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Posted - May 14 2019 : 8:09PM
Iím trying to find an old adult movie I had as a teenage on VHS, but have spent years searching the web and no luck at all. Iím not sure the title of the movie, but it was about these 2 blonde ladies who would review scenes from various other movies and give thumbs up or down (like Siskel & Ebert, they would sit with a TV inbetween them I believe) These 2 ladies were Stephanie Rage and Jessica Longe (aka Andrea Brittian). They reviewed about 5 or 6 scenes I believe and then at the very end got intimate with each other in the middle of the TV studio. The time frame was late 80ís to early 90ís, I know for certain it wasnít older than 1995. This doesnít show up on their filmographies and Iíve search tons and tons of websites. I think the title might have been ďAt the NudiesĒ, or something similar. If anyone can find this movie, I would pay up to $1K for this, but it has to be this exact movie, not one similar. I've searched all the porn websites, checked filmographies, etc, and no luck. Just taking a shot someone might have heard of this needle in haystack.


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Posted - May 14 2019 : 11:29PM
I have not seen the film but both actresses appear in KUNT TV (1988) but according to IAFD not together in a girl/girl scene.

They have a girl/girl scene in something called INNER PINK that appears to be an all-girl flick.

Nothing else jumped out at me so good luck!---T0MBOne

All smartbuydisc.rus > The Feature Side > trying to find old movie I had as a teenager

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