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What cool porn accessories should I buy?
I have a 32 LG flat screen TV set up in my bedroom. It's connected to a Western Digital Media Player with a USB port that I hook up to a 2 terabyte external hard drive that I keep all my porn movies
Mister Fahre...Replies: 22
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Jan 11 2017 12:19AM
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What are my alternatives (new computer)
Pages: 1 2
I like having two computers--if one has trouble, I can still use the other to work, get on the internet to search for fixes for the sick one, etc. Right now I have a main desktop and a latop, which
Stanley MoonReplies: 52
Views: 1481
Jan 9 2017 8:14PM
Stanley Moon
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What player do you use for watching porn ?
What player do you use for watching porn ?In your opinion which is the best? for organization and watch
porndude2Replies: 23
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Jan 9 2017 6:01AM
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Any way to change my user name?
I tried to change the display name in the profile settings but when I click update it just reverts to the current one. Want to change it to JC00Thanks
JC00Replies: 16
Views: 1005
Jan 8 2017 3:03AM
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Buy by scene
I never bought a scene. I always buy the dvd.When we buy by scene, can we put it on a dvd ? With which program and how? It's easy? Good quality?Thank you
MermaidprinceReplies: 1
Views: 263
Jan 2 2017 6:55PM
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Quality (yet inexpensive) HDMI switchers?
Need to buy an HDMI switcher for my TV. Looking around I've found lots of inexpensive ones but one common complaint I've seen recurring is that they crap out after a year or so. I'm considering going...
Mister Fahre...Replies: 0
Views: 207
Dec 27 2016 8:51PM
Mister Fahrenh...
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Images not Loading
For the past 36 hours or so, images are not loading for me in the member just told me the same is happening for him.Is this happening for others?Drew, any ideas?
killbillvol69Replies: 13
Views: 516
Dec 24 2016 12:37AM
Harri Patel
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Organizing your dvd collection
Problem: I have a shitload of dvds and I want to organize them using some sort of database. I don't want to build one from scratch using Access.Does anyone have a recommendation for a program? Free
bsl69dpReplies: 23
Views: 1497
Dec 22 2016 2:38AM
Smiler Grogan
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Logged out
For some reason when I go to the Mike Adriano thread, page 379 (second last page) or 380 (last page) I automatically get logged of, and can't reply to any of the posts. If I go to page 378 or lower I...
VideofanReplies: 19
Views: 639
Dec 19 2016 10:46AM
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Searching Review Text for all words?
Hi,Apologies if missing something, but cannot seem to search for all words in review text.Using the site search box searching smartbuydisc.rus searches for all words, however review text search appears to
draghixafanReplies: 0
Views: 248
Nov 29 2016 5:37AM
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Secret Backdoor In U.S. Phones Sent Data to China
<link> WASHINGTON — For about $50, you can get a smartphone with a high-definition display, fast data service and, according to security contractors, a secret feature: a backdoor that
GoldsteinReplies: 3
Views: 366
Nov 28 2016 7:53PM
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Need help uploading profile picture or avatar
I upload picture or gif and it says it successfuly uploaded and I still don't see my avatar :(
jerkanator12Replies: 3
Views: 330
Nov 24 2016 5:32PM
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Can't send private messages on this
Hi, I didn't know where else to post this. I tried the 'Message a moderator' but nobody is answering.So... I don't think I have the option to direct message a certain user on this Is it
flexxxibleReplies: 8
Views: 359
Nov 16 2016 9:08PM
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Getting a bunch of random error pages
Clicking "Mark All Topics Read," "All smartbuydisc.rus," and "Porn Pool" have given me errors. But not consistently. It happens and then it doesn't. Here are the pages:
Mister Fahre...Replies: 3
Views: 253
Nov 9 2016 7:37PM
Mister Fahrenh...
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I edited my post...but it remains unchanged
I posted in the "Can't send private messages on this" thread, and later edited my post to add another sentence. I previewed the edited post, and clicked the "edit" button
ninja1Replies: 1
Views: 253
Nov 5 2016 7:36PM
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Standard MP4 vs MPEG4
I don't have a lot of patience to download every scene HD so the majority of the scenes I watch I'd rather just download the standard definition scenes. However I've noticed on Reality Kings that the...
