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Force Awakens XXX (Digital Playground)
I watched this scene and thought it was super hot. As a Star Wars fan and a porn fan. I wish they would do a whole feature with all the new characters. Finn, Po and Rey threesome anyone? <link>...
porn riotReplies: 5
Views: 1857
Jun 6 2016 6:17PM
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Cosey Fanni Tutti Loops and Features
Cosey Fanni Tutti was a member of the influential noise/synth pop aka. 'industrial' group Throbbing Gristle and later the synth pop, proto-techno/acid house duo Chris & Cosey. She started off in
BlackSixReplies: 2
Views: 1038
Jun 4 2016 3:15AM
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90s scene from a compilation video
Hi. I'm looking for a video I saw on an amateur compilation I had back in the 90s (on VHS!). The tape had four scenes. This one was called Doubleteam That Slut. A guy with long hair and a curvy (not
funmanfunReplies: 0
Views: 336
Jun 2 2016 5:00PM
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Awesome 80s movie with bored wife and Nice guy hus
Hi all,I'm looking for a movie from the 80s, the story was about a wife bored with her husband being too much of a nice guy. The actor was thin tall dark hair and glasses. So she's bored and sleeps
ReginaonthesideReplies: 2
Views: 415
Jun 1 2016 1:20PM
Gore Gore Girl
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Please name this girl / scene!
Hello, I've been searching for the name of this girl / scene, but can't seem to find any info! Hope you can help,
vicious_loserReplies: 0
Views: 618
May 29 2016 6:40AM
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Help finding a 90s movie (john dough, detective)
So when I was younger, I had a VHS tape a friend gave me that contained bits recorded from the Spice Channel. Among them were a couple of scenes from a movie which starred John Dough and another man
TotalPervertReplies: 1
Views: 446
May 24 2016 11:36AM
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please need help with older scene
hello everyone, im new here. I just need some help with a scene I saw back in 2004, I have tried to find it for years and just cannot ever get any luck, tried everywhere, tried asking around but just...
lopisotisoReplies: 3
Views: 347
May 19 2016 10:05AM
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Need help finding old movie
I saw a movie back in the early 90s I think it was a 80s film.Starts out with a guy at a motel and he has sex with the maids, then he leaves and is driving and finds a man and wife arguing and he
aewu2gReplies: 4
Views: 391
May 17 2016 11:16PM
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older herschel savage video
looking for the title of a older herschel savage video. had to be in late seventies or early to mid eightys. herschel starred in at least three scenes. as much as i cam remember is it was a voyeour
ideereReplies: 5
Views: 414
May 15 2016 7:01PM
Thread Moved
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Harry Sparks New Feature: Beauty and the Beast XXX
I know Flash and GGG are big fans of Harry Sparks Revenge of the Petites (sorry, still haven't seen it!). One of the few features in the past few years that is said to stand up as an actual feature.
BlackSixReplies: 7
Views: 901
Apr 24 2016 6:16PM
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Toi Clayton and Bruno SX - please help
Hi all,I'm new to this website (love it btw!) and hope someone can help me?Can anyone identify this movie? I've searched and searched the internet including and can't seem to find it named
Merlin_007Replies: 4
Views: 1628
Apr 22 2016 7:56PM
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John Waters Intros Classic Porn on Groundbreakers
<link> Sounds like something I long wished cable porn would produce, like a porn TCM. Anyone seen it? <link> VS should get him to intro releases of Kansas City Trucking and other gay
BlackSixReplies: 6
Views: 1167
Apr 22 2016 7:05PM
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Please help identify 90's scene/movie
Was watching Playboy TV many years ago. It was a feature movie. The scene involves a blonde stripper walking down an alley trying to get home from the club. She meets her #1 fan and he wants a dance....
joeblo7887Replies: 2
Views: 548
Apr 22 2016 12:51PM
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Finding a movie with a lesbian spaghetti orgy
Anyone know this movie with this scene from the early nineties?
