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Posted - Aug 12 2006 : 8:47PM
Here's a general guideline:

If we already have a movie and/or performer listed, you can still click on the "Submit Corrections" button included on every performer's and title's page on the IAFD website.

Since you obviously can't do this if you're submitting a completely new movie listing to the database, please use the format below and post your contribution HERE in the IAFD Direct smartbuydisc.ru.
This way, we can all comment on and vet the new information HERE before passing it forward to the IAFD admins for entry into the database.

Just fill in these basics (or as many of them as you can).


Year: xxxx (note the 2257 date(s) if you don't know the release date)
Distributor: xxx
Director: xxx
Minutes: xxx minutes
Compilation: No (or yes)
All-Girl: No (or yes)

Actresses List:

List names exactly (including typos) as billed in the movie.
Often, a girl will be billed with a single name in the opening title sequence, but will have her more complete name on the boxcover and/or end credits.
If you know the "billed as name" to be an AKA, and believe you know her more popular accepted name, let us know.
We list these girls as "Actress (as AKA)."
The "(as AKA)" is the name billed as in the movie.
"Jessi Castro (as Tiger)"
"Jasmine (as Skyla)"
"Aria (as Marie Silva)"
"Daisy Dukes (as Melissa Milano)"
You get the idea :)

If you want to, you can tell us what special sex acts the girl performs. Look at the top of any IAFD performer's page and you will see which acts these are.
We list these as, for example: [Anal DP Facial Swallow, etc.]

Finally, it's very helpful if you tell us which performer in our database you believe someone to be.
Telling us "Monica" is almost useless.
Instead, search through our listed performers and tell us which "Monica" it is by copying the URL on her page and including it with your submission.
/>(Note: we currently have 5,061 headshot pics, as of 8/12/06, to aid in identifying performers... but not for the Monica in our example yet... hint, hint :)

Actors List:

List names exactly (including typos) as billed in the movie.
If you know the "billed as name" to be an AKA, and believe you know the stud's more popular accepted name, let us know.
We list these studs as "Actor (as AKA)."
The "(as AKA)" is the name billed as in the movie.

We do not track sex acts with the men.


If you don't know the male talent's name (typically the case), we indicate the number of "guys" performing with the girl(s).
"Cindy Crawford, Guy"
"2 Guys, Jane Darling"

Scene 1:

Scene 2:

Scene 3:

Scene 4:

Scene 5:


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Posted - Aug 12 2006 : 9:43PM
Here is an example of a fully-completed movie submission.
Remember, this is your goal... you do what you can do to the best of your ability.
And, thank you for your contributions!

North Pole 60

Year: 2006 (2257 = 8/19/04, 2/16/05, 6/27/05, 7/15/05 & 12/2/05)
Distributor: North Star
Director: Craven Moorehead
Minutes: 89 minutes (1:29:06)
Compilation: No
All-Girl: No

Actresses List:

Brianna Beach (as Brianna) [Facial]
/>Hillary Scott [Anal, ATM, Facial]
/>Marie Luv [Anal, ATM, Facial]
/>Sandra Romain [Anal, DP, Facial]
/>Tory Lane [Anal, Facial]

Alberto Rey
/>Marco Duato (as Marco Banderas)
/>Peter North
/>Tony T.

Scene 1: Peter North, Tory Lane

Scene 2: Marie Luv, Sergio

Scene 3: Brianna, Peter North

Scene 4: Alberto Rey, Sandra Romain, Tony T.

Scene 5: Hillary Scott, Marco Banderas

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Posted - Aug 14 2006 : 12:17PM
If a DVD has more than one company associated with it or named on the cover or in the credits, which one should be listed in the distributor?

Some examples:
Chunky Pizza Party
Distributor Listed: Skintight Pictures
But what if Skintight Pictures is part of Legend?
Is Legend a distributor?

Alexis Unleashed
Babylon Entertainment
Jill Kelly Productions

Chubby Chasers
Metroplois Entertainment
Heatwave Enterprises

Hustler Pictures vs Excessive Entertainment vs VCA Pictures

I apologize if this is too anal retentive. . .

Do the minutes listed include extras or just the main feature?

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Posted - Aug 14 2006 : 1:32PM
When I determine the minutes, I include from when the opening credits begin to where the end credits (if any) conclude.
With a DVD this is pretty easy to do:
When the main feature is playing, I simply check the "display" function (which will typically show you the running time).

As far as the "distributor" issue goes, the best bet is to give us ALL the varied parties listed.
We have a tough time with these issues as well.
Sometimes, it takes a few titles from people before we finally nail it (if ever)
Please know that the IAFD admins are having discussions over this very issue, and hope to get a little more standardization in our "judgement calls."

Here's another one for you.
What do you do with the existing library of Jules Jordan movies now that he has started his own company?

Jules always owned his movies, but Evil Angel was the distributor. Now, all the movies previously released through Evil Angel are being re-released by Jules Jordan Video.
It's not always an easy call (at least initially).

