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No New Posts Pics
Anyone else not seeing any pics uploaded to any of the smartbuydisc.rus? All I see is the file names (example 12345.jpg) Or is it just me? It takes courage to enjoy it: the hardcore and the gentle...Big Time
SP_LoveReplies: 7
Views: 490
May 17 2016 12:41AM
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Is it possible to rip photo galleries from DVD?
For a while now, <link> I used to own the DVD and I recall that there was a photo gallery on the disc. I was wondering if it's possible to rip the photo gallery from the DVD and save it as
Mister Fahre...Replies: 7
Views: 387
May 12 2016 3:22AM
Mister Fahrenh...
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Start-up bug
It opens on my desktop, the moment I turn on my computer.I have a Windows 7 OS.It occurs even before the log-in screen.A grey-colored screen appears and a loading files task bar runs on the bottom of...
dogzcatcherReplies: 28
Views: 1080
Apr 19 2016 2:07PM
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Not going to first unread post
Hi, since a few days, when I click on a topic (from active topics) it does not go to the first unread post. It goes to the right page, put stays at the top. I do see the #post in the url.Jacco
JaccoReplies: 26
Views: 501
Mar 31 2016 8:31AM
Drew Black
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Create Strong Passwords
<link> Complete with a type-in-a-password test (which will rate it for strength)
GoldsteinReplies: 3
Views: 370
Mar 30 2016 11:16AM
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Help with dl of porn stories to nook needed
I have a nook and wanted to know if it was possible to go to this site and DL the porn stories.Dont see epub or anything like that.This is the site for the porn stories Thanks in
simon33333Replies: 15
Views: 474
Mar 21 2016 9:45PM
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Mac graphics program?
My old Windows laptop died and I have switched to a Mac. I need to find a small graphics program. On my Windows machine I used a program called Irfanview for quick edits; resize and crop mostly. Can
LeydenReplies: 0
Views: 218
Mar 21 2016 9:39PM
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Keep Those Creepy Online Ads From Watching You
<link> Read the article.Of the products discussed, I use <link> .A useful piece of the protecting-your-privacy arsenal.
GoldsteinReplies: 2
Views: 333
Mar 16 2016 2:57PM
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Suggestion: My Topics pls link to unread posts?
Hi,Thanks as always for the awesome and Happy New Year and all the best for 2016!No doubt been asked before, but is a bit of a pita that My Topics links to your last post in the thread instead
draghixafanReplies: 15
Views: 429
Mar 14 2016 11:48PM
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ADT Spoof site - be careful
Looks like we may need to use SSL for everything if this becomes a bigger problem.I discovered today that someone is completely spoofing our site. I'm not going to post the link because it will
Drew BlackReplies: 3
Views: 383
Feb 25 2016 9:56AM
Drew Black
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Will i get a virus from this?
As a joke my brother went to a porn tube site and used my e-mail address to sign up, as of now i have not checked my e-mail, am i going to get a virus from this. I told my brother never do that
simon33333Replies: 4
Views: 315
Feb 20 2016 4:11PM
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My replies aren't showing up
I've made three replies this morning, all in the Polls section. They were in the, Last Non-Porn Movie You Watched, Last Thing You Drank, and Last Thing You Ate threads. I typed out my post,
Mister Fahre...Replies: 37
Views: 511
Feb 18 2016 10:30PM
Porn Scout
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AVG's updated policy explains how it can sell user
BYOB_KenobiReplies: 7
Views: 496
Feb 10 2016 11:47AM
No New Posts
Drew- is this thing working?
Mark all topics doesn't work for me. After further investigation, it works, but the automatic refresh doesn't.
HardwareReplies: 7
Views: 326
Feb 8 2016 4:09PM
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For PC Virus Victims, Pay or Else
<link> By NICOLE PERLROTHPublished: December 5, 2012CULVER CITY, Calif. Kidnappers used to make ransom notes with letters cut out of magazines. Now, notes simply pop up on your computer
GoldsteinReplies: 32
Views: 2192
Feb 7 2016 11:10PM
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Topics still blue after being marked as read
When I click Mark all topics read in this some thread icons are remaining blue. Seems to be happening in all the smartbuydisc.rus and I can't discern any pattern.Edit: Seems fixed now.
Mister Fahre...Replies: 2
Views: 276
Feb 7 2016 6:24PM
Drew Black
Topic Locked
Need equipment help, "Sling media slingbox"
Hi, this is the problem. I have a comcast old dvr that is still hanging in there . It does have problems. It's hooked up to box in another room that my brother wants on again, i turned it off in
simon33333Replies: 15
Views: 448
Feb 5 2016 6:04PM
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Noticed a timelock to edit your previous post
What exactly is the amount of time before your post is locked from editing? I'm pretty sure I edited old posts (not frequently but occasionally) last year that were old posts, but now past a certain
BYOB_KenobiReplies: 0
Views: 291
Feb 1 2016 1:15AM
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Anyone else unable to see "my topics"?
