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Starring: Jayla Foxx, Chanell Heart, Jezabel Vessir, Yara Skye, Kendall Woods.
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If you are posting in this, it is assumed that you have read this.There is to be no posting of tube sites nor asking for links to tube sites. Information on why is available <link> .
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Jun 3 2019 3:29PM
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Need help finding a lesbian movie
Hi all, Could use some help finding a movie that I used to have on my HD but after it crashed, I do not seem to be able to find that movie anywhere on the internet. Some here it comes: - Three ladies...
searchingfor...Replies: 1
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Jul 23 2019 11:33AM
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Help finding old movie
HiI am looking for a classic movie (from the 70’s I believe) which is about girls in an all-girl boarding school that try to make money so that they can go to an concert. Most of their efforts
MrEnigmaReplies: 5
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Jul 23 2019 2:33AM
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Looking for a vintage cowboy movie from 1979
This is going to be an interesting request. Does anybody know what porn this hiphop sample is taken from? The producer himself has stated that it's from a 1979 (little unsure on the year) cowboy
othastufzReplies: 2
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Jul 21 2019 2:13PM
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Kathy Shower in Adventures of Tennessee Buck.
Playmate of the year 1986 Kathy Shower stars in the action erotic jungle movie Adventures of Tennessee Buck (1988). In the film Kathy plays Barbara Manchester who, along with her rich husband, travel...
Tribeguy1Replies: 4
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Jul 17 2019 10:08PM
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Woman sacrifices cum from a chalice to a flame
This is a bit of a strange one, I've been searching for the last few months and I can't come across this title. The basic premise is this woman is given the mission by some black robe shrouded demon
stacynorentReplies: 3
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Jul 11 2019 2:11PM
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Searching for unedited version of a CJ Lang movie
In 1978 I sw A Teenage Pajama Party in a theater. In the movie CJ Lang was performing for someone. She started with one man. When he finished she looked at the voyeur. He raised 2 fingers and 2 men
DonWandReplies: 2
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Jul 7 2019 3:10PM
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Old Movie
I remember an old movie I found and do not know the name, nor can I find it anywhere in the "vintage" or "classic" sections of any site. I'm pretty sure Lisa Deleeuw is in it.
rk69Replies: 4
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Jul 7 2019 10:05AM
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Ursula Andress in Cannibal God
Former Bond girl Ursula Andress stars in this controversial Italian jungle exploration movie where she plays Susan Stevenson, wife of an explorer named Henry who went missing months ago in the deep
Tribeguy1Replies: 2
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Jul 7 2019 1:09AM
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The Vinegar Syndrome Classics on Blu-ray thread
Pages: 1 2 3 4
Vinegar Syndrome has been cranking up their adult film Blu-ray releases so I figured it was worth it to create a thread on what they have coming. They have said they are releasing the original Taboo
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Jun 29 2019 6:34AM
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So 5years ago i watched one german porn from DVD and now i cant remember what it called. It is german about a cop who fucks his college at the beggining and goes investigate hotel in countryside and
DavidpodaReplies: 0
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Jun 28 2019 10:52AM
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Tongue Untied
Tongue Untied: Niva Ruschell Talks About the Adult Blaxploitation Classic Film TongueTongue was the first blaxploitation adult film. Tongue has always fascinated me as a viewer. It doesn't follow any...
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Jun 27 2019 1:11AM
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Looking for an older, lesbian scene
Apologies in advance for the vagueness, going off memory alone. I've looked on every porn tube site I can think of and unfortunately both names escape me.Lesbian seduction scene, both brunettes,
mxen83Replies: 5
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Jun 19 2019 10:51AM
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Hand Jobs - the Underrated Act
How about classic Golden Era scenes with a long hand job ? Hand Jobs that are well done Very underrated . Kristine Heller has two in “Reflections” , a backseat of car HJ with John Leslie
jakejd4949Replies: 9
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Jun 14 2019 10:43PM
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John Stagliano's Intercourse With a Vampire
John Stagliano's Intercourse With a Vampire just streeted but I can find damn near no information on it other than stores list it as a feature and it is not a Red Label release from Evil Angel
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Jun 14 2019 11:34AM
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Looking for an older movie
Extremely long shot but here goes!Was definitely from the late 80's/early 90's. I think it was based around doctors and nurses. I remember the doc had a mustache.I remember there was a scene with
hindes77Replies: 1
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Jun 10 2019 9:07AM
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Buck Rogers Porn Spoof?