saibotReplies: 5
Views: 431
Apr 13 2016 8:23PM
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Paperback Versions of Golden Age Classics
<link> I have Armand Weston's Personals, the Tina Russell and Marc Stevens biographies but had no idea there were paperback novelizations of Through the Looking Glass, Devil in Miss Jones,
BlackSixReplies: 9
Views: 495
Apr 12 2016 7:22PM
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Finding a movie from the early nineties
Hi.Sorry, I don't know if this the right place to post this, but...I am looking for a porn movie I watched around 1992/93 and I think by the look of it was current - it was not filmed in a 1980's
saibotReplies: 7
Views: 618
Apr 11 2016 5:45PM
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Help indentifying early 80's porn
scene where two beautiful women are in a psychiatrist office and the patient seduces the lady psychiatrist. I know it was reviewed in a issue of hustler magazine but I can't recall the year was
Hammerdown69Replies: 2
Views: 444
Apr 7 2016 6:51PM
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Help identifying film
Hello everyone I'm new great site! Sorry if this title has been identified before. The only scene that is forever burned in my mind is where a guy wearing a cowboy hat picks up a red head having car
MikelickalotReplies: 0
Views: 329
Apr 7 2016 5:00PM
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Need help with classic porn title
Many years ago, I saw a XXX film in which a guy in an apartment was getting a blowjob from a hot babe when his mother called from her apartment immediately upstairs (or downstairs) from him. As he
marty_brody1974Replies: 7
Views: 538
Apr 6 2016 6:44PM
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Help remembering 90's porn title
Ok, new here and looking for help. I have been wracking my brain trying to remember the name of a Porn from sometime in the 90's. It's plot is basically like this: There is a restaurant (but was
IamnotmeReplies: 1
Views: 463
Apr 5 2016 1:31PM
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Lack of websites offering classics for download
I have been wondering why there's such a severe lack of online paid monthly subscription websites offering classics for download.I know that there are classic blu-ray's being released that are of
M.B.Replies: 6
Views: 484
Apr 4 2016 10:04PM
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Vintage film ID
I've been trying to find this film, but the only problem I have, I don't know the title or any of the actors names! So I'm going to describe it, and hopefully someone will know what I'm describing.
Jl5891Replies: 2
Views: 386
Apr 3 2016 11:48AM
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Need to find old porn movie (topic moved)
HiI watched this movie aroun 10 years ago. It's a brazillian rio carnaval, people are dancing and fucking. There is a girl in white shorts and top. She has a pacifier in her mouth.Movie must be
mettymetReplies: 3
Views: 338
Mar 29 2016 6:02PM
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What is the title of this 80s movie?
Release date: 1980-1984 (theatre)Movie start: A young girl, returning from school, watches her mom making sex with her lover.Movie end: All 3 making sex.Thanks.
vilareal84Replies: 17
Views: 1090
Mar 28 2016 10:54AM
Topic Locked
Hello, this is my first post to this site. Apologies if this topic has come up before, but I couldn't find a thread devoted to it. I'm a big fan of the Taboo films (and incest-themed porn in
RelentlessOn...Replies: 1
Views: 585
Mar 28 2016 9:37AM
Gore Gore Girl
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help pls - late 90s 2girl gang titcum girl2 licks
Prompted by oldguy's post about girls licking cum off other girls bodies here - <link> .Its a fantastic scene that is a group/smallish-gangbang scene with two girls on a table in an old small
draghixafanReplies: 9
Views: 1235
Mar 23 2016 9:50PM
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Classic Era vs. Modern Performer Rates
As we know accurate numbers for rates are hard to nail down but it seems pretty well established that a top female performer today can be paid $1000-1200 for a b/g.At the beginning of porn in the
BlackSixReplies: 6
Views: 658
Mar 23 2016 5:16PM
Gore Gore Girl
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Jill Kelly flick
Jill Kelly was in a movie in the 80s where she worked as a real estate agent. Anyone know the title? Thanks.
BryanHaze1972Replies: 1
Views: 711
Mar 21 2016 1:19AM
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Help Me Identify This Vivid Scene or Girl
I'm wondering if someone can help me identify a scene that I believe was on something like a Best of the Vivid Girls VHS compilation (the # high teens or early twenties) from the mid to late
billmackReplies: 1
Views: 395
Mar 19 2016 1:18PM
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Only one male character
Hello !I'm searching for movies with only one male character having sex with multiple women (one by one or at once).American, European, Japanese... Recent or Vintage, I'll take anything as long as
ohtafanReplies: 5
Views: 577
Mar 19 2016 4:13AM
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name that movie from storyline
The movie is 1980s or 1990s because i watched that earlier 2001.There is a woman who is not interested in sex. She has not had sex with her husband. Some kind of sex phobia she had even in work if
monicaReplies: 0
Views: 387
Mar 17 2016 5:23AM
Thread Moved
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Sex fiction novels and short stories
Hi, I enjoy sex fiction novels and short stories as well as video porn. What are your favorite novels and short stories? From the past 50 years or so. I'll start by recommending a couple of ones I
The CollectorReplies: 7
Views: 585
Mar 15 2016 3:43AM
marie grace
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Looking for mid to late 80's porn title
In this film was a woman who's lover was a professor or teacher. One scene was of them. She was a brunette with large breasts. Another scene was with the same woman and another woman. The other woman...
IwmwtcmReplies: 2
Views: 650
Mar 12 2016 11:03AM
Topic Locked
Nothing to see here, please move along.
