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UTF-8-Support in the smartbuydisc.ru
If I type a text and enter the correct apostrophe (U+2019) instead of the not-so-correct one (', U+0027), I get the following: Same is valid for correct double quotes, , single guillemets ,
lex von vReplies: 1
Views: 335
Sep 21 2013 2:36PM
Drew Black
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Can't download PHOTOS from EvilAngel
I just became an EvilAngel.com member, the vids are great and easily downloadable but my problem is the photogallery, the photos are great but they have no zipfiles and i cant click and draw any of
MackDaddyMojoReplies: 2
Views: 743
Sep 8 2013 5:26AM
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Best way to print Adult DVD Talk smartbuydisc.ru pages
Hi GuysI want to print a few smartbuydisc.ru pages out.I cannot see a printable version as some smartbuydisc.rus have.Are there any options I am missing.Each smartbuydisc.ru page will take about 15 A4 pages to print using
Digmen1Replies: 9
Views: 783
Sep 1 2013 1:07AM
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Creating links in youtube thread
Is anyone else having trouble with this or is it just me? Thanks in advance.
Cupid StuntReplies: 5
Views: 387
Aug 29 2013 9:00AM
Drew Black
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Facebook: Malicious Software Poses as Video
<link> By VINDU GOELAugust 26, 2013A piece of malicious software masquerading as a Facebook video is hijacking users Facebook accounts and Web browsers, according to independent Italian
GoldsteinReplies: 0
Views: 389
Aug 27 2013 9:14AM
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is it possible to keep track of the read messages
Is it possible to keep track of the read messages in the smartbuydisc.ru ? I have to scroll down from my last wrote message every time.
grmi-Replies: 2
Views: 398
Aug 20 2013 8:52PM
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Windows 8
I was wondering if anyone uses Windows 8? If so, are there any positive or negative feedback about it?
matchmakerReplies: 6
Views: 523
Aug 13 2013 3:28AM
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Wireless HDMI
Greetings ADTers,The HDMI cord that currently runs from my computer to my 60 HDTV is a nuisance and I do not want to dig up my carpets to run the cord beneath the carpet or run a very long cord along...
WalterReplies: 1
Views: 424
Aug 3 2013 12:08PM
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Do some studios turn to dvd+r when stock runs out?
Occasionally i pick up an old title and it's on a purple dye dvd. As i was using reputable retailers i assumed all was ok. However, i recently picked up some ThirdWorldMedia dvds. They all came on
sir wankalotReplies: 13
Views: 704
Jul 14 2013 7:57PM
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downloads vs dvd
It use to be the case that downloads were heavily compressed for speed and bandwidth issues. Therefore dvds would have better picture quality. Is that still the case?If i were to buy downloads via
sir wankalotReplies: 13
Views: 1148
Jul 10 2013 5:21AM
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Do you guys think that the Video on Demand sales take away from DVD sales? or is there a different market for VOD vs. DVD? Personally I prefer DVDs for movies I enjoyed, and VOD for movies I just
aidenReplies: 8
Views: 1133
Jul 7 2013 8:54AM
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Search results error
I'm getting an error for pretty much anything I search at the moment. All smartbuydisc.rus -> Search Form -> Search Resultserror '80070070'/internal_error.asp, line 173 anyone else?
pringlesReplies: 4
Views: 399
Jul 1 2013 8:50AM
Drew Black
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Video in posts here on the website???
t is possible to have a video in a post? If so how is this done??And if so is it allowed to post clips from other tube-sites then youtube?? Since you won't be going to site itselff
wolvie667Replies: 1
Views: 386
Jun 26 2013 11:18PM
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Thumbnail or Avatar Sized Pics for Star Crossed
My idea is a small pic next to the thread title, with possibly a larger pic that comes up by hovering on it. In for a penny, in for life savings on obsessed fanboy traffic.
charnReplies: 0
Views: 262
Jun 25 2013 1:10AM
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Video Editing
Looking for some advice on video editing. Basically, all I'm looking to do is cut down the size of some of my HD downloads and maybe pull clips from a multiple files and stitch them together. I found...
Porn ScoutReplies: 11
Views: 769
Jun 21 2013 1:28AM
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External hard drives
I've got two Western Digital external hard drives and for some reason my computer is not reading either of them. They do not come up in the menu under My Computer. The cable connecting them to my
the unknown ...Replies: 14
Views: 731
Jun 18 2013 9:40PM
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New Movie Reviews+Browse All Reviews?