We've gone through the same kind of issues when series transition too. Like the North Pole series...
Started with Devil's Films, established itself under New Sensations and now continues through North Star (Peter's own company).

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Posted - Aug 14 2006 : 4:20PM
In theory, our distributor table is designed to handle these label / sub-label issues.

For instance, looking at Black Ice's you can see that we're aware it's a sub-label of 3rd Degree.

The title pages also show the same relationship -- -- that the distributor is 3rd Degree, and the studio is "Black Ice"

The problem is, our distributor data is profoundly out of date, and may not be worth salvaging at this point.


Perhaps we just go to a PRODUCTION STUDIO field and do away with who distributes.

However, Evil Angel then more or less goes away, since they only "produce" Stagliano's movies, and everything else becomes "Rocco Siffredi Productions" or whatever.

On the upside, when Jules Jordan leaves EA, his movies would remain as "Jules Jordan Productions" and we wouldn't have to worry that Ass Worship 1 is now distributed by JJ and not by EA...

(Apparently BigBobXXX and I were typing at the same time, and great minds both used JJ as an example... Rock on, Jules!)

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Posted - Aug 14 2006 : 4:35PM
Thanks BigBobXXX,

One case where the multiple company issue arises is when one company buys the back catalog of another company or re-releases what was originally released by another company.

I believe that Gentleman's Video bought Video Virgin's 1-20, which were originally released by New Sensations.

It appears that L.B.O. Entertainment has released some of the movies which Rodney Moore originally made with Nitro, which I presume is now defunct.

Rodney is re-releasing many movies that he made with the now defunct OGV.

Can a rule be made for when distribution changes hands, like the ones mentioned above? This is a different situation than the ones I mentioned in my previous post. It occurs fairly frequently when movies from the mid-1990s and earlier are released on DVD.

Here is another question.
Can we assume that anything that has been reviewed on ADT will eventually appear in IAFD? If so, then I won't submit inital entries for movies that have been reviewed.

Thanks and keep up the great work!

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Posted - Aug 14 2006 : 6:28PM
For the most part, yes.
HOWEVER, nothing is as good as having the DVD in front of you when trying to get everything right.

So, if you have the DVD, and we don't have the title listed, please go ahead and submit :)

The absolutely most difficult thing to work with, is to properly ID single-name pornstars without pictures to work from. Boxcovers often do not give us good enough pics and/or resolution to work with.

(Ever wonder why we have so many "Monicas"?)

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Posted - Aug 14 2006 : 10:30PM
For older films even though it may be out of date it has allowed me to find out who the last copyright holder of a film was and talk with them about it seeing a new release. I've done this several times for films I've wanted to see come out and didn't know who held them in the past.
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Posted - Aug 15 2006 : 1:05AM
Black Ice is owned by Greg Alves, who owns Zero Tolerance.

Thanks for the answer.

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Posted - Aug 16 2006 : 4:13PM

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Posted - Feb 6 2007 : 5:21AM

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Posted - Oct 14 2007 : 8:02PM
What is the process by which an entry gets stamped COMPLETE (This title is verified as being complete and correct)? I looked around at IAFD and couldn't find any info. Feel free to delete this post if it is off topic.
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Posted - Oct 14 2007 : 9:47PM
Generally when one of our editors has seen the movie in question and can personally verify that there is no other data to be added, it's marked complete.
It's mostly a way to let our fellow editors know that we should treat further corrections with increased scrutiny.
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Posted - Oct 30 2007 : 2:46AM
Should solo girl masturbation releases (e.g. Watch Me Cum, I Love Big Toys, etc...) be classified as All Girl? I have seen them done both ways. Thanks.

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Posted - Oct 30 2007 : 12:30PM
They should be listed as All Girl.
The reason some of these titles are not listed as All Girl now has to do with the way the Data Entry Tool works. The All Girl tag is checked together with the other info on the title (director, runtime, distributor), which we have to add before we can add performers. However, if we check it before we add the performers, they automatically get a [LezOnly] tag. So we don't check the All Girl tag like we normally do -- before we add the performers. We have to do after we have added the performers, and since that it is a break of th normal routine, we sometimes forget to do it.
IOW, if you see any solo vids without the All Girl tag, let us know, please.

cursive said:
“’Be My Bitch’--that would look so cute on those little heart candies for Valentine's Day. In a twisted, cynical way, naturally.”
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Posted - Nov 24 2007 : 3:52PM
If a boy/girl scene from a different movie is included as a bonus scene to an otherwise all-girl movie, should the "All Girl" indicator be "Yes" or "No"?

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Posted - Nov 24 2007 : 5:41PM
If it's truly a bonus scene -- and not part of the movie proper -- I would say that "All Girl" would still be correct.
I will, however, defer to Walter Burns in this matter -- whatever he says goes

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IAFD, supporters of beastiality. Just say no.
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Posted - Nov 27 2007 : 4:46AM
IMO we shouldn't list "bonus scenes" which are just taken from a different movie at all.

