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Deep throat (topic moved)
I'm an exotic dancer and am doing deep throat on a banana as part of my routine. What would you guys prefer. Do I make my self gag or not.would this turn you on
Pinkladie63Replies: 2
Views: 271
Aug 30 2017 3:17PM
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1970s film title needed
hello,Can anyone identify the following film from the story line?Six women are bought together with a centrefold magazine editor with the challenge of experiencing and then writing up their erotic
telbertqxlReplies: 3
Views: 269
Aug 29 2017 6:34PM
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Need help finding early 90's VHS porn
I'll do my best to give a description, but this was maybe 15 years ago. The cover box it came in was black with gold lining had about 13 nude women on the cover all really tanned and of various
ZomzomReplies: 0
Views: 355
Aug 29 2017 5:09AM
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Need help finding a 80s/90s Porn Title
This is going to be difficult. I don't remember the name of the Movie or any of the actors in it... All I remember is that it was a 80s or 90s porn, I think the title had something to do with a
Package_ManReplies: 22
Views: 26608
Aug 28 2017 4:31PM
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Movie about a virgin journey
Hi, I like movies where the girl is a virgin, attending high school, masturbates and is curious. She will have a boyfriend and then looses her virginity. She also experiences other sexual partners,
arnicafanReplies: 14
Views: 742
Aug 28 2017 1:42AM
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Rimming DVD, poolside ugly bald dude, yng emo girl
Hi fellow perverts,After all the rimming talk in this thread.. <link> reminded me of a DVD being trying to track down again, the main scene I remember most and am after is a creepy middle aged
draghixafanReplies: 2
Views: 552
Aug 26 2017 5:23PM
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long time ago me and my ex gf snuck a cha porn from her parents. I'm trying to find the name of it. if i remember right it goes like this. a blonde ends up in hell somehow and a black man approaches
iluvsassReplies: 1
Views: 273
Aug 20 2017 2:59PM
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Help Indentifing Actress;s name
MOD:The rules regarding tube sites apply to you as well.
wind0wReplies: 0
Views: 221
Aug 20 2017 9:16AM
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Name of 90's Erotic Series/Mov from France/Belgium
I'm looking for the name of a french speaking erotic series or movie that i found while looking through VCR's when i was a kid (somewhere between 1995-8)It had multiple scenes:1. POV of a man who
JimmyNoxReplies: 0
Views: 228
Aug 15 2017 4:40PM
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jackthezipper... any news??
Pages: 1 2
My favourite director and creator of one of my all time favourite movies.. Blacklight Beauty!But not a lot of news, or info, or any movies or updates lately..Anyone know what he is up to?? Need an
draghixafanReplies: 68
Views: 3712
Aug 15 2017 4:03AM
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Private Gold 91: Evil Geishas Hotel
I love this this movie.. <link> The Lady May DP scene's editing with her moaning and later the cumshots is incredible!1. Looks 4:3 cut to widescreen? Something that bugs me every time is I
draghixafanReplies: 3
Views: 596
Aug 15 2017 3:20AM
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The Marine: An Action Feature with Daisy Haze
<link> Will Nick Manning be dropping loads in this? <image>
BlackSixReplies: 6
Views: 1441
Aug 12 2017 4:26AM
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Looking for an old Private Video from late '90s
Hello, Private Video was the name of the production company. The movie starts with a guy was masturbating in a closet full of high heels. He was imagining or looking out a window at a couple having
bzazaReplies: 1
Views: 239
Aug 10 2017 11:49AM
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Going nuts! Please help find
First post so sorry if not in correct area or form. I have been tirelessly searching for a vintage foursome scene. MFMF. Mike Horner is one of the guys and I thought Randy West was other guy, but
Uluz2a6Replies: 18
Views: 529
Aug 6 2017 7:05PM
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What ever happened to ?
A thread in the pool was about tan lines , made me think of the sexiest tan lines I remember , Frankie Leigh . Could not find any not find any non explicit pics to post . While looking around I saw a...
jakejd4949Replies: 1
Views: 360
Aug 6 2017 4:38PM
Gore Gore Girl
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'kidnapping porn' from the 70s or 80s ?
