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Shipping tips
I wanted to compile a list of shipping tips from traders, buyers, and sellers to help others out in shipping problems.I use first class mail most of the time. It is good, but only thing it lacks is
2dvdReplies: 15
Views: 4843
Jun 17 2019 11:29AM
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ADT Good Trader List (Part 021)
Pages: 1 2 3 4
This is the twenty-first installment of The ADT Good Trader List... The old ones can be accessed here: <link> <link> <link> <link> <link> <link> <link>
2dvdReplies: 178
Views: 15019
Feb 6 2016 5:03AM
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prefer to trade DVD's
Hello , We have been clearing out some of our DVD's wondering what to do with them . Then we found this site and it looks to be very good for trading . Really not looking to sell . 99% of our DVD's
flalanddReplies: 9
Views: 2202
Jun 17 2019 9:27PM
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Wanting to do DVD swap...looking for a few titles
I have a few DVD's I am looking to swap for a handful of DVDs that I have been unable to find online to purchase. I'm willing to trade three DVDs for any of the DVDs listed at the bottom of this list...
thebigcatReplies: 7
Views: 1303
Jun 17 2019 10:47AM
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Porn Blu rays
More specificallyAsa Akira Is Insatiable Vol. 1-3DaniKiller Bodies: The AwakeningFallenRemyWould prefer to somehow get all at once, but obviously know that's a gigantic longshot. PM is you have and
TheSpiritReplies: 1
Views: 80
Jun 17 2019 10:40AM
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I have 12 DVD's that I would like to trade for the same. Not interested in gay porn.
evarrialeReplies: 3
Views: 472
Jun 17 2019 10:35AM
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VHS Porn
Anybody out there give me some insight as to whether I can sell VHS porn or if anybody is even still interested in this type of porn format???? Buddy of mine has a vast collection just collecting
daddyhekReplies: 28
Views: 3214
Jun 12 2019 5:41PM
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I'm looking for the out of print and rare to find 1980s Black porn films "black sheep of the family" & "black fox" (or "black foxes"), if anybody can find these
jsp101Replies: 0
Views: 44
Jun 9 2019 6:53PM
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I'm looking for the out of print series from Jake Steed, from the very first to the very last. If you have them in originals in good or great condition let me know, I'm very interested.MOD:You can't
jsp101Replies: 0
Views: 38
Jun 9 2019 12:43PM
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Wanted: North Pole #77 and #81
Does anyone have either of these?Please PM methanx,J
jjrt1030Replies: 2
Views: 177
Apr 28 2019 9:12AM
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Looking for DVD of "A Girl's Affair #20"
This doesn't seem to exist anywhere oddly, not even in streaming. Willing to buy/trade, I have quite a few girl/girl DVD's, most of which are out of print. Message for details.
WylweavReplies: 0
Views: 86
Mar 20 2019 1:31PM
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*WANTED* Kira Kener The Window
I’ve been collecting her DVDs for quite awhile.Just this one last film. I wish it still left somewhere.
banana_99Replies: 0
Views: 133
Mar 11 2019 11:06PM
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I want to PURCHASE "Big Butt All Stars: Sophia"
Please, If you have a copy of this and want to sell it, I will buy it, If it's in new or good condition. I really want it but It's out of print and hard to find. I won't give a number but I'll just
BM666Replies: 0
Views: 114
Mar 4 2019 12:40PM
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Amateur Interracial Wife Movies
Hubby and I collect and enjoy watching amateur interracial wives who perform while husbands film. We're interested in trading. Here's our list. If you see something you like, let me know........CList...
carlaMWFReplies: 12
Views: 12239
Feb 15 2019 8:48AM
Topic Locked
Nothing to see here. Please move along.
MOD:Duplicate posts aren't allowed.
SkinnyassReplies: 0
Views: 195
Feb 13 2019 12:41PM
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Wanted movie French Made Intervidnet 2 and other
Hi,I search many years the VHS or Dvd French Made (Intervidnet 2) Interactive Video Network./ tle=french+made/year=1994/ mI search also the DVD's Draghixa...
smitsReplies: 0
Views: 92
Feb 8 2019 10:59AM
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Black Street Hookers #4
Does anybody have a copy of this movie: Black Street Hookers #4, please help.
LicbyronReplies: 0
Views: 137
Jan 25 2019 3:07PM
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Out of print/VHS only titles- Party Pack 2/3?
