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Comcast Merger and Net Neutrality Issues
<link> Renamed thread from Two Worst U.S. Cable Companies to Merge
GoldsteinReplies: 23
Views: 1025
Feb 6 2015 12:07AM
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Downloads failing - tips to troubleshoot?
So I recently have been having downloads fail. This is a real pain considering I'm usually downloading files > 1 GB in size.- Doesn't seem to be site dependent - Jules Jordan, Brazzers, Wicked,
bsl69dpReplies: 14
Views: 725
Feb 5 2015 7:43AM
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Hosting info
Wasn't sure which thread to start this in but this one seemed most appropriate, apologies if it's in wrong place, mod please can you move to correct place?.Just out of interest, does anyone know
andys862Replies: 7
Views: 403
Feb 2 2015 10:44PM
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No user name in thread posts
Using chrome I see avatars, post counts, signatures, titles, etc. Everything I am supposed to see in the left margins except user names.
the unknown ...Replies: 2
Views: 357
Jan 22 2015 10:59AM
the unknown pe...
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Encoding with Handbrake
I've been using Handbrake for a while to re-encode scenes downloaded (legally) from sites like Brazzers and 21Sextury. Mostly, I do this to convert frame rates to 29.97 fps so that my Roku can play
Porn ScoutReplies: 3
Views: 839
Jan 21 2015 1:26AM
Porn Scout
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Logging Onto ADT
JulieMasonFOREVER is having problems logging onto ADT. JMF told me (by e-mail) that while trying to log on, a message appears saying: Error Processing your request HTTP Error 500 - Server Error JMF
matchmakerReplies: 8
Views: 453
Jan 17 2015 5:57PM
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No E-mail when there's an update?
Hi there this is a problem that i'm not used to have. It just happened out of no where. The problem is that i don't get an E-mail anymore when there's an update on my subscribed topics? Do anyone
xenofanezReplies: 3
Views: 370
Jan 15 2015 3:13PM
Drew Black
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Format difference?
I've noticed that ADT's VOD store offers downloads in two formats - mp4 and one that shows the Windows logo, like this: <image> Is this other format WMV? I'd just like to know what the
N00dlesDaddyReplies: 4
Views: 416
Jan 15 2015 11:06AM
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Experiences with Oculus Rift for watching porn
Hi everyone !Clearly display quality is a crucial factor in enjoying porn; I am very curious about the oculus rift VR head set ! I am especially interested in the experience of
Hawkeye Replies: 2
Views: 567
Dec 29 2014 2:25PM
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Running old Windows Games
I'm posting this here (at ADT) first because I usually get better answers here than elsewhere.Back in the early 1990s there was a famous DOS game called CIVILIZATION. They subsequently ported it over...
jayo Replies: 7
Views: 498
Dec 27 2014 4:06PM
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Digital shooting - what lens are you using?
Hey I'm upgrading my canon t2i, and I am trying to decide on a suitable lens for small adult movie production. It's seemingly difficult to decide so I was hoping someone could advise me on a nice
Mr_slateReplies: 18
Views: 7218
Dec 26 2014 5:05PM
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Remove watermark from Video
Folks, Someone knows a good software to remove watermark from videos?Thanks a lot
porndude2Replies: 2
Views: 778
Dec 23 2014 8:10PM
Drew Black
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ADT is running slow for me
Pages: 1 2
I've noticed that ADT started to run slow for me sometime late Monday night (of this week). Each page is taking a while to load up. ADTer JackSparrow also seems to be having the same problem.
matchmakerReplies: 51
Views: 1507
Dec 5 2014 9:20PM
Drew Black
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Report suspicious threads or messages
I notice some smartbuydisc.rus have a button for REPORT THIS MESSAGE, and I wonder if it would be worthwhile here. The button would be sent to a queue the mods could review for policy violations, or whatever.I...
jayo Replies: 3
Views: 333
Dec 5 2014 8:01PM
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i am very new to this site and using a tablet. What is a good but inexpensive viruis or malware ( not sure what that is) should i use and how do you get it on a tablet? Going through a divorce with
lakennatureReplies: 4
Views: 427
Dec 1 2014 1:14AM
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For Moderators: Pics in Topics
I love watching pics of beautiful girls exposing their bodies and all of their sexual assets in alluring and awesome ways. Plus, it is always a teasing must for the possible consumer and a good
StarGrekReplies: 9
Views: 512
Nov 26 2014 12:12AM
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Getting a 500 Error Message When I Try To Go To My
...Profile Page
ultradamnoReplies: 5
Views: 323
Nov 21 2014 7:13AM
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Frame rate / Transfer Quality Issues
I am not an expert on this but I find some downloadable scenes are lacking when it comes to fluid movement. I'd assume this is something to do with frame rates and my eyes being sensitive to this?
rski Replies: 4
Views: 425
Nov 3 2014 8:20PM
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How do i adjust the daylight savings time settings?
