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What is going on with
April 05 2018 the folks who run posted a message saying that they were stopping updates for a few weeks due to a forthcoming update. The estimated time for the launch of the new update was...
DeployedForceReplies: 4
Views: 3648
Dec 25 2018 5:09PM
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Problems with Advanced Movie Search
When using the Advanced Movie Search, if I search by a one pornstar, it works fine. However, if I try to search by two pornstars in the same movie, it gives a HTTP Error 500 - Server Error every
Jman5245Replies: 1
Views: 109
Dec 21 2018 11:33AM
Drew Black
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Tweets not displaying correctly.
^A heads up sir, all tweets are displaying this {example} [Unable to process Tweet URL] rather than the tweet.
FlacFanReplies: 6
Views: 192
Dec 17 2018 11:14AM
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Auto expiring topic subscriptions
I implemented an automatic expiration for topic notification subscriptions. If someone doesn't visit the for 30 days all of their topic notification subscriptions will automatically
Drew BlackReplies: 0
Views: 97
Dec 15 2018 10:12AM
Drew Black
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ADT hardcore picture policy change?
I've noticed that there are scores of hardcore pics on ADT threads now. I wasn't aware of any changes in ADT's image policies, but I'm not complaining about it at all. And I didn't know of a more
Teddy Rattle...Replies: 3
Views: 181
Dec 5 2018 10:28AM
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Being directed to last pg of topic against will
Being on the active topics page , whenever I click that I want to go to a specific page of a thread , I am automatically directed to its last page ...Must be some bug or malfunction and it makes one
Airtight_fan...Replies: 0
Views: 82
Dec 3 2018 8:22PM
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Any official digital stores selling DVD ISOs? is the only one I know. I really prefer pre-2010 standard definition stuff "untouched" instead of those badly deinterlaced, resized and overcompressed VODs you can find anywhere.
mellvendorReplies: 0
Views: 122
Nov 9 2018 4:46PM
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How to sort out scenes in iafd? (topic moved)
How to sort out scenes according to release date in iafd?If i try to sort out the scenes by yearly, it getting sorted by yearly but by alphabetical order. <image>
Killer JohnReplies: 1
Views: 122
Nov 9 2018 12:16AM
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TV with Multiple Angle’s
is there a TV on the market that has multiple angles and close-ups for porn viewing???
tony romoReplies: 6
Views: 225
Nov 8 2018 6:30AM
Simple Simon
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Review Blocked
I posted a review (knavish) a month or so ago. This time, another review gets blocked at the Preview page and I am automatically logged out. It is written in html like the first one. <image>
John PypeReplies: 2
Views: 192
Oct 29 2018 9:23PM
Drew Black
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How do people find videos of old pornsites?
despite being the internet. I can't find any places to find "sleep assault - emma cummings" Original site has long since disbanded or whatever they did. Any download links set up by people
ChinnyBoyReplies: 2
Views: 290
Oct 15 2018 10:04PM
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Insignia nsd160a14 dvd and 2018 32 inch tv
I just got my first pal format dvds, not adult though, and was happily surprised to see that the Insignia dvd player and seperate tv in subject line that I bought played perfectly. I was just being
goodenoughReplies: 0
Views: 90
Oct 14 2018 10:02AM
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Avatar problem
For these past few months I haven't been able to change my avatar, because the options "Choose File" & "Upload" have disappeared. All it's saying is this.The file that you
Secret GuyReplies: 1
Views: 127
Oct 11 2018 9:35AM
Drew Black
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Review Template
It's a while since I did a review. I've forgotten how to adjust picture size so they fit between the lines of text. AKAIK there it is not possible to edit picture size after the review is copied into...
John PypeReplies: 7
Views: 204
Sep 19 2018 9:20AM
John Pype
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OpenDNS possibly censoring porn?
I had a weird issue, I was on OpenDNS ( for over a decade and I had no problem at all and so was today until this afternoon (CET) I wanted to access a couple sites on my...
LCFReplies: 4
Views: 185
Sep 15 2018 6:56AM
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How to print custom size picture
I am trying to print several pictures for a project , all need to come out 2 1/4 inches square . For the life of me , I cant find a way to do it . I am not using any photo shop software , just have
jakejd4949Replies: 1
Views: 99
Sep 11 2018 12:07PM
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Organising your porn collection with Kodi [GUIDE]
Kodi is probably the best program for organising and viewing your porn downloads. If you aren't using it yet, you should check it out. SCREENSHOTS: <link> GUIDE:1. download Kodi 15.2
ADZIEReplies: 9
Views: 957
Sep 6 2018 3:48PM
John Pype
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Time zone adjustment ?