Party Pack 2(Legend Entertainment) was released in 1994 and I don't think was ever released on DVD. It features Alex Jordan, Tami Monroe, Kim Chambers, Sindee Cox, Amanda Rae and Shelby Stevens. It
WylweavReplies: 0
Views: 91
Jan 24 2019 1:45PM
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Wanted- Vivid DVD "Slut for Slit"
A girl/girl compilation from the early 2000's. This doesn't seem to exist in any database. I found an image from a recently defunct website. Willing to buy. PM if available. <image>
WylweavReplies: 0
Views: 89
Jan 19 2019 7:11PM
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Synfixx trades
Anybody wanting to trade synfixx's videos.
maxsahaReplies: 2
Views: 485
Jan 12 2019 8:11AM
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Looking for Feeding Frenzy 3. NEVERMIND
Looking for the ORIGINAL disk with the DVD only Maggie Star scene. I have been burned twice buying reissue copies. I have 2 brand new copies WITHOUT the scene and other dvds to trade or give me a
MaggieFan69Replies: 2
Views: 170
Jan 5 2019 4:41PM
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Out of print titles
I'm looking for the following,Depraved 1990 Metro/IntropicsStars Aja, Elise, Sade, Sean Michael's, Tony MontanaGolden Globes 1988 Leisure Time VideoStars Samantha Strong, Ron Jeremy Any format, any
nofoodwithpornReplies: 0
Views: 141
Dec 22 2018 7:15PM
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Looking for VHS
Anyone out there with Mission Erotica on VHS? It doesn't have to be a stand alone title. The one I used to own was part of a compilation VHS. Mission Erotica was first, then a 2nd movie I can't quite...
ResidentprimeReplies: 3
Views: 266
Sep 17 2018 5:30AM
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Looking For Spice Hotel 1
One of the first hardcore pornos I ever saw. Stole it from my Dad's stash. It was great and I've been looking for it forever. Only the second one can be found for purchase. I really only want it for
FourHourManReplies: 0
Views: 132
Aug 16 2018 9:46PM
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Wanted: Vivid movie called Scandal...
starring Asia Carrera and Brittany AndrewsI'm looking for the original unedited vhs version. There exists a much shorter vhs edit and also a shorter dvd edit, but I am looking for the original
jjrt1030Replies: 0
Views: 138
Aug 13 2018 4:52PM
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Wanted: Lewd Conduct 16
Hi All -I’m looking for the DVD (regular offer BluRay) of Lewd conduct 16. Please let me know if you have it.
IloveMelodyMaxReplies: 0
Views: 125
Aug 12 2018 8:24AM
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Looking for: Fresh Hot Babes 4
Hi All - anyone have a copy for sale or know how some good sites to search for old stuff? Thanks!
picturecummerReplies: 1
Views: 198
Jul 4 2018 6:46AM
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Looking for Will and ed's bogus gang bangs
Looking for this Angela Summers movie, anyone have it or know where I can get it?Thanks!
ZipperalReplies: 0
Views: 162
Jun 22 2018 7:03PM
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Hot Lips (1984)
Looking for Hot Lips (1984).Starring Tish Ambrose and Sandi King.
Idlewild66Replies: 0
Views: 321
Jun 20 2018 11:23AM
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75+ DVD's & Boxe Set Best Offer
See pics of titles below. I would really like to sell the entire group together. Just about all of them are prefect. I am a stickler for scratches. First sensible offer, or I will take music records
2fermeReplies: 14
Views: 749
Apr 25 2018 11:53AM
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Looking for: Shane's World DVD's
I've noticed the one genre of porn that has really stood out is Shane's World -- it had a feel to it that you just don't see anymore. So I'm looking to buy their DVD's (their College Invasion series
EdgingReplies: 0
Views: 196
Apr 16 2018 9:20PM
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Looking for 2 Rods 1 Broad #2
Willing to pay top dollar for “2 Rods 1 Broad #2 (Reality Gang).
bubblebuttfanReplies: 0
Views: 133
Apr 14 2018 2:01AM
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Wanted: All Reality Gang Bang #2
Willing to pay top dollar for “All Reality Gang Bang #2” by Reality Gang.
bubblebuttfanReplies: 0
Views: 153
Mar 29 2018 8:34PM
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AdultDVDMarketplace -- Anyone Selling Here?
I have a large DVD collection and have worked in the "biz" for a number of years. I've never heard of these guys. Has anyone had success in selling DVDs through them? Are people really
polygonwindowReplies: 6
Views: 540
Mar 7 2018 3:08PM
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Looking for Killer Bodies: The Awakening blu ray
PM if you have it and are willing to part with it. THanks.