MOD:Please don't make duplicate topics.
nuccia13Replies: 0
Views: 254
Mar 12 2016 10:06AM
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Movie Scene with Blindfold / BDSM / Penetration
Anyone know if this is from a movie or straight up porn? <image>
Swagger123Replies: 6
Views: 1005
Mar 11 2016 7:50PM
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To find an old porn
Hi, guys. I'm looking for an old porn. I don't remember the man only a few scenes. The first scene was a mustache guy having sex with a blonde girl while she is getting her nails done. And this same
ConcurseiroReplies: 2
Views: 377
Mar 10 2016 3:15PM
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Need help finding a 90s mixed asian american (topic moved)
hi my friends and sorry for my bad english!does anyone know this mixed asian american 90s pornstar ?? maybe anastasia...? <image>
marloReplies: 1
Views: 313
Mar 9 2016 11:42AM
Topic Locked
Will Pay Money!!
Will pay via PayPal - I am being serious I do not remember the title of the movie but remember scenes from the movie and would appreciate if anyone could recall it.Two people having sex in a house
SouthwindReplies: 1
Views: 353
Mar 6 2016 10:56PM
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Why So Few Thanks for Identifying a Film?
Something that bothers me a bit is when people come to this, post asking for help identifying a film, often with practically no real info and I'd say they get a response and even a solution
BlackSixReplies: 17
Views: 683
Mar 5 2016 9:18AM
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Identify movie, scene or girl?
Can anyone tell me what movie or scene this frame is from? And the girl, is she Amber Rayne? [MOD: Read the image policy!]
daddy lyzlReplies: 1
Views: 790
Mar 4 2016 1:45PM
daddy lyzl
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What movie? (#1929393) mid 90s feature
Starring Steven St. Croix (and I think Tony Tedeschi, Vince Vouyer)The opening sex scene is Steven and a hot girl who doesn't orgasm, which upsets Steven! The end of the film he has sex with another
tpr007Replies: 0
Views: 321
Feb 28 2016 3:21PM
Thread Moved
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Looking for Rodney Moore Scene (topic moved)
Hi, I'm trying to find a Rodney Moore Seattle Hairy Girls scene, I think its an old scene from the 2000's. In the scene a white skinny/slim brunette woman goes to Rodney Moore for a photoshoot so
dlulloReplies: 1
Views: 540
Feb 28 2016 11:23AM
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ID of movie
i cant recall any names of the movie, but its a late 80's early 90's movie, the plot was about some secret group of women who live under the water and kill traitors with their vaginas by sitting on
greenie36Replies: 3
Views: 331
Feb 27 2016 9:30PM
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Meine Familie!
Does anyone know if this goes by an alternate title? I saw this movie years ago (early 90's) and have been looking for info on it.By chance I saw a clip called best of inzest and that's how I found
nothsorReplies: 0
Views: 423
Feb 26 2016 9:58PM
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Anyone Ever Seen 'White Fire' by Zeb Colt?
<link> Thought I had seen most of Colt's films (except for his mid 80s films) but I've never heard of this one. According to Dries' reliably excellent review Colt being the director was
BlackSixReplies: 11
Views: 546
Feb 26 2016 6:13PM
Gore Gore Girl
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Randy West and what's the name of the movie?
Probably late 80's stuff. I remember the VHS cover was pretty white with simply a photo of a female actress. The final scene is a weird scene with strange music and people are fucking all over the
PineReplies: 5
Views: 2009
Feb 25 2016 10:20AM
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most hardcore movies of the 70;s and 80s
getting into vintage porn. what are some of the best hardcore (nastiest) movies of the 70's and 80's? i m talking group sex, dp, deepthroating, etc. the nastier the better.
coveryisadickReplies: 35
Views: 1572
Feb 21 2016 5:06PM
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Anyone interested in a Movie Draft?
There are many posters in these smartbuydisc.rus who are big fans of feature films and have tremendous knowledge on the genre. Some even dedicate their time to review them for us. However that knowledge is
Fred NorrisReplies: 20
Views: 671
Feb 21 2016 11:05AM
Son of Dad
Topic Locked
Nothing to see here, please move along.
MOD:Honestly it is really tiring when someone is told a rule they are violating and then violate it again. This is your second warning for making duplicate topics. Fourth warning in total. In only
DCR2016Replies: 0
Views: 329
Feb 20 2016 4:14PM
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L'amour with Angel, title of song?
I was just watching L'amour with Angel from the 80's and during a scene where Angel is rubbing a mink coat over her body a song comes on that i would like to know where to buy it so i can dl it. If i...
simon33333Replies: 0
Views: 271
Feb 20 2016 12:16PM
Thread Moved
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