Hello , this feature exists at other smartbuydisc.rus .I thought I have used something similar on ADT , maybe it doesn t exist anymore or I can not find it , or I am confusing it with another ....But it
Airtight_fan...Replies: 2
Views: 115
Sep 5 2018 8:57AM
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Can I do this on an IPad?
Hi, I have been told that I cannot stream adu;t movies on an iPad cause of Safari. In light of the fact that it has Safari and no media player and no flash player. Damn it, I want to pay for sites
simon33333Replies: 2
Views: 177
Sep 3 2018 2:20PM
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What kind of cameras and lens do porn directors shoot with these days?
The ImpalerReplies: 2
Views: 312
Sep 3 2018 12:53AM
Iris Keenkade
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Moving to a new server
Pages: 1 2
I'm going to be taking ADT offline tonight to move to a new server. I usually forget something in these transitions because it's not easy to remember 18 years worth of site features.If you notice
Drew BlackReplies: 95
Views: 1257
Aug 29 2018 1:15PM
Mass Facialties
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You can embed Tweets in your posts now
Pages: 1 2
We've added the ability for people to include Tweets in their posts. Please note we have updated the <link> related to the use of Twitter content in your posts here.Sample: <tweet>
Drew BlackReplies: 54
Views: 1371
Aug 26 2018 8:48AM
Drew Black
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Image uploader on ADT
I and a couple of others are experiencing problems uploading images. I tried to upload an image of Diamond Foxx in Star Crossed but it would not translate to image. just the code. Someone else tried
BrummieReplies: 7
Views: 153
Aug 23 2018 6:24PM
Drew Black
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Programmers: is a DIY "Ignore" feature feasible?
I was looking at a Firefox extension called <link> , which allows you to customize the way a web page displays or behaves, by using small bits of *avaScript. I'm wondering whether it would be
Harri PatelReplies: 22
Views: 1290
Aug 23 2018 10:47AM
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Podcasts not playing
Hey Drew,I received a PM from another user saying that they tried to listen to one of my eXXXotica NJ 2017 podcasts, but it doesn't play. I tried it myself and again it wouldn't work. Turns out, 4 of...
Jman5245Replies: 2
Views: 153
Aug 17 2018 11:40AM
Drew Black
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Security issues with Onlyfans?
I joined onlyfans a few days ago and since than I've been getting email alerts from my email provider that suspicious sign in attempts are being made. One from the Ukraine and another from a place I
dealer1237Replies: 3
Views: 332
Aug 14 2018 2:01PM
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Brazzers sitefilters not working
Anyone else experiencing this? I bought a new membership on Brazzers yesterday and went to do some searches today, but neither the "site filter", "model filter" or "tag
xDEFiLEDReplies: 0
Views: 182
Aug 9 2018 9:40AM
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I am having trouble with iafd (topic moved)
I plug in Jill Cassidy , and Sasha Carmine in the search box on th upper right hand side and it declares no actress by that name when i just got the name thru research.Would someone be kind enough to...
simon33333Replies: 7
Views: 219
Jul 5 2018 3:25PM
Drew Black
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Why Are Some Sites Going Backward With The Quality
Why are some sites going backward with the quality of the content?? I have seen a few sites starting to drop 3500 to 4500 bit rate 1080p S M H, 1080p videos should be a min of 60fps and 10k bit rate....
DJboutit2Replies: 6
Views: 539
Jun 26 2018 5:47PM
Jackie Treehorn
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I Can't See Twitter Posts On ADT
If there is a thread for this I apologize. I searched for it but couldn't find anything.Anyway, I had some computer issues and when I got back up and running and went to ADT I could no longer see
PornStarName...Replies: 0
Views: 180
Jun 17 2018 8:20PM
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Recommended VPN service
Can anyone recommend a good VPN service? There are lots of alternatives out there, so if anyone with first hand experience could help me that would be much appreciated.I'm most concerned with
VideofanReplies: 4
Views: 481
May 9 2018 6:44AM
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Question re: brazzers
Signed up for brazzers this weekend and notice a significant amount of buffering. wondering if this is a common occurrence with this website?
nucka2828Replies: 1
Views: 215
May 1 2018 10:26AM
Thread Moved
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Evil Angel & HardX/XEmpire
Does anybody else have problems logging in to Evil Angel and HardX/XEmpire recently?
Anal-Porn Ar...Replies: 2
Views: 372
Apr 27 2018 6:47AM
Anal-Porn Arch...