CrissStrokes...Replies: 2
Views: 387
Nov 5 2016 7:16PM
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Why Light Bulbs May Be the Next Hacker Target
<link> SAN FRANCISCO — The so-called Internet of Things, its proponents argue, offers many benefits: energy efficiency, technology so convenient it can anticipate what you want, even
GoldsteinReplies: 0
Views: 290
Nov 3 2016 10:01AM
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Microsoft: Russian Hackers Exploit Windows Flaw
<link> 2016-11-02 Microsoft says a group that has been linked to Russian state-sponsored hacking and the theft of Democratic National Committee emails was behind a new round of cyberattacks
GoldsteinReplies: 0
Views: 218
Nov 2 2016 6:04PM
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Logged out - part 2
Yes, I am aware of the rule not to start threads about a subject if a thread already exists. Mods, feel free to merge this thread: // t-207099#post Or lock this
RobinWoodReplies: 3
Views: 328
Oct 23 2016 12:54PM
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Audio but no video with Flash, Please Help
Yesterday I was watching WWE and ESPN on the computer and noticed I was getting only audio with a black screen at WWE Network and then a blank white screen at ESPN. Does anyone know why this is
CrissStrokes...Replies: 1
Views: 217
Oct 21 2016 11:49PM
Harri Patel
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Possibility to record videos from Brazzers
MOD:See below comments.
BigBananaManReplies: 12
Views: 619
Oct 19 2016 11:51AM
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Having Difficulty clicking on just about anything
Put my cursor on something click the hell out of it, and it does nothing. I bet I have some sort of file infection but have no idea how to manually get rid of it. Not sure what I should do. Any file
2fermeReplies: 19
Views: 445
Oct 12 2016 9:57AM
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Need a site recommendation for screencap uploads
I realize that this may be a better fit in another thread but I figured I’d try it here because any uploads will be linked to posts in the Porn Pool.I prefer to link screencaps to threads where...
rearadmiralReplies: 1
Views: 242
Oct 6 2016 4:57PM
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Anyone using chat on Undernet that coud help...
... a complete newbie? I don't know anything about IRC, have been asked to participate in a chat using Undernet, on my iMac at home with Mac OS 10.11.6.I'm doing some research on my own but help from...
Joey StarrReplies: 5
Views: 360
Oct 6 2016 10:29AM
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Nothing to see here, move along please.
Spam. Stolen. Probably both.
jeewakeReplies: 0
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Oct 2 2016 9:39AM
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Yahoo Says Hackers Stole Data on 500 Million Users
<link> SAN FRANCISCO — Yahoo announced on Thursday that the account information of at least 500 million users was stolen by hackers two years ago, in the biggest known intrusion of one
GoldsteinReplies: 2
Views: 273
Sep 24 2016 12:28PM
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Search result Re-sort options and year of release?
Hi Drew,I was searching for Chop Stix using the Review Text option and the results listed did not changed when I clicked any of these options.. [Re-sort by title] [Re-sort by reviewer] [Re-sort by
draghixafanReplies: 2
Views: 271
Sep 16 2016 2:59PM
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virus/malware on laptop
Don't know if I can post this here but...I need some virus/malware removed on a fap top anyone know of someone good around the South Houston/Clear Lake's a lil bitty 11inch screen type
mygrayne69Replies: 3
Views: 485
Sep 14 2016 8:23PM
Harri Patel
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DVD covers spine images
Perhaps a follow-up to <link> .after thoroughly searching all the interwebs, I’m asking here if someone has an image or a scan of the spines of any of the following DVDs.I rented them
lex von vReplies: 3
Views: 400
Sep 11 2016 3:54AM
Topic Locked
Nothing to see here
MOD: Comment deleted.
RolandLReplies: 2
Views: 331
Aug 24 2016 2:46PM
Mister Fahrenh...
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So, my husband is thinking about getting a new laptop. He doesn't use a computer for anything except email, online chess, surfing the news, maybe occasionally some other thing of that nature. The
PiepsReplies: 5
Views: 372
Aug 18 2016 11:36AM
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Can i use a current mouse with,,
Hi, Can i use a current apple mouse ( when i say current, i mean it is sold now for the apple lap tops that are made today).When i use the tracjpad its cracked and it hurts my hand after using it for...
simon33333Replies: 1
Views: 308
Aug 18 2016 1:46AM
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Having Difficulty clicking on just about anything
Put my cursor on something click the hell out of it, and it does nothing. I bet I have some sort of file infection but have no idea how to manually get rid of it. Not sure what I should do. Any file
2fermeReplies: 2
Views: 271
Aug 11 2016 7:35PM
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Changed avatar but it's still showing the old one
Changed avatar but it's still showing the old one on the threads when I post but the new one shows in my profile settings .I did CTRL+R, CTRL+F5, cleared the cached and used 3 different web browsers
JC00Replies: 20
Views: 525
Aug 10 2016 2:20AM
Mass Facialties
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Windows 10 Nag Screen: Get Rid of It!
