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Is this supposed to be here?
nietzscheReplies: 4
Views: 322
May 12 2014 10:15PM
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Ipv6 Address Question
Since I purchased a new modem a few weeks ago my IP address is now Ipv6. Prior to a few weeks ago I never had an Ipv6 address. The thing is that when I go to my IP is showing up
CloudburstReplies: 4
Views: 368
May 11 2014 6:41PM
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Blu ray is dying.
<link> <link>
AllbusinessReplies: 5
Views: 749
May 11 2014 10:34AM
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Moving from Firefox - Opera, Chrome???
Firefox seems to be getting bogged down for me lately, so thinking of moving to Chrome or Opera. Thoughts? Likes / dislikes for each? No man s life, liberty or property is safe while the legislature
astroknightReplies: 43
Views: 1262
May 10 2014 7:15PM
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Internet Download Manager - Login options problems
Hi there, newbie here. I'm writing here because I desperately need some help with a piece of software and I need to know what I am doing wrong. I download from some of the top websites that I
H1gh Contra5tReplies: 28
Views: 4722
May 8 2014 8:38AM
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Drew &#45; Edit function not working?
I just tried to edit a post but it doesn't appear to have worked, despite getting a message that it was successful. I tried again, same non-result.test edit - hardware
HardwareReplies: 12
Views: 608
May 1 2014 12:47PM
Joey Starr
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Go the need software?
Hi guys,Have recently bought a few DVD's off here and would like to watch them on my Android tablet.Does anybody have any conversion software they can recommend please, preferably free? I can find
WinchesterReplies: 6
Views: 336
Apr 27 2014 3:59PM
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Emoticons Screwed-Up
I've started noticing incorrect emoticons appearing in posts.In going to the Icon Legend, there are several obvious errors now.Familiar emoticons are paired with incorrect keyboard characters (e.g.
GoldsteinReplies: 5
Views: 399
Apr 24 2014 9:22PM
Drew Black
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porn search engine to search porns stars
Hello All, Is there a porn search engine where the porn stars can be searched based on their physical attributes such as height, minimum hip size, ethinicity, boobs size, feet size, e.t.c and will
grakusadrinReplies: 1
Views: 560
Apr 20 2014 7:24AM
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Request to admins
Is there a way you can delete all my posts and my account? I no longer wish to post here and it is far too tempting if I can still log in. Thanks.
Hardline_ProReplies: 0
Views: 289
Apr 16 2014 11:08PM
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Bing (not Crosby)
A note to Microsoft: F--- you. I won't install Bing. I will never install Bing. I don't care how many times you nag me or how often it shows up on my Update list. It goes with all those free AOL
jayo Replies: 3
Views: 402
Apr 5 2014 3:35PM
Boogie With Stu
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Transferring Files To External HD (question)
How many GB at a time is safe to transfer from my computer to an external HD? If I transfer 50+ gb at one time is that safe? Will it cause wear and tear or damage the external HD in any way to
CloudburstReplies: 12
Views: 644
Apr 5 2014 1:32PM
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What time is it?
My local time is 6:49 PM PDT, according to my computer which uses Windows Time as its source. I notice that the time stamp on this message (before I edited it) was 9:43 PM. I can understand if it's
jayo Replies: 4
Views: 406
Apr 1 2014 6:26AM
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Automated delayed posting, possible?
I wonder if there is an add-on for Firefox or if that feature is included in some other browsers.Say I wanna post something on a (not necessarily ADT) tonight at 11.15PM except I won't have
Joey StarrReplies: 5
Views: 415
Mar 31 2014 9:47PM
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ADT cookies and want do each do?
Dew,can you please tell me the difference between these ADT cookies?Cookie names1). ADT2). ADTS3). imoldThanks.
BYOB_KenobiReplies: 8
Views: 491
Mar 27 2014 10:51AM
Drew Black
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Can we get hotlinking to animated gifs?
Legitimate hot linked like from imgur like? I don't mean porn necessarily. Just amusing cat clips and the like. There are a lot of interesting ways to respond to posts with animated gifs.
nietzscheReplies: 17
Views: 808
Mar 19 2014 1:16PM
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Anybody here know how to capture images from video
My lord i love this woman!!! Her name is jaime andrews.And heres a link to a video of her looking uber yummy in a nurses uniform. <link> I would love it if someone here could capture/post a few...
