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Posted - Jan 23 2016 : 7:59AM
With the recent announcement of a reduction of Wal-Mart stores, a lay-off notice was delivered one afternoon.
Poor Melody.
38 G-sized breasts, three kids and only her husband with an income now, with her unemployment status.
What's a poor girl to do, with no other family members around to help make ends meet?
A temporary solution needed to be found.
Sex work! She'll take tricks on the side to make ends meet!
Will her husband approve?
Reluctantly, he did, out of necessity.
Contacts had to be made with enthusiastic customers.
He was an older gentleman, with a pocket-full of cash.
A price was negotiated for an all-you-can-eat weekend buffet.
She traveled to his house on a Friday evening, along with her husband, for security.
A knock on the door and the elderly gentleman greeted both with a smile.
Seated at the kitchen table, money was exchanged between them.
While her husband remained in the kitchen, walking hand-in-hand, Melody and the gentleman went to the bedroom.
He shut the bedroom door behind them.
He said, "what's on the menu for this evening's buffet?"
She said, "anything you'd like as long as you're not really rough with me, okay?"
"Okay with me", he said. "Take off your clothing".
As Melody removed her clothing, the gentleman was taking still photos of her, using a camera on a tri-pod.
"That's fine" he said as she stood nude in front of him. 'Let's go out for dinner with your husband, get dressed".
She got dressed and together the three went out for dinner.
While at the dinner, the older gentleman got second thoughts about taking advantage of Melody & her husband.
He decided to not have sex with Melody.
"You keep the money, I'll keep the photos", he said.
They remain friends to this day.
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Edited by - dogzcatcher on Feb 11 2016

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