2-16-2016*** Please jump ahead to <link> , as the most current information now really begins at that point of this thread ***(You can always come back to the top of this thread, as there is
GoldsteinReplies: 42
Views: 1109
Aug 9 2016 1:10AM
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What Happens to Posts?
Some time ago I decided to take a break and stop posting, and I timed it so I'd end at 9,999.A few days later I noticed I was at 9,997, so I posted a couple more times and stopped again at 9,999.Now
jayo Replies: 11
Views: 550
Aug 6 2016 8:17PM
Joey Starr
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No semi-colons in our ADT posts?
Hi this was posted in another thread but probably needs to be here. Drew, can you look into this? (It's happening for me as well.) Mass Facialties wrote:For some reason, it seems that whenever I
killbillvol69Replies: 21
Views: 555
Jul 28 2016 3:45PM
Drew Black
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Wireless back-up ?
I have collected quite a bit of storage from sites I have subscribed too . Had a crash a few years ago and lost all the stuff I collected , and don't want that again . Semi-tech savvy (when i turn
jakejd4949Replies: 3
Views: 325
Jul 27 2016 8:03AM
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Vuzix iWear Video Headphones for VR porn?
As a subscriber to Naughty America, I've explored their VR offerings with an iPhone 6s and a couple different plastic viewer devices. At first it felt like a joke, until I finally sorted out the
BonzokatReplies: 2
Views: 307
Jul 25 2016 2:28PM
Thread Moved
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The world's last VCR to be manufactured this month
<link> Lot of old timers probably remember the how porn distributed on VHS (and Beta) tape was a major revolution. It killed the sleazy adult movie theater business and enabled average person
zambiReplies: 1
Views: 249
Jul 23 2016 1:31PM
Stanley Moon
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Windows 10 collecting info about my porn library?
<link> I have read bunch of articles about how Windows 10 violates a lot of user privacy concerns in exchange for being distributed for free. I've heard that they even look at what content
zambiReplies: 2
Views: 301
Jul 23 2016 11:53AM
Stanley Moon
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Windows Updates Disappear
In the last two days, ALL the pending updates -- on all three of my Windows 7 Pro computers that have been used and connected to the Internet during these past two days -- have totally been removed
GoldsteinReplies: 1
Views: 289
Jul 14 2016 1:54PM
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Streaming issues with Adult Empire Unlimited?
I just joined AE Unlimited, I'm using a 2012 Macbook Pro and have tried 3 different browsers, Safari, Chrome & Firefox and have experienced the same issue on all 3. I get to a video I click play
Steven_999Replies: 1
Views: 1997
Jul 6 2016 11:50AM
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Why Tech Support Is (Purposely) Unbearable
<link> You may consider yourself even-keeled, the kind of person who is unflappable when those around you are losing their cool. But all that goes out the window when you call tech support.
GoldsteinReplies: 3
Views: 223
Jul 5 2016 6:58PM
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AdultEmpire Unlimited Streaming problems on Mac?
I'm using a 2012 Macbook Pro and I just subscribed to AE Unlimited and the videos just aren't streaming. I know it's something with the AE Unlimited site as any other streaming site such as Netflix
Steven_999Replies: 0
Views: 287
Jun 26 2016 8:29PM
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Websites for Raising Money - Legal Defense Fund
We may need to raise money for a legal defense fund. We can't post details at the moment. Right now we need to research the best website for raising money. Any experience with this sort of thing?
JanitorReplies: 29
Views: 1002
Jun 24 2016 5:46AM
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Google Project Fi
Anyone using <link> cell phone service?I started using it recently. Seems OK so far.
Drew BlackReplies: 6
Views: 433
Jun 9 2016 9:31PM
Harri Patel
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Legal Porno Scam?
Today, I just received, perhaps, the most disturbing scam email I have ever encountered.It, apparently, came from Legal Porno.The email thanks me for registering an account with them, and includes a
GoldsteinReplies: 8
Views: 965
Jun 7 2016 7:40AM
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how to download and collect boxcover images
I've just recently started looking at using some sort of software like Kodi/XBMC to browse and search thru my collection of adult movies kept on hard drive. I already use WDTV Live Hub to play movies...
zambiReplies: 2
Views: 560
May 30 2016 7:58PM
lex von v
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Me and my GF want to try something different and have someone watch us.But we have no clue what to use.And whats the best way to do it anonymously.Any one have any ideas?
saskatoon1Replies: 0
Views: 289
May 23 2016 4:40PM
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