Philly30 Replies: 0
Views: 291
Nov 2 2014 1:21AM
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Edited line at bottom of edited posts is no more!
I hated that thing. Did I speak too soon?
nietzscheReplies: 5
Views: 360
Oct 19 2014 6:19PM
Joey Starr
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DVD quality/errors
Lately, I had regular issues with new DVDs from the local shop/video rental place with playing fresh DVDs, especially from Evil Angel (but not limited to).When I rent some older titles (Diabolic,
lex von vReplies: 2
Views: 385
Oct 14 2014 5:03AM
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Hi,I was wondering if anyone ever successfully had checkdisk run on their big HDs either internaly or externaly. By saying big i mean >2TCube
cubesnakeReplies: 10
Views: 549
Oct 12 2014 3:46AM
lex von v
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Can't log out!
I can't log out. If I can't log out I can't refresh the smartbuydisc.rus. If I can't refresh the smartbuydisc.rus the site is unreadable.Now what?
Kimi LixxReplies: 2
Views: 403
Sep 29 2014 12:08AM
Drew Black
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Upload Image problem
The last few days, I've noticed that the Upload Image function at ADT isn't fully loading up for me and is not working for me.
matchmakerReplies: 1
Views: 337
Sep 23 2014 7:53AM
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Windows Movie Maker 2012 - Who Knew?
Necessity is the mother of invention. -- PlatoWindows Movie Maker is one of those programs you know the name of, but have never bothered to use.Did I mention it's free?The Problem (Necessity):Some
GoldsteinReplies: 17
Views: 1331
Sep 18 2014 2:22PM
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Password Managers
Does anyone know much about Password Managers, which ones are good and which ones aren't? Are they trustworthy? Are there usability problems from one to the other? Which ones are most highly rated?
Porn ScoutReplies: 8
Views: 907
Sep 9 2014 6:19PM
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Downloading and Storing Porn
I'm curious as I see many of you belong to multiple sites and are downloading scenes to, I assume, your computer. I'm curious to learn more about that. Is this to a desk top, laptop? What size hard
scorpiusdeusReplies: 13
Views: 1177
Sep 9 2014 6:11PM
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Internet download to CD?
Can digital music purchased / downloaded from be burned to a blank cd?, or can it only be used on media devices like IPhone, IPad or MP3 players?
pornologistReplies: 3
Views: 404
Sep 4 2014 11:53PM
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Hello,My avast firewall keeps asking me if I want to let PluginCommunication .exe browse the web. There is no description of it and there is no company listed. Should I allow it or deny it?Thanks,Endo...
Endorphin ...Replies: 4
Views: 341
Sep 4 2014 9:52PM
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Question: what is a bitrate?
I've noticed a definite difference in the resolutions of different formats, dvd's from retailers, thumbdrives from retailers, and downloads from, that adult content is distributed.I
dogzcatcherReplies: 5
Views: 569
Sep 4 2014 5:22PM
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Naughty America download problem
Is there anybody had download problems with Naughty America ? When i try to download HD content my download stop before completion. I never had same problem other sites, i'm currently member of video...
bahadirReplies: 4
Views: 3483
Aug 24 2014 3:53PM
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New email account? Recommendations?
Now that ADT email is going away, where are you all going for email accounts?I enjoyed having a separate email here to use for my naughty stuff, but I'm not sure where to go now.Has anyone ever used
petemurphyReplies: 16
Views: 877
Aug 23 2014 8:53PM
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How to make gifs
Hey guys. I am an active participant on a lot of ADT threads where it would be nice to post a gif instead of pics. Like huge cumshots or anal leaks etc. pics can't do it justice. What is the best way...
