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Posted - Jun 16 2019 : 10:26PM
This was a movie story idea I had posted on the GFF before it went away.

The scene opens in an apartment building as we several police officers with a man ( a police detective) arriving wearing a suit and tie.

(Detective to the officers) "What do we have here?" (Random officer) "We got a report of a woman screaming out of control. When we got here, people were trying to calm her down with no luck whatsoever. She kept shouting, "Her face, her face." (Detective) "Where is she now?" (another officer) "They just took her away in the ambulance. We couldn't get any information out of her." (Detective) "So that's it?" (both officers nod their heads) (Detective) "So why was I called? I'm with homicide." The two officers look at each other before one of them says... "You need to come look at something."

As the three walk towards the young woman's apartment door the detective asks... "Is there a body, or isn't there?" One of the officers opens the bedroom door and says... "We were hoping you could tell us." The detective looks inside as the camera pans towards the bed which appears to have what looks like a somewhat human shaped plant with a wooden appearance and a full head of long green hair. It also appears to have limbs which are handcuffed to the bedpost. The camera then pans back to the detective and officers who look at each other with confused looks on their faces. The scene fades out and the opening title sequence plays.

After the title sequence ends, we see two women in business suits (Agents Scunny and Muffer) driving in a car. Scunny is driving and Muffer is the passenger next to her. They sit in silence with Scunny periodically looking at Muffer as Muffer stares straight ahead.

(Scunny) "I hope you're not planning on doing it again." (Muffer) "Doing what again?" (Scunny) "Doing what you always do... turning this into another X files case." (Muffer) "We won't know that until we get more information." (Scunny) "You always say that. And every time... file it under the X files. You're already on thin ice. Director Slitter told you one more goof up like the last one and you'll be scrubbing toilets from now on." (Muffer) "So I'll scrub toilets." (Scunny) "That may be fine for you, Muffer, but since I'm your partner, I might end up having to do it too." (Muffer) "I wouldn't worry about, Scunny. Slitter would never do that to you. She likes you too much. She just hates me."

(Scunny) "Slitter doesn't hate you. It's your work that she hates." (Muffer) "What's wrong with my work?" (Scunny)"Are you kidding me? You nearly caused a mass panic attack when you told everyone at that town hall meeting that we were being invaded by space aliens!" (Muffer) "You have to admit, Scunny, all the signs were there." (Scunny) "Like what, for instance?" (Muffer) "What about the diamond shaped UFO? Explain that one." (Scunny) "It wasn't a UFO, Muffer. It's called a kite." (Muffer) "Since when can kites emit a particle beam?" (Scunny) "It wasn't a particle beam. It's called a string. Good grief, Muffer, didn't you see the little boy on the other end of it?"

(Muffer) "I'm glad you brought him up. Explain to me what happened to him." (Scunny) "I'm not following you." (Muffer) "He disappeared and it was never explained." (Scunny) "It was explained. His mother called him in for dinner." (Muffer) "And he was never seen again." (Scunny) "He was seen again at school the next day, just like he always has been." (Muffer) "Correction, Scunny, something that looked like him, sounded like him, and acted like him, but wasn't him, was seen at school the next day." (Scunny) You're impossible!"

(Muffer) "I can't believe you're not on my side on this... especially after all I have done for you!" (Scunny) "After all you've done for me? Muffer, I've put my career on the line defending you and your ridiculous science fiction X file cases." (Muffer) "Ridiculous science fiction? Don't tell me you already forgot about the semen monsters. I even shot one of them to save you." (Scunny) "Semen monsters?" (Muffer) "You did forget. Does transparent skin and full of semen ring a bell?"

Scunny stares straight ahead and then begins to nod her head. (Scunny) "Oh yeah, it's coming back to me now. Semen monsters." (Then turning to look at Muffer) "You shot a jar of mayonnaise!" (Muffer) "It wasn't a jar of mayonnaise." (Scunny) "It was." (Muffer) "Don't you understand? That's what they want you to believe. Had you performed an autopsy, you would have seen that I was right." (Scunny) "An autopsy? On a jar of mayonnaise?" (Muffer) "Like I keep telling you..." (Scunny) "I know, I know! It wasn't a jar of mayonnaise!" (Muffer) "Finally! You believe me!"

(Scunny, after sighing) "It's not that, Muffer..." Scunny stops the car and puts it in park. (Scunny) "Look, we're here. Now will you please just keep an open mind that not every case we work on needs to be an X file one?" (Muffer) "That's all I'm asking of you, Scunny. Just keep an open mind that not every case has to have a logical or scientific explanation."

They both get out of the car as they are approached by man in police uniform... to be continued.

Edited by - gffphann on Jun 16 2019

Edited by - gffphann on Jun 16 2019

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