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Posted - Mar 16 2019 : 1:20PM
I tried joining Teen Fidelity today to take advantage of a $10 deal they have on now. I have a credit card I specifically use for porn memberships and on rare occasions itíll be rejected. Today was one of those occasions. I went through the join process twice thinking it may have been a technical glitch but it was rejected by both billers both times. I then tried my non-porn card and it was rejected by both biller too.

I should add that Iím in Canada but that hasnít been a problem before. Also, both cards are valid and wouldnít be rejected for reasons of non-payment.

Any ideas why a card would be rejected by a biller?

Update - I tried a third card, this one a pre-paid card with sufficient funds and it was rejected too. I also tried using a different web browser and that didn't work. Everything I try gets rejected.

Another update - I was finally able to join. I was linking to TF/PF through the the porn review site called The Best Porn and my cards were being rejected. I found the same offer at Idealgasm and it worked the first time with my porn card that had been rejected multiple times just a few minutes earlier.

I'd still appreciate any insight anyone has.

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Posted - Mar 16 2019 : 5:03PM
Why don't you try the website support or the billing company support? How are we supposed to know??
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Posted - Mar 16 2019 : 8:42PM
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Posted - Mar 17 2019 : 3:25PM
And nobody who does know about these things will be willing to discuss them in an open
Fraudsters can read too after all.



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Posted - Mar 31 2019 : 8:09AM
I can't know why in this specific case your cards were rejected. But take note that the some billers use automated systems that may "flag" certain things, like:

- you're using a VPN
- you're using a temporary e-mail
- you're in the U.S., using a pre-paid gift card, and the biller is outside the U.S. (you're in Canada, so dunno)

I have used all of the above at one time or another and mostly have had no problem, BUT I have had a fair number of declines and it has been frustrating when that happens. Certain sites and certain billers have automated systems that seem sensitive or just dumb, depending on how you look at it. I think in your case, the key is in which site you were being referred through. That seems to have made a difference, for reasons known only to the biller or its algorithm.

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All smartbuydisc.rus > Shopping Info > What would cause a biller to reject a credit card?

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