I get a message from my service provider saying the site cannot be found.
Gore Gore GirlReplies: 6
Views: 323
Jan 30 2016 2:00PM
Gore Gore Girl
No New Posts download problem
I was wondering if anyone has recently had issues with the website <link> ?On 3 January I bought a scene from them - 'Sexy Susi Meets Gosia' - but the download link doesn't work and I haven't
N00dlesDaddyReplies: 5
Views: 1060
Jan 27 2016 2:33PM
No New Posts
porn site billing questions
So, everyone knows that CCBill, and to a lesser degree Epoch, is the most popular way to go when processing membership fee for your adult site. But what if you want to start up a smaller site with
72chevynova3...Replies: 3
Views: 510
Jan 26 2016 6:35AM
No New Posts
Asus computers. and windows 8 vs 10
I am looking into getting a new desktop. Asus is the one i picked. Is there any special things i should get in this computersuch as Nero 7 to burn DL. I am going to go straight to windows 10 as i
simon33333Replies: 50
Views: 1420
Jan 22 2016 1:20PM
No New Posts
Am i being lied to windows 10
I called best buy and one sales floor agent said that all the bugs will be ironed out by the end of sept for windows 10. Others say its working pretty well and any problems we will fix remotely or in...
simon33333Replies: 6
Views: 642
Jan 22 2016 1:19PM
No New Posts
Paypal ?
Can someone pay money to my Paypal account with a card if they don't have a Paypal account?Thanks for any help.
buenoculoReplies: 7
Views: 642
Jan 21 2016 10:01AM
Topic Locked
Best cam sites?
What are the best cam sites out there?
BobbitosReplies: 1
Views: 302
Jan 20 2016 7:05PM
No New Posts
how to f*ck google ?
Hi,lately i m presented with a window that wants me to allow google to store and gather data and so on. I ve tried every trick i know (which is not much i have to say) but they keep fucking me
cubesnakeReplies: 10
Views: 494
Jan 20 2016 3:28PM
No New Posts
Is this good software for burning porn to dvd+r
In staples today awhile i was buying kaspersky i stumbled upon Nero 2015 burning soft ware. Has anybody used this. It also does blu ray, but iam not doin that. I want to get Nero again in light of
simon33333Replies: 6
Views: 849
Jan 20 2016 9:15AM
No New Posts
Live Jasmine ad - not malware/spyware/virus
I'm sure we will get complaints that we're running a pop-under ad for Live Jasmine. It's not spyware/malware/virus/etc. We're serving the ad code directly from our end. There is no ad network in the
Drew BlackReplies: 24
Views: 1212
Jan 19 2016 5:38AM
No New Posts
how to create your own porn website
If you wanted to create your own porn website (e.g. something like Brazzers) what do you do?Do you know any good books for this? What about legal stuff? Any links or references?
zambiReplies: 10
Views: 683
Jan 16 2016 10:45AM
No New Posts
Do You Need Video Editing Software? Buy This Now!
Friday 01-15-16See this post I made in this thread: <link> Seriously, you're going to kick yourself in the nuts if you need video editing software and don't look into this.Prices for the boxed
GoldsteinReplies: 0
Views: 272
Jan 15 2016 5:03PM
No New Posts
ADT needs a revamp
Not denying that ADT is a great site. I have learnt much about the porn world that I wouldn't have elsewhere.BUTThe website has an outdated design. It looks like it was made in the late nineties.
brummie1Replies: 15
Views: 791
Jan 6 2016 1:52AM
No New Posts
CRITICAL Update for Outlook 2010 (KB3114560)
Looks like Microsoft screwed us over with another bad update!My Office 2010 Outlook decided to go nuts tonight, and I was able to track it down and perform the fixes.Don t know how this affects
GoldsteinReplies: 0
Views: 232
Dec 25 2015 11:11PM
No New Posts
Self-Destructing Cookies
A great new add-on for Firefox browser! <link> Fix the web. Gets rid of a site's cookies and LocalStorage as soon as you close its tabs. Protects against trackers and zombie-cookies.
GoldsteinReplies: 1
Views: 302
Dec 18 2015 11:21AM
No New Posts
The transition from selling adult dvds online
and then shipping them to making them downloadable. I have a friend who is wanting to make this transition. Do you have any advice as how to best go about this? Where to host? Is the dvd iso better
nick-verotelReplies: 5
Views: 431
Dec 15 2015 10:39PM
No New Posts
X Marks the Spot That Makes Online Ads So Mad...