Inspired by Savoy's Dirty Dancing thread, I'm wondering if there was ever a Buck Rogers porn spoof? I can't find anything, which is surprising considering how close to soft porn the 1970s tv series
BlackSixReplies: 12
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Jun 10 2019 9:00AM
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Classic 90s porn name search
Since I see other people creating topics like this too, I assume this is okay?The very first porn I ever saw was in an adult films store when I was in freshman year of college, so sometime around
Ecole1994Replies: 3
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Jun 6 2019 4:43PM
Topic Locked
Nothing to see here. Please move along.
MOD:Don't make duplicate posts.
cfc23Replies: 0
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Jun 5 2019 7:30PM
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couple sells house & video is about their memories
I'm trying to find the name of a porn from the 80s. Essentially it's about a couple that sold their house and are reminiscing of memories they had there. The memories are the sex scenesThe main
stacynorentReplies: 3
Views: 111
Jun 3 2019 2:42PM
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Funny story about the Early Golden Era
Only in the 70's ,,,,/ leep-how-an-amateur-porn-film-set-off-a- massive-federal-witch-hunt?ref=home
jakejd4949Replies: 1
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Jun 1 2019 2:26AM
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Remembering VHS Box Art
T0MBOneReplies: 43
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Jun 1 2019 2:20AM
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Portraits of Andrea Palmer
Portraits of Andrea Palmer, a modern-day golden age classic, is coming to Blu-ray this June. <tweet> Tomorrow Productions provided me with a digital screener of the film, which is reviewed here...
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Jun 1 2019 2:16AM
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Massacre Video releasing Avon Blu-ray box set
Much has been said about the Avon theater chain and many of their films are hard to get in quality versions.Massacre Video announced, as part of their Black Friday sale, that there is an Avon Blu-ray...
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Jun 1 2019 2:11AM
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Flesh Gordon coming to Blu-ray
Howard Ziehm's classic superhero parody Flesh Gordon is coming to Blu-ray courtesy of Hen's Tooth Video. <image> Flesh Gordon was originally intended to be a hardcore film, however, the police
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Jun 1 2019 2:10AM
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Help identifying 70s/80s porno - thanks
Hi,Don't think I'll ever be able to track this one down, but trying to identify the name of a porno I saw a long time ago.Would have been 70s or 80s era, American. I remember a scene with an old man
justace83Replies: 3
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May 25 2019 8:08PM
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Looking for a classic 1980s or late 1970s Movie
I am looking for the name of a classic movie. There are two scenes I remember.1. A woman was caught hiding something in her pussy2. A repairman catches a teenage couple having sex and then he has sex...
mjm4414Replies: 0
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May 20 2019 9:06PM
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trying to find old movie I had as a teenager
I’m trying to find an old adult movie I had as a teenage on VHS, but have spent years searching the web and no luck at all. I’m not sure the title of the movie, but it was about these 2
Raymond1Replies: 1
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May 14 2019 11:29PM
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Looking for 80ís Porn
Hi guys,I am looking for one of the first porns I ever saw. Could be Alpha Blue, but not sure. Male and female (blonde or brunette) news announcers, talk into camera while sitting behind the desk.
ultimate_wankerReplies: 0
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May 9 2019 2:52AM
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Looking for late 90ís/early 00ís on Spice Channel
I’ve been trying to look for this movie forever, I watched it on Spice Channel (scrambled) but I remember the story... a woman goes on a sex journey and is guided through different fantasies
Youknowfosho07Replies: 0
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May 6 2019 11:19PM
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Looking for early Buttman ID's
Trying to find two older scenes by description .1-Blond curly hair , short with a very big round ass , thick thighs . Did a scene with Joey I think , some teasing in a car park , flashing with a
jakejd4949Replies: 0
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May 5 2019 8:50AM
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Help id'ing jesse st james movie
In the film jesse st james teaches a class room full of girls to fuck, She rides a guy reverse cowgirl in front of the class while they watch and play with themselves at the end a young guy I think
jacknlaurenReplies: 4
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May 5 2019 1:55AM
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vintage blow bang?