Has this section been updated as i cannot search for reviews the way i used too,i quickly wanted to search for a review one of my own for a thread i wanted to reply in but it does not let you search
stinkfistReplies: 3
Views: 443
Jun 2 2013 1:17PM
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media player boxes
Which media player boxes do you use? I have been using a WDTV Live Hub box. Its pretty good. Sometimes it has trouble playing particular .wmv or .avi files which probably need to be re-encoded. But
zambiReplies: 5
Views: 730
May 30 2013 9:35PM
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Drew,please be a nice man and fix the PM function
Pages: 1 2
Not sure if you have been back in <link> but some users have been having problems with the PM function.Thanks Drew :)
stinkfistReplies: 99
Views: 2808
May 29 2013 1:01AM
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Lost Review?
Posted here for a loss of where else to do it.Over the weekend I wrote two reviews, one for Natty Knockers 2 and Natty Knockers 3 . I see that 3 got posted but 2 is nowhere to be found. Did something...
jayo Replies: 2
Views: 402
May 7 2013 9:04PM
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chat room
can someone give me steps on how I can start chatting in the chat room? I do already have a nickname/password but after logging into the chat room and after receiving a message I cannot even reply
PeaceloverReplies: 3
Views: 588
May 7 2013 12:50AM
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: Home page throwing an error
This is on iPad as of 9A CST TodayServer Error in '/' Application.The view '/CP_Cache/Common/pm/adtads.aspx.django' or its master was not found. The following locations were
LubeNLuvReplies: 3
Views: 297
May 6 2013 8:09PM
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Hotmail is finished
EverettReplies: 1
Views: 445
May 3 2013 5:30PM
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new DNS
I was running on OpenDNS but all of a sudden they begun to filter all porn and nude sites including ADT, so I had to change and passed to FoolDNS all seemed to go smoothly but then I discovered that
LCFReplies: 1
Views: 479
Apr 30 2013 5:20PM
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XonAir or X On Air in the price search?
It's been like this for a short time that I've noticed, just takes us to their terms of use enter/exit screen and then never past that to the title only to the home main page. Never used to be like
HeyNowReplies: 13
Views: 6511
Apr 28 2013 4:59PM
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Unable to view Evil Angel trailers on iPad 2?
Are there any iPad users here who have been unable to view trailers on the evilangel site? I tried the mobile site but there are very few trailers there, and they don't display on the main site. All
007Replies: 0
Views: 510
Apr 27 2013 2:44AM
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Tagging threads for new stars
Drew, I love the new look of the star pages, with the different tabs for filmography & galleries & talk etc.However, it seems that if I tag a thread with a new star who only has a few movies
killbillvol69Replies: 11
Views: 862
Apr 26 2013 8:54PM
Drew Black
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Tojan:Win32/Preflayer.A Fake Flash Player Removal
Anybody familiar with this Trojan? I am having no luck dumping it. I found sites to mainly remove it through the registry but I am not screwing around with the registry by myself. Any known removal
2fermeReplies: 2
Views: 359
Apr 24 2013 11:41AM
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Running on the new server now.
We've been with the same hosting company for 8 years. It's been a very good service but has become too expensive for our needs. We're downsizing. Over the course of the next two weeks we'll be
Drew BlackReplies: 41
Views: 1106
Apr 21 2013 5:36AM
Drew Black
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Best Smartphone for Ebenezer Scrooge
I have to replace my cell and I'm looking at getting a Smartphone. Unfortunately, the signal to noise ratio on the internet about various plans and usage is very low. Plus, I'm in the minority in
jayo Replies: 6
Views: 512
Apr 17 2013 8:06PM
Harri Patel
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So my computer blew up ,,Need some help
Reasonably proficient , my old gateway bit the dust . Lost most of my downloads , have and old hard drive back up , been meaning to get a new , will do that now . So I am using a new laptop with
jakejd4949Replies: 27
Views: 1068
Apr 10 2013 7:46PM
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Brazzers WMV NTSC Issue
I recently joined Brazzers to finally enter the modern era of downloading to finish off unfinalized superstar compiliation DVD discs I have in my collection. My process is this: 1. I download scenes
Jesse MidniteReplies: 6
Views: 1206
Apr 8 2013 2:55PM
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This is kinda weird.
So I have been experimenting with Linux again (Ubuntu this time). After endless hours of fighting with it trying to get it to install on the same drive as Windows (7) so I could use it when I want to...