TheSpiritReplies: 0
Views: 152
Feb 9 2018 5:24PM
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Sexy Urban Legends (Playboy DVD)
I'm selling a copy of Sexy Urban Legends on eBay. <link>
CApornFANReplies: 0
Views: 270
Jan 29 2018 1:47AM
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8 adult DVDs for sale: Pirates, Camp Cuddly, etc.
I'm currently selling 8 DVDs on eBay. - Island Fever - 1 Night In Paris - Pirates - Award Winning Sex Scenes (unopened?) - Camp Cuddly Pines Powertool Massacre (unopened) - Sexy Urban Legends
CApornFANReplies: 1
Views: 296
Jan 22 2018 6:28AM
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Looking to trade Huge boobs/bbw videos
Greetings,I'm looking to trade any hardcore big boobs or bbw videos. I have content from Score, Sensational video, bang bros, Brazzers. Looking for any DVD, high quality video titles/content. Pm me!
SmutguyReplies: 1
Views: 289
Dec 28 2017 9:02PM
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Looking to trade dvds..
I want to trade some movies I have for some other kind of movies I'd be interested in.. I would greatly appreciate it.. I have 5 moviesPenthouse variations Penthouse Back to schoolGirls of
Shadow228Replies: 0
Views: 201
Dec 28 2017 4:27PM
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Looking for 'Brea Bennett Insatiable'
Hi,Does anyone have this DVD? I'm looking for the DVD with BTS content. Please let me know if anyone has this and any other Ninn Worx DVDs.Thanks!
gnotizReplies: 0
Views: 246
Dec 15 2017 8:33PM
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Mr. Moons Public Perversions 2 and Route 69
Trying to locate Cheyenne Silver in Mr Moons DVD and Helen Duval in Route 69. 2 very hard movies to locate. Any trades would be great. Thanks!!
skelli2001Replies: 0
Views: 241
Dec 4 2017 10:13PM
Topic Locked
Looking for: Debbie Does Dallas #5
Debbie Does Dallas #5 was released in 1988. Looking for this title on vhs [MOD: You can't ask for illegal copies here].
bubblebuttfanReplies: 2
Views: 418
Nov 30 2017 10:32PM
Topic Locked
Looking for Vivid title
Looking for "Sperm Whale - Big Girls Do It Phat" from Vivid. It was released in the early 2000s.
bubblebuttfanReplies: 1
Views: 557
Nov 30 2017 10:30PM
Topic Locked
Looking for: Gangbang Her Little White Thang #10
Out of print title from Dog Fart.
bubblebuttfanReplies: 2
Views: 366
Nov 30 2017 10:28PM
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Asian Ballbusting Anyone?
I have a couple of Asian Ball Busting aka Tamakeri VHS tapes and wondering if anyone is interested in buying them. They're the real thing-purchased them in Tokyo some years back.
tamakeriReplies: 0
Views: 251
Nov 30 2017 3:11PM
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Looking for Deep Throat This #2 DVD
I've purchased a few copies of this from adultdvdmarketplace, and every one contained the wrong disc (Take That! Deep Throat This #2, the pop-shot compilation), so there must have been an entire run
testing559Replies: 0
Views: 267
Nov 29 2017 11:58PM
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looking for black cheerleader search 26 & 32
If anyone has this i am willing to buy for a reasonable price
thakid5Replies: 2
Views: 807
Nov 24 2017 9:42PM
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WANTED: Jasmin St Claire DVDs/VHS
Hi,I am looking for Jasmin St Claire DVDs (pref.) or on VHS. They're becoming hard to find new in stores.Thanks,Typ
typvgsReplies: 2
Views: 608
Nov 17 2017 1:08PM
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Looking for rare VHS titles
I will pay top dollar for these titles. Fluff Girls of the Houston 500, Coed Cocksuckers 11, and Natural Born Nymphs 3. <image> <image>
gutterballReplies: 0
Views: 524
Oct 14 2017 3:36AM
Topic Locked
New Old Stock Shrink Wrapped Brand New DVDs
I have a large collection (close to 1000 titles) of straight DVDs. Most are shrink wrapped, have never been played or opened. I will be in the Los Angeles area starting August 8, 2017 until August
polygonwindowReplies: 2
Views: 372
Sep 30 2017 3:12AM
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