Looking for a vintage film or two with plot that might have a blow bang in it. Ideally, something with a woman sucking off a line of men. Nothing abusive where they call her "bitch" like
nylonsolesReplies: 2
Views: 178
May 2 2019 8:51PM
Gore Gore Girl
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Looking for movie's name
Hello. I'm looking for the name of a movie about a guy who plays blind. He hires a woman as a maid, then he abuse of his condition to spy her. I can remember he posted the job in a newspapper. Also
jummRollReplies: 0
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May 1 2019 9:52AM
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Luna Stern IN Sexy Camera All'italiana
I love the theme to these videos. If anyone know where I can find more content like Sexy Camera All'Italiana please let me know, preferably where more action happens? That is hot!
grasshopper85Replies: 0
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Apr 26 2019 5:45AM
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Bored girl porn
Back in the late 80s I remember a scene where the girl was in bed on the phone with her girlfriend and the male was doing his best stud moves and she was completely non interested. I remember the
MaggieFan69Replies: 2
Views: 505
Apr 24 2019 10:15AM
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Who do you collect?
Pages: 1 2
Hi, are there any pornstars or directors that you like so much that you want to collect everything that they have ever appeared in or directed?For me the pornstars are:Asia carreraKaylani LeiMaria
pil008Replies: 99
Views: 7722
Apr 23 2019 4:03PM
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Help with hard to find Keisha & Damien Wolf scene.
Was delighted to find a previously unknown pairing of Keisha with Damien Wolf from what looks like a John Dragon release. It's looks to be a circa 1992 - 1993 Keisha in my opinion and is quite long
Vintage_XXX_...Replies: 0
Views: 87
Apr 19 2019 4:44AM
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Adult movies with a thicker plot
Hi,Are there any good adult movies with a thicker plot than usual? I read erotica and in some of them the characters are well established. Lot of porn movies I see have a razor thin plot and there is...
asktoday32Replies: 24
Views: 1706
Apr 18 2019 10:06AM
Gore Gore Girl
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Novecento - Help to find that movie!
I'm trying to find a movie a long time ago, of which I remember 2 scenes ...The first one happened on a staircase, maybe it was a threesomeand the second and more important when it began with a very
fuleronitoReplies: 4
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Apr 17 2019 10:01AM
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Help finding specific film
I'm trying to locate a film that I remember seeing a few scenes from on TV some ages ago. I suspect it wasn't hardcore porn; the cinematography suggested a boob/sex comedy, or maybe an erotica with a...
Mills176Replies: 0
Views: 80
Apr 9 2019 8:03PM
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blow offs
theres a scene in the sex factor series where the girls need to suck the guys of in a certain time the blair williams bit is awesome has anyone come across something similar
dbay83Replies: 2
Views: 490
Mar 31 2019 7:40AM
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The Rialto Report - golden age podcast
Pages: 1 2 3
The guests are pretty astounding. Y'all will want to check this out I reckon. <link>
Gore Gore GirlReplies: 136
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Mar 24 2019 12:39PM
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please help me identify 90's softcore... Anyone?
[mod edit: don't start the same thread more than once. It violates the ADT <link> .]
zmm9644Replies: 0
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Mar 19 2019 10:16PM
Topic Locked
Nothing to see here. Please move along.
MOD:Don't make duplicate topics. If you have posted in one by accident and feel that a thread should be moved, contact a moderator.
video1776Replies: 0
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Mar 17 2019 10:32AM
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RE creampie scene from a Devil's Film??
Hi,Would anyone know where is this scene from? It's a Devil's Film. Thanks for any info!!! <image> <image>
roookie2224Replies: 1
Views: 465
Mar 14 2019 11:11AM
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[ID] Hot brunette doing anal, dp (topic moved)
Who is she? <image>
tommyweilReplies: 1
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Mar 9 2019 7:24PM
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Movie id
HelloI am looking for a movie from the 90's. I just can't remember the title.There is a scene in this movie where a blond girl has some photoshoots wearing bikini with us flags on it.I hope someone
Black PantherReplies: 0
Views: 106
Mar 6 2019 2:13AM
Black Panther
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Command Cinema titles coming to Blu-ray
Pages: 1 2
I had missed when Distribpix announced that they were working on a Blu-ray of Scoundrels. This is great news since the last deal that Howard had with Media Blasters only managed to get Neon Nights
FlashReplies: 57
Views: 2476
Feb 25 2019 6:29PM
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a favorite performer early to late 2000s period. (topic moved)
I have a favorite performer by the name of stacey sweet from back in the early 2004 to 2007 period.Does anyone know of any interviews that were done of this performer?She is definitely african
castellReplies: 1
Views: 133
Feb 23 2019 6:32PM
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