I am looking for a movie I saw once in passing, and want to see again. I presume it was from the 80s.It was hard-core, but not extreme violence. In general it showed a group of women which were
ClassicWatchReplies: 3
Views: 516
Aug 3 2017 9:34AM
Gore Gore Girl
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News presenters fucking
Hello Looking for an old movie, maybe 25-30 years old?Its basically two news presenters (sports news?) introducing different clips, where people end up fucking.The female presenter is absolutely
bobjamesReplies: 2
Views: 350
Jul 29 2017 2:59AM
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Need help with late 80s early 90s porn film
This is either a scyfy porn film our interracial porn. The scene I remember contained...* A mid to big breasted white woman with blonde hair. Maybe short or semi long hair. She enters what appeared
GeneralZod69Replies: 3
Views: 368
Jul 28 2017 10:00AM
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Looking for an 80s/90s film
First porn I ever saw was a VHS I found in my dad's closet. Details I remember are:1) It was mostly a sex party or orgy in a bedroom. 2) Pretty sure I remember them playing a game of sexual Simon
GsuoumuReplies: 0
Views: 239
Jul 25 2017 4:57PM
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Help: Looking for Mario Salieri scene/film
Hi all,I'm looking for the name of a film or help identifying actors/actresses.I believe it was a Mario Salieri film from the 1990s and the only scene I remember was a threesome scene toward the end....
guitarmanwor...Replies: 1
Views: 431
Jul 25 2017 6:07AM
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Help finding 90s movie
Here's a long shot but. I remember a movie from the 90s probably later half. All I remember was it was about an all girl construction company. One of the scenes that stands out was a lesbian scene
FxsxtxrReplies: 1
Views: 301
Jul 16 2017 3:37PM
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Trouser Bar: gay softcore written by John Gielgud!
<link> Love how softcore/hardcore and mainstream use to crossover artistically and how nonchalantly radical many gay figures of the past were.I see this played the BFI's LGBT's film fest. Maybe...
BlackSixReplies: 5
Views: 379
Jul 16 2017 3:01PM
Gore Gore Girl
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Trying to identify vintage softcore movie
Trying to remember the name of a softcore movie I saw on late night HBO/cinemax/showtime in the early 90's - although the movie may be older than that. The only scene I remember is when a lady goes
randyman76Replies: 3
Views: 405
Jul 12 2017 7:55AM
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whats this classic movie?
this movie is late 70's early 80's i beleive cant rember the name of it just some of the scenes single man with daughter single woman with daughter meet fall in love get marriedfirst scene daughter
nick25276Replies: 0
Views: 285
Jul 9 2017 12:43PM
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What is the name of this movie?
I'm looking for the name of a porn movie. I believe it is doctor because I originally saw it on cinemas like 10 years ago. The movie, from what I remember, is about a bunch of couples who end up
PLover61Replies: 22
Views: 520
Jul 9 2017 11:43AM
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Cheyenne Silver aka Wildcat
Trying to locate one of Cheyenne Silvers earlier movies. I had in on VHS back in the day. Only remember she is with a guy and they are in the woods, think she was wearing a blue outfit. Rocks,
skelli2001Replies: 6
Views: 654
Jul 8 2017 6:59AM
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Anyone know this 80s porn movie?
So I've been thinking about the first porno I ever watched when I was 10 and I just been racking my brains trying to find it. With no memory of the title, I probably never will. It was a VHS tape, I
greencaseyReplies: 10
Views: 842
Jul 3 2017 12:09AM
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Help finding Movie Titles
While searching for some porn movies I saw back in the 90s I stumbled across this smartbuydisc.ru. I saw a number of posts of people like me who remembered a movie they had seen, but not the title, and were
archerfifteenReplies: 0
Views: 359
Jul 2 2017 9:26PM
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Need help with late 70s / early 80s movie
Hi there - I’ve been looking for some time to find a movie that my wife recalls seeing in her formative years. She would have seen the video no later than 1982 - so it could be older than that
asp74Replies: 8
Views: 391
Jun 27 2017 9:54AM
Gore Gore Girl
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Last hope (Movie name request)
Hello all. Just arrive in this smartbuydisc.ru. I hope somebody can help me.I'm looking for a 80's or 90's porn movie. My very first xxx movie. I was only 12yrs old when I found that pretty cool black with no
DaBiggReplies: 1
Views: 269
Jun 27 2017 1:17AM
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raven Riley amateur facials
sorry people but she is my favorite but I can not find one of her early facial movies. I have only found maybe a two minute clip.please help! wouldn't mind any of her early movies either thanks
CHEATERReplies: 0
Views: 589
Jun 22 2017 7:30PM
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Hell hath frozen over, Bat Pussy coming to Blu
The Manos: Hands of Fate of the adult film world, Bat Pussy, is coming to Blu-ray courtesy of Something Weird Video and AGFA in 2017. The only known 16mm print of the film is being 2K scanned for the...
