allitReplies: 0
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Jul 20 2006 4:32AM
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Something nasty
I met this girl tonight ... she had a RACK! And a big FATT assss ... I wanted to grab her by her meaty shoulders and force her down on my throbbing FATT diKK ... an she was nice too she rubbed them
skronkerReplies: 7
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Jul 20 2006 2:44AM
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Who wrote this poem?
This is kind of a quiz and I'm quite confident that even with the power of Google, it will baffle even Redish and croy!It's from Celebrate Humanity, but who is the author?You are my adversary, but
RobbieReplies: 5
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Jul 7 2006 4:45AM
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"After Love" by Maxine Kumin
Garrison Keillor read this poem today on The Writer's Almanac (National Public Radio): After Love by Maxine Kumin Afterwards, the compromise.Bodies resume their boundaries.These legs, for instance,
BobReplies: 3
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Jun 23 2006 7:49AM
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Still, silent, slow to ariseShadows, like a lovers fingers, dance knowinglyDrops of anticipation appear upon petals, only to vanish with the coming heatCock awaits cue to perform task ancient and
RedishReplies: 2
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Jun 23 2006 4:19AM
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Getting Ready
A knowing glance,Twirls of lace and silkRubbing my nose behind your ear in an embrace,Candlelight dances with our breathFinger circles behind your kneeKisses up and down your spine.A nuzzle between
RedishReplies: 0
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Jun 23 2006 3:47AM
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This is a story that someone posted elsewhere on the internet, but I really liked the story, so I am putting this here.I hope the author won't be vexed with me for posting this. -----------------We'd...
RedishReplies: 6
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Apr 18 2006 10:10PM
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My Twizted Mind
My Special MassageI had met her online at an adult personals site. Now she was sitting across from me at a local restaurant. Damn, she was hotter than her photos, and some of those were pretty
Twizted6Replies: 3
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Apr 11 2006 7:20AM
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What Momma and Poppa do
What Poppa did to Momma I can't forgive him for.I seen him do it as I peeked through the cracked in the door.Poppa had Momma by the scruff of the neck,Naked and thrusting into Momma,Who squealed like...
LovepissReplies: 0
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Apr 1 2006 7:59AM
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