BB88Replies: 1
Views: 378
Aug 22 2014 11:38AM
Drew Black
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Screener List: Genres?
Didn't know where to pose this question.I was wondering if it's possible to add genre onto the available screeners list? A surprising amount of the time, you can't always tell from the title.
jayo Replies: 1
Views: 332
Aug 19 2014 8:35AM
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Free Download Manager
Curious if anyone has seen this behavior and/or knows the solution. I use Free Download Manager for downloads from porn sites. I've used it for years and it's been great. Now, all of a sudden, when I...
Porn ScoutReplies: 0
Views: 354
Aug 18 2014 4:33PM
Porn Scout
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Smartphone in your car
Debated about putting this in Polls but I think this is probably the better place.For those of you with smartphones (iPhones, Galaxies, etc.), where do you put them in your car? Do you have a mount
jayo Replies: 8
Views: 476
Aug 7 2014 6:36PM
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Ti 89 or Ti 84 Calculators, are they worth the $
I am thinking about buying one, probably on Saturday. Does anybody have any thoughts to share.Are they worth $130 to $150?Can l pre load certain formulas like OHMs and Watts law, and more complex
gregReplies: 11
Views: 671
Aug 6 2014 12:39PM
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XRumer bots
Noticed tonight that we're getting bombarded by someone pointing their XRumer bots at the here. First time I've seen this type of effort.XRumer is a program that automatically attempts to
Drew BlackReplies: 0
Views: 293
Aug 5 2014 9:31PM
Drew Black
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USB batteries for smartphones and devices
Anybody using portable batteries, a Battery Bank ?I bought one, capacity is 3000 mAh. Since my Xperia SP has a 2300mAh battery, it should charge it more than once: the problem is that it gives just a...
WideAngleReplies: 0
Views: 275
Jul 29 2014 1:28PM
No New Posts
Since I have absolutely no idea where to ask this question, I decided here.How can you earn money from porn without actually being a participant - director, actor, producer?
injiktoplqktoReplies: 4
Views: 562
Jul 26 2014 1:23AM
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Do you use an online bookmarks site? (topic moved)
which one and do you recommend it
nietzscheReplies: 1
Views: 244
Jul 23 2014 8:29PM
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Pop up ad as soon as i log onto ADT
Is anyone else getting it?
stinkfistReplies: 28
Views: 599
Jul 19 2014 6:19PM
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Internet Radio Players
Anyone have any experience with stand-alone Internet Radio Players? The kind of thing that looks like a traditional radio but can get internet radio stations?I've got an aged relative who doesn't
jayo Replies: 2
Views: 335
Jul 14 2014 9:31PM
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Has the site layout changed?
The only way i can describe it is when i click on the i used to be able to see all of the site but now i have to use the scroll bar to see what is posted on the far right of the screen i have
stinkfistReplies: 25
Views: 783
Jun 30 2014 3:08PM
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Windows XP & Microsoft Office 2003 ending in 2014
<link> .The most updated versions are now Windows 8 and Microsoft Office 2013.
matchmakerReplies: 17
Views: 1159
Jun 25 2014 10:08PM
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Error uploading image
Pages: 1 2
Tried two images in two separate places.Error:saved filename.jpg no viruses found Unable to resize: 2Your upload did not complete.Try again
HeyNowReplies: 56
Views: 1498
Jun 25 2014 12:24AM
Topic Locked
Is the sidebar gone for a reason?
Just asking?
nietzscheReplies: 2
Views: 368
Jun 12 2014 2:36AM
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pal vs ntsc
i was o videobox and downloaded a movie. Using Nero i copied it, but prior, it told me some material was in pal.i copied none the less without changing settings the pix quality was a little off on
simon33333Replies: 4
Views: 388
Jun 8 2014 8:01PM
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Changing display name.
Morning, Is there something up with being able to change our display names? I've tried quite a few times and even Ctrl+R to force a refresh and it still reverts me back.I'm just trying to drop the
DreadReplies: 3
Views: 386
May 16 2014 4:13PM
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Google Layout Reverted By Itself (NEED HELP)
For some reason Google's layout has reverted back to the old crappy look from 2013. I cleaned cookies/cache and restarted PC but that didn't help. Any idea why this would happen and how I can go back...
CloudburstReplies: 15
Views: 552
May 15 2014 7:47PM
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