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Expired Link or External Linking Error
Expired Link or External Linking Error. That message keeps coming up when I clink on a link from this site for advertised vids that are on top of every page. Never happened before. But it is
2fermeReplies: 2
Views: 117
Mar 21 2018 11:15AM
No New Posts
Hi ladies and gents! Looking for any advice or if any once else has had a similar issue, but basically I joined a few John Thompson Bukkake sites, enjoyed them and then decided to move on. However
tomtom1983Replies: 8
Views: 790
Mar 21 2018 8:27AM
La Kika
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Can the PM System Be Upgraded?
I was sending a PM the other day and saw this:"Notes about private messages:Currently, the private message system only accepts text input. No code, no HTML, no markup, no attachments. It's...
PornStarName...Replies: 12
Views: 443
Feb 24 2018 8:30PM
Porn Scout
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Brazzers HD scenes bitrate cut in half
For a good number of years Brazzers offered its 1080p scenes with a lossless bitrate of 12000 kBit/s. Starting on 5th of february 2018, new scenes are presented with a bitrate of just 6000 kBit/s,
Anal-Porn Ar...Replies: 8
Views: 1427
Feb 23 2018 4:37PM
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What do you use to watch porn these days
What do you use to watch your massive porn collections these days?I used to be able to quickly jump around the video with VLC, but newer days videos are getting bigger and bigger and it's really
infernal_fiendReplies: 32
Views: 1526
Feb 11 2018 5:26PM
Harri Patel
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Profile Pic
I wasn't sure which topic to put this thread in, but I'm having trouble updating my profile picture. I've frequently tried to change my image but it's not changing and keeps saying "there's a
Secret GuyReplies: 6
Views: 194
Feb 10 2018 6:16AM
Secret Guy
Topic Locked
Can not access my topics
Technical problem here :This has just happened during the last few minutes ...I can not enter my list of recent topics ( 100 ) anymore , the menu from my profile seems to be frozen . Is there a bug
Airtight_fan...Replies: 3
Views: 183
Feb 5 2018 6:15PM
Drew Black
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Search error messages
I got the follow error message while doing a search from the search page. I've tried to reproduce it but it's working now. What I was searching came up, but this appeared before the
pringlesReplies: 5
Views: 228
Feb 5 2018 2:16PM
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Instragram Questions
So I'm wondering if anyone else is having the same experience as me with Instagram. I don't use IG in my regular life but I created an account linked to an anonymous email for the purpose of
Porn ScoutReplies: 3
Views: 247
Feb 2 2018 2:08AM
Porn Scout
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Format Changed? Georgia Jones Question
Haven't been here for over 6 months. Used to be instead of asking a question about a particular star in the porn pool board in this case Georgia Jones if I put her name in the search field and
phaedrusReplies: 5
Views: 291
Feb 1 2018 7:49AM
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computer case splitting...
What up with that?This is the hinge on the back left. A couple of days ago it wobbled and creaked when I opened and closed the case, then I picked it up and there were a couple of tiny black plastic
PiepsReplies: 15
Views: 531
Jan 26 2018 10:35AM
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Tablet suggestions
I'd like to get a tablet. I have an inexpensive one (Android OS) but it's extremely flakey. This time I'd prefer to spend more money and get a good one.I still want an Android OS. I'm not a big fan
jayo Replies: 2
Views: 248
Dec 16 2017 5:47PM
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I assume something is being troubleshooted
nietzscheReplies: 4
Views: 248
Nov 6 2017 1:14PM
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what happend to data18
i can't open Access to was deniedYou don't have authorization to view this page.HTTP ERROR 403
akpouReplies: 10
Views: 1230
Oct 15 2017 3:25AM
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Adult Porn Exibition's in the UK?
Hi, I'm a porn fan,living in Hull,east yorkshire. Are there Any Porn/pornstar exibitions in the UK & Are thy any good,etc & Are thy expensive?... :)Thanks,Chris
hullchrisReplies: 0
Views: 276
Oct 12 2017 11:51AM
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Can this b done with the Xfinity system
Hi folks. Could anybody please help me by telling me if I can and how yo hook up a DVD recorder to the Xfiinity box from COMCAST so I can record right to tv. I do t even want hd.Any way at All?
simon33333Replies: 0
Views: 172
Oct 3 2017 7:24PM
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1990s porn
Any one still have any porn on 1990s era storage media? I just got an Iomega Zip100 drive from eBay working, and recovered what was on my old stash of Zip disks. I recovered an old stash of floppies
LPee23Replies: 0
Views: 306
Oct 1 2017 3:17PM
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