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Posted - Feb 2 2008 : 4:57PM
Performer: Hooks
Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 195 lbs


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Posted - Jul 16 2008 : 10:56AM

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Posted - Apr 1 2009 : 5:47PM
Hi, Snatch Masters 29 is a compilation video. It is not shaded on your website. Thank You, John


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Posted - Apr 10 2009 : 10:16PM

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Posted - May 30 2009 : 6:13PM

She now goes by the name: Molly Cavalli
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Posted - May 31 2009 : 1:25AM
Jaktarn, could you tell us where Molly is using that name?
for IAFD.com
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Posted - Jun 9 2009 : 12:28AM
Jaktarn, I've found that Molly Cavalli is now using that name on all the Reality Kings sites. I've added it as an aka as its a real pain in the ass to change the main name.
Thanks for your help.
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Eve Angel
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Posted - Sep 22 2009 : 10:31PM
Hello can I submit a correction here?
Well if so than here it is IAFD Lists EVE ANGEL
/> in Workers Compensation 3
she DOES NOT Appear in this (It is a compilation of old xxx series swank scenes also)
The Eve in the film is actually EVA aka ALEXA MAY
/>/> Her scene originally appeared in Swank xxx 1
[link removed: Site is gone]

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Posted - Mar 27 2010 : 12:12AM
I was wondering if we can somehow get an "anal creampie" category.

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Posted - Dec 22 2010 : 6:39AM
I'd like to submit info for a movie that isn't in the IAFD:

My Cumming Out
Year: 2009
Distributor: L Factor
Director: ?
Minutes: 99 (1:38:57)
Compilation: No
All-Girl: Yes
Actresses List:
Rebecca Blue [LezOnly]
/>Cameron Love [LezOnly]
/>Heather Carolin [LezOnly]
/>Jayme Langford [LezOnly]
/>Desire Moore (as Desire) [LezOnly]
/>Missy Martinez [LezOnly]
NB: You refer to her as girl, on the page. Check to confirm?
Cindy Pucci [LezOnly]
/>Natasha Nice [LezOnly]
Scene 1: Rebecca Blue, Cameron Love
Scene 2: Heather Carolin, Jayme Langford
Scene 3: Desire, Missy Martinez
Scene 4: Cindy Pucci, Natasha Nice
Dates of production: 2008/12/18, 2008/12/19
Release Date: 2009/03/12
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Posted - Dec 22 2010 : 10:59AM
Pierre, My Cumming Out is submitted.

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Posted - Feb 18 2012 : 8:43PM
Year: 2011
Studio: Reality Junkies
/>Distributor: Mile High
/>Director: Bobby Manila
/>Minutes: 121 (2:01:02)
Compilation: No
Actresses List:
Alexis Texas
/>Jada Stevens
/>Jessica Jaymes
/>Katie St. Ives [Creampie]
/>Lexi Belle
/>Actors List:
Barry Scott
/>Chris Johnson
/>David Loso
/>Johnny Castle
/>Kris Slater
Scene 1: Lexi Belle, Chris Johnson
Scene 2: Jessica Jaymes, Johnny Castle
Scene 3: Jada Stevens, Kris Slater
Scene 4: Katie St. Ives, Barry Scott
Scene 5: Alexis Texas, David Loso
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Posted - Feb 21 2012 : 11:52AM
Thanks, Pierre! is added.
Going forth, can you put each new movie in its own thread? It's easier for us to manage that way.


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Posted - May 9 2012 : 7:03PM
Don't if this is the best way, but here it goes:
Digital Playground's
The VOD section is linking to a "Felony Productions" title on HotMovies.com


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Posted - Feb 1 2013 : 12:21PM
This is my very first post on this smartbuydisc.ru, so alongside wanting to suggest a submission to IAFD, I would also like to say hello to everyone :)
And here is the submission itself:
Title: Bareback Academy
Year: 2011
Distributor: Raw Boys
Director: Adam Collins
Runtime: 120min.
Compilation: No
All-Girls: No
All-Guys: Yes
Actors List:
Damien Ducik (not on IAFD)
Dave Cook />David Harr />Julian Tomlinson />Luke Taylor />Nick Daniels />Peter Boow />Zac Powers />Scenes:
1. Damien Ducik, Zack Powers.
2. Dave Cook, Nick Daniels.
3. Peter Boow, Julian Tomlinson.
4. Dave Cook, David Harr, Luke Taylor.
The reason I found out this video not included, is that I'm a fan of Zac Powers (one of the best Slavic gay pornstars in my opinion), and having found this DVD somewhere else while looking for info on him here and there, I noticed it's not included in the IAFD database. I hope it's a valuable suggestion, and that I composed this post the right way :)


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Posted - Jan 30 2016 : 8:28PM
is also in DVD

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