<link> Ads pop up and play automatically, daring readers to shut them down with feats of fine motor control. The ads commandeer the screen. They expand and contract. They cover the text and
GoldsteinReplies: 5
Views: 363
Dec 15 2015 7:30AM
No New Posts
Mozilla Firefox blocking Adobe Flash
Mozilla Firefox has consistently been blocking Adobe Flash. The only way they will allow you to play it is if you download the latest version of Adobe Flash. This has kind of been a pain in the ass,
CrissStrokes...Replies: 25
Views: 1073
Dec 14 2015 3:42AM
Topic Locked
Nothing to see here, please move along.
Edited by - flash on Dec 8 2015
mrchickenhorseReplies: 0
Views: 276
Dec 8 2015 2:45PM
No New Posts
I needed a proxy to reach this site
When I click the bookmark without a proxy, I get Sorry ' ' does not exist or is not available.
charnReplies: 4
Views: 366
Dec 7 2015 9:11PM
No New Posts
Question about JJV upscaling of 720p scenes
Hey all, was wondering if you could help me out. All the scenes on JJV are available in 1080p but I'm pretty sure a lot of them were upscaled. Is there a degradation in quality when you upscale from
Mister Fahre...Replies: 5
Views: 777
Dec 6 2015 11:02PM
Jackie Treehorn
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Elegant angel downloads
Hi I've recently bought an iPhone 6s and I am a member of elegant angel. Unfortunately I am unable to download any of the videos. When I click to download a video it simply takes me to a new tab to
FlyingMonkey...Replies: 2
Views: 459
Dec 5 2015 9:46PM
Jackie Treehorn
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CRITICAL Microsoft Security Bulletin MS15-115
Everybody please read these and perform the security update ASAP!Feel free to contact me if you have any problems.Be sure that your anti-virus/malware definitions are up-to-date!And, verify that your...
GoldsteinReplies: 1
Views: 326
Dec 5 2015 5:15PM
No New Posts
60 frames per second question
I have very little knowledge about the technical side of video playback and I'm looking for some advice.I downloaded some 60 fps only files but I still prefer watching at a lower framerate. I guess
ToastedReplies: 7
Views: 571
Nov 16 2015 9:39PM
No New Posts
How To Send Dmca Notifications
<link> Just thought this might be of general interest around here.
GoldsteinReplies: 0
Views: 222
Nov 16 2015 2:02PM
No New Posts
New search features
Pages: 1 2
So we launched a bit of a mini-redesign this morning to get rid of the ancient left-nav menu system. We also combined the old left-navigation search features into a new area on the top navigation
Drew BlackReplies: 68
Views: 1825
Nov 14 2015 8:57PM
Harri Patel
No New Posts
Downloading Porn onto IPad???
I know how to find video's downloaded onto Mac/computer, but, when you download video from a PAID SITE how do you find it on a IPad???
tony romoReplies: 0
Views: 265
Nov 14 2015 6:18PM
tony romo
No New Posts
Issues seeing pics on cell phone
I'm having problems with viewing pictures on ADT on my cell. All except the very new pictures were faded and had Adultdvdtalk written across them. My mobile carrier wasn't any help fixing it so I
Teddy Rattle...Replies: 4
Views: 268
Nov 12 2015 1:39PM
No New Posts
How do you guys store your porn?
Some of the HD videos have sizes of 6 or more GB, which quickly eats up space. Do you guys just buy bigger external drives? Has anyone tried Dropbox for it?
ltcedricdanielsReplies: 9
Views: 768
Nov 4 2015 8:03AM
No New Posts
Is there a way to change my timezone on ADT?
All posts have the time next to them in Eastern Daylight Time and I'd like to see them with Pacific Standard Time. Is there something I can change in my profile to alter the timezone?
Mister Fahre...Replies: 2
Views: 291
Oct 31 2015 1:50AM
No New Posts
Multi-angles causing playback problems?
So, I started watching 'Little Red Rides the Hood 4' (Black Market, 2008) last evening. Every few minutes, the multi-angle indicator keeps popping up on screen but as it's only there briefly I ignore...
N00dlesDaddyReplies: 4
Views: 359
Oct 22 2015 9:15AM
No New Posts
Pornganizer - Organize your Porn
An app I've been working on for a while to organize your movie collection. You drag in your videos, and then are able to tag them wtih stars, categories, DVDs and websites. You can then search,
julesxReplies: 3
Views: 2252
Oct 21 2015 9:00PM
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