AllbusinessReplies: 4
Views: 355
Mar 14 2014 6:42PM
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Post text/font and quoting - question for Drew
Is it possible to make the following changes to the Change font size of Last edited by ... to a smaller one, and for example make it italic?2) Make it so that when someone quotes another
JohnWReplies: 1
Views: 295
Mar 12 2014 12:38PM
Drew Black
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Home Security Cams
Anyone have a good website for discussing/comparing home security cameras? I've been looking but I find a lot of bilge.
jayo Replies: 9
Views: 671
Mar 7 2014 11:48PM
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RSS feeds gone
Putting some time into some basic site restructuring. We've decided to drop support for RSS feeds. It seems like they were only being used by content scrapers anyway.Hopefully this doesn't bum anyone...
Drew BlackReplies: 4
Views: 625
Mar 4 2014 1:03AM
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blackberry curve 9320 stand-by
I have a prepaid blackberry curve 9320.When I am not using my phone I putt the keypad on block and then the phone after a few seconds the phone goes on stand-by(screen goed black). Sometimes when I
wolvie667Replies: 0
Views: 251
Feb 28 2014 10:19AM
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Disclosure of purchasing info? Millenium Movies
Hey - I wasn't sure where to post this. Hope Tech Talk works.I just received an email from someone looking for the contact information for Millenium Movies (who trade on
Gore Gore GirlReplies: 8
Views: 561
Feb 21 2014 6:00PM
Gore Gore Girl
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Request for addition of this animated gif
<link> [img][/img ]
nietzscheReplies: 15
Views: 873
Feb 13 2014 8:19AM
No New Posts support question
didn't know where to post this question and figured 'Tech talk' was probably the best place for this. Does anyone know how to automatically go to the last unread or last new post period for the
Mathle21Replies: 6
Views: 540
Feb 11 2014 11:46PM
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Was the site hacked today re-log in (4th Feb)
I tried to log into ADT today and instead of the normal way of logging in a unfamiliar box was asking for verification my username and password was in it's place.I of course never filled it in for
stinkfistReplies: 4
Views: 419
Feb 7 2014 7:36AM
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DVD editing
Hi guysI am new to editing and so would appreciate some advice.I have a number of adult DVDs and would like to be able to pull scenes off them to create compilations. I would also like to be able to
GofReplies: 3
Views: 472
Feb 5 2014 6:51PM
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thread search or entire thread view?
Hi,I find sometimes it would be very handy to search a thread. If worthwhile I reckon a couple of possibilities if cool could be an option that shows the entire thread in one page for us to use
draghixafanReplies: 1
Views: 322
Feb 4 2014 2:28AM
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Cant login to ed
purchased a membership a couple of weeks ago but when i try to login with the details given i get this message. An error has occured with your product key:Your license key expired on 08/15/2013 . I
tacticalpissReplies: 1
Views: 543
Jan 22 2014 10:57PM
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Feeding the Internet Monkey
Goldstein has bitten the bullet and significantly upgraded his Internet service.Should take about a week for the installation.I just signed-up for Comcast's business-class Internet service.Contracted...
GoldsteinReplies: 9
Views: 693
Jan 12 2014 8:42PM
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BluRay Codecs for Windows Media Player
Anyone knows where to get BluRay Player Codecs for Windows Media Player?
whiteyReplies: 2
Views: 376
Jan 9 2014 9:20PM
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Do you like this post?
Been tinkering with the idea of adding a Facebook style 'Like' feature for posts (and topics) here in the I often like things I read here but don't feel compelled to reply.This feature would
Drew BlackReplies: 24
Views: 1068
Jan 6 2014 4:10PM
Drew Black
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changing sd memory card
I have an SD Card 32gigs and already it's full. When I change will i be able to keep all photos and video on it. I have like 1800 pieces of material registering, ie photos and video mainly. I don't
EverettReplies: 6
Views: 707
Jan 5 2014 10:22AM
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Do all Smartphones have 'timeout' adust feature?
I have an Android 3G, which offers screen timeout of 1minute, 5minutes, 10minutes, 30minutes etc. That is 'timeout', when the screen goes dormant(dark) after inactivity with the phone. Is this a
EverettReplies: 1
Views: 303
Dec 28 2013 11:58AM
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No PM link in profiles?
