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Posted - Aug 18 2005 : 6:32AM

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Posted - Aug 18 2005 : 11:59AM
At one time, my husband considered taking a job in S.A. with Aramco. I was good to go with that plan, as I can entertain myself endlessly with not much more than a ball of yarn and some books, though obviously I would have spent most of my time locked indoors in an American compound. Women can get stomed there for wearing the wrong clothes or walking unaccompanied, and of course we wouldn't be allowed to drive or hold a job.

Friends of ours who went over tempted fate by brewing their own beer, and one single guy told us he'd have to make do over there with married women. Not a brilliant plan.

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Posted - Aug 18 2005 : 12:04PM
Don - as you know I was confusing countries when we talked about tourism in the area :)

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Posted - Aug 18 2005 : 10:40PM
So this is their brilliant plan? Who would go their except 'muslims' from other oil producing countries?
No westerner or Asian would find the local laws viable. Even a convert to Islam would have difficulty.
Other muslims only go to Saudi Arabia because of jobs or Mecca. The Saudis are looked down upon.

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Posted - Aug 2 2019 : 5:20PM

"Saudi Arabia has decided to allow adult women to travel without seeking approval from a so-called male “guardian”"

"On June 24 last year, women were allowed to drive cars for the first time"

"women in the capital, Riyadh, and other cities now appear in public without headscarves"

The driving ban lift was interesting. Under Saudi guardianship laws women actually weren't allowed in public without a male relative chaperone. So even though women could drive, they still had to have a male with them.

All smartbuydisc.rus > World News Nonsense > Welcome to Sunny Saudi Arabia

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