RandomPrecisionReplies: 11
Views: 590
Apr 5 2013 8:00PM
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Solid State Drives
Pages: 1 2
In the near future, I'm planning on getting a new computer.There's a very good chance I'm going to build one myself.In fact, I just may build a fairly tricked-out system.I'm not a gamer, so I don't
GoldsteinReplies: 94
Views: 6697
Mar 28 2013 3:50PM
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Underwater sex scenes
hiI have a questions about underwater sex?I saw a sex scene that was recorded fully under water. Actors during the scene never went out of the pool for fresh air. You could see air bubbles coming out...
SkalaReplies: 0
Views: 564
Mar 27 2013 2:00PM
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I'm seriously thinking of getting a tablet, and looking towards the 10 size rather than the 7 . It'll probably be more for play (movies and games than work, but I do plan on doing a bit of office
astroknightReplies: 9
Views: 791
Mar 26 2013 9:57PM
Harri Patel
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deleting a post from rec.arts.movies.erotica
Back in the day, there was a newsgroup where some of us old timers discussed porn, called rec.arts.movies.erotica. At some point these were taken over by Google Groups. Anyone knows how to delete a
p_ramezapReplies: 4
Views: 488
Mar 22 2013 10:18AM
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Nero 12 or Roxio?
I was just about to purchase Nero 12 until I read conflicting reviews on Amazon, some think it's user friendly while others think it's confusing and doesn't living up to promotion on the cover. Roxio...
pornologistReplies: 9
Views: 1010
Mar 20 2013 7:10AM
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New smartbuydisc.ru Tweeting options
You may have noticed there's a new icon appearing along with each post in the smartbuydisc.ru. Looks like a little blue birdie: <image> Click the icon to Tweet the post to your Twitter followers. The
Drew BlackReplies: 1
Views: 486
Mar 19 2013 4:04AM
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Software update required?
Hi guys.Just wanted to know if anyone is experiencing the same as me when visiting the Brazzers site. <link> <link> .Anyone know the cause or have a solution? Thank you.
Jonny JayReplies: 7
Views: 566
Mar 14 2013 2:51PM
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Beer making (topic moved)
Do you do it? If so what gadgets, supplies, ingredients, etc., can you recommend. Thanks.
Keith_1Replies: 1
Views: 344
Mar 13 2013 12:19AM
Topic MovedNo New Posts
Gelly Roll it? (topic moved)
Well do you? The pen from Sakura. Technically speaking, do you like a gel type pen or some other ball point pen?
Keith_1Replies: 1
Views: 341
Mar 12 2013 1:41PM
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Viewing HD Downloads on a Large Screen TV
I'm trying to figure out what is the best way to view HD quality downloads on my big screen HDTV. I have memberships at Videobox, ElegantAngel.com, and 21Sextury.com and all of them offer supposed HD...
Porn ScoutReplies: 20
Views: 1256
Mar 5 2013 7:38PM
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Auto-Resizing Photos in Posts
Maybe it's me, but it seems like lately I've been seeing a lot more huge photos being posted in threads. Not just the threads that are just about pictures, but ordinary conversation threads. They're
jayo Replies: 26
Views: 1164
Mar 4 2013 6:10PM
Drew Black
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Smart TVs
Anyone have one? Looking at them for some vacation apartment rentals we're building. I like the lack of boxes and cables.
JanitorReplies: 0
Views: 358
Mar 2 2013 1:31PM
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Error when clicking a user profile link
When I click Graham's (from Elegant Angel) profile link, I get a weird error message: Directory Listing DeniedThis Virtual Directory does not allow contents to be listed. For instance, click the
pierre78Replies: 1
Views: 314
Feb 23 2013 8:53AM
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"Link to this post" - internal code option?
The Link Link to this post is very handy and I use it quite a bit internally, but the options are all for external with the title being that of the smartbuydisc.ru.Would be very handy to have another option
draghixafanReplies: 15
Views: 780
Feb 22 2013 4:14PM
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Anyone else having problems editing posts?
It might be one (or more) of my recently added Firefox add-ons but lately, I'm getting a lot of hangs when I try to edit posts. If I hit stop and leave the page for a while and then come back, it
RandomPrecisionReplies: 29
Views: 1105
Feb 19 2013 9:37AM
Drew Black
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good free movie editor
I have a porn movie but I want just one scene to keep on my USB Stick. Can you guys recommend any free software so I can cut out the scene of the porno??
wolvie667Replies: 3
Views: 430
Feb 19 2013 9:26AM
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Equip. needed for a HQ POV shoot?(i.e. von_swine)
Looking to start making von_swine / mike John style pov videos. They are the best quality IMHO. And I'd love to know what camera and lights they use or would recommend... Sorry if this is already
Joeschmoe321Replies: 3
Views: 508
Feb 7 2013 3:23PM
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