Hey guys,Wanted to send a few PMs for a long while now but never a link in another users profile to send them a PM?Used to be, but not for about 12 months now..Or probably this is just a brain fart
draghixafanReplies: 2
Views: 387
Dec 26 2013 7:02PM
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Ditching Adobe Reader and Adobe Air
I just updated Adobe Reader, and the legalese you need to agree to in order to use it is just insane!Incredible privacy issues and exposure to third parties.Enough of this shit!So, I uninstalled
GoldsteinReplies: 17
Views: 711
Dec 23 2013 3:23AM
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FBI Cyber Crime Virus?
Somehow I managed to get this on the PC this morning. And somehow after 40 minutes of trying to get into my PC (It locks you out of your PC for those that aren't familiar) and leaving the PC on but
2fermeReplies: 6
Views: 582
Dec 16 2013 1:24PM
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Jules Jordan download
Does anyone on here download mp4's from the Jules Jordan site?I download as it suggests on the site (right click) but it won't allow me to watch. I use quicktime and windows media player. Would have
odelay2Replies: 3
Views: 658
Dec 15 2013 3:07PM
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There was a non-recoverable database error storing
Im getting a lot of these when im pm-ing.Can you resolve this issue somehow? Thanks.
AllbusinessReplies: 6
Views: 444
Dec 15 2013 4:36AM
lex von v
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Canon 1D MK IV for video
I've been shooting stills and video now with this thing for about 4 months. I gotta say it is pretty good, it is a nice bridge between a pro camera and pro video.It's also a great bridge between a
ProxyReplies: 1
Views: 461
Dec 13 2013 7:00AM
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Flash Player Crashing Firefox
Specifically, the most recent versions of both:Shockwave Flash 11.7.700.202andFirefox 21.0I've been on Videobox today, and as long as all I do is download everything's fine.But, as I have always been...
GoldsteinReplies: 26
Views: 956
Nov 26 2013 11:55AM
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Problem using Chrome
I keep getting a message when I start up on Chrome saying Your preferences can not be read. Some features may not be available and changes to your preferences will not be saved. I have done scans
the unknown ...Replies: 21
Views: 819
Nov 19 2013 5:24PM
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Mobile friendly porn smartbuydisc.rus?
Any other smartbuydisc.rus out there like adult dvd talk that have a mobile version as well? I hate always having to squint on my iphone!
Freak369Replies: 0
Views: 483
Oct 30 2013 8:48PM
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Problems rendering ASCII extended character set
Noticed this when using the Next Topic/Previous Topic in WN&N: Adieu, Patrice Ch reau is rendered as Adieu, Patrice Ch reau .Also, it is rendered incorrectly in 'Preview mode', as a small block
HardwareReplies: 13
Views: 545
Oct 27 2013 7:16PM
Drew Black
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Video player on a website
Does anyone know what kind of video player [MOD: Do not list tube sites here] uses? Or how can i learn this info?
ronald69Replies: 1
Views: 367
Oct 25 2013 7:37PM
Drew Black
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How to change display name ?
I want to change my display name, but every time I enter the new display name and click update button the text box comes up with the previous display name. I tried updating the display name 100 time,...
rockyforyouReplies: 7
Views: 531
Oct 22 2013 10:24PM
Drew Black
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Can you search all posts from a specific date?
And even from a specific member. For example if I want to see all posts by HeyNow on 10/2/03 or whatever date? Of course this would be merely for historical purposes and (probably undesirably) once
HeyNowReplies: 11
Views: 698
Oct 15 2013 10:55PM
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Credit Card processing and other things
Hope this is the right place to come. I'm looking to update the credit card processing for my site, I currently use CCBill but I'm having some problems with them in the processing dept., so I need to...
MrMarcusReplies: 4
Views: 767
Oct 7 2013 9:22PM
trout bum
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How do you add a signature to your posts?
I filled in the signature line in the profile but nothing happens.
AztecGold11Replies: 23
Views: 1058
Oct 2 2013 2:59PM
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Pornstar Photos links on the left not working
Hi. The links on the left bar on ADT for New Galleries and for Pornstar Photos A-Z are both showing file not found errors.Galleries of individual girls can still be accessed via a search for their
killbillvol69Replies: 5
Views: 467
Sep 23 2013 10:20PM
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Need some help with my blogger blog
Hola,My blog ( is hosted by blogger, which is ok-ish. There are a couple of things that I really want to do but cannot figure out how because I am an idiot with website design
Gore Gore GirlReplies: 5
Views: 1240
Sep 22 2013 2:25PM
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