FlashReplies: 12
Views: 626
Jun 22 2017 1:48AM
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help me find 90's sunshine films scene
hello all I'm having trouble finding a scene with captain bob and an unknown blonde babe. this scene is around the mid to late 90's and it takes place in a tennis court, she is also wearing a yellow
rorona47Replies: 1
Views: 315
Jun 21 2017 11:08AM
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Movie/Scene ID Needed
Looking for a title from late 1970s (perhaps very early 1980s).I believe it was a 'Swedish Erotica' title, and the English may have been dubbed (not 100% sure about the dubbing).Details about scene
njcamReplies: 6
Views: 300
Jun 21 2017 8:19AM
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Gay Features for the Straight Girl
Please don't move this to the Gay smartbuydisc.ru! Nobody seems to go there. I'm a girl, looking for gay features that are good, and preferably treated with respect by the company that puts them out. Any era,
Gore Gore GirlReplies: 50
Views: 2483
Jun 19 2017 2:17AM
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Taboo remake?
Pages: 1 2
Why haven't any company's made a remake of the classic kirdy stevens TABOO? since fake incest is legal to produce.
cjenks11Replies: 54
Views: 7404
Jun 16 2017 3:49AM
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need help on ID'ing Hustler's Real College Girls (topic moved)
There's a scene from the Hustler's Real College Girls series, about 15 years old or so, that I'm trying to hunt down. I'm pretty sure it's somewhere on one of the first 15 DVDs of the series but I
githyankiReplies: 1
Views: 226
Jun 14 2017 1:41PM
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Unknown movie
This was one of the very first porn movies I saw back in the mid-late 90s and I'm trying to find it again but I have no idea what it's called. Thought maybe someone in here could help.Here is a vague...
RobEstesReplies: 7
Views: 568
Jun 13 2017 11:13AM
Topic Locked
Nothing to see here, move along please.
Stealing isn't allowed here. Hope you get busted.
sexythng3Replies: 0
Views: 241
Jun 9 2017 8:06PM
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Movies about dad voyeuring his school age daughter
Are there any good movies on this subject. Lot of father-daughter stories revolve around step dad or step daughter seduction and sex.I am interested in a father slowly becoming interested in daughter...
arnicafanReplies: 1
Views: 510
Jun 4 2017 1:05PM
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Looking for a movie title.
I'm looking for a movie I think it's from the late 80s but I am not totally sure. What I can recall is there was a niece visiting her aunt or some other relative and then she leaves her at home by
Fred NorrisReplies: 0
Views: 227
Jun 1 2017 10:47PM
Fred Norris
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Bachelorette party
have been searching for this movie from back in the 80's , would like to have some help finding it...I think this is the correct title unless it has "the " or something else in it...the
Beavis69 Replies: 1
Views: 380
May 31 2017 12:03PM
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Tina Russell's "Not Just Another Woman"?
Would anyone happen to have any clue as to where to find a copy of this film? It's supposed to be exceptional, but I've been unable to locate anyone who sells it...even on eBay.Also, for those who
fu_qReplies: 5
Views: 446
May 30 2017 11:59PM
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Gotta find out this movie
I was ever only able to watch it a few times before I got caught sneaking around my dad's stash, but I remember the plot was woman was talking to a physician about her past sex. One scene she is
BoogiesReplies: 3
Views: 340
May 29 2017 5:03PM
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Looking for movie title
I am looking for the title of a movie from the early 90's. I have never seen this movie. All I have to go on are 3 still photos from one scene that appeared in an adult movie review magazine, which I...
fanof1990sReplies: 1
Views: 307
May 25 2017 8:54PM
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Any idea what movie this scene is from?
My favourite type of scenes. Would never get tired of side masturbation while couple sex. Even more delicious if she joins in later. <image> Would really appreciate the name of the movie!
LeroyeurReplies: 0
Views: 279
May 25 2017 2:26PM
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Amelia Cooke in Species 3
VERY hot actressDamn!
mrhectorReplies: 1
Views: 581
May 23 2017 11:20PM
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Bill Margold RIP
I'm posting in this smartbuydisc.ru mostly because the vast, vast majority of Bills work as actor, writer, and director was in features.It's pretty widespread online now, but in case anyone doesn't already
john lyonsReplies: 15
Views: 1156
May 19 2017 10:35AM
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I need your vintange video knowledge!
First, hi everyone, new to the smartbuydisc.ru, names RVW. First post so forgive me in advance if im posing a repeat or popular question or i break any rules but here goes.....So, I have a vivid memory from my...
RVW1984Replies: 1
Views: 298
May 7 2017 9:10PM
Topic Locked
Nothing to see here, move along please.
MOD:No tube sites.
jauntyReplies: 0
Views: 223
May 7 2017 8:10AM
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