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Posted - Mar 13 2015 : 5:33PM
Many of the movies already mentioned I haven't seen, although of the ones I have watched La Dolce Vita, Rashomon, Bad Education and Perros Amores are particular favorites.
I'm not sure why, but I have a penchant for the Spanish language directors, Almodóvar, Buñuel and Iñárritu. They're certainly not perfect: Almodóvar can be a bit sweet and 'happy endy', his lucid style can appear facile; Buñuel can seem to be continually re-hashing his various fetishistic obsessions, and despite having an even more lucid style than Almodóvar can allow his surreal narratives to cross the line into obscurity and opacity; Iñárritu can come across as being too far up his own arse. Nonetheless I invariably like/love their movies. Of course the previously referred to Bad Education and Perros Amores are by Almodóvar and Iñárritu respectively. Other movies by these three that I rate highly are (and there are also many others):

Other favorite foreign movies, not previously mentioned:


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Posted - Feb 17 2019 : 10:30PM
I have to say 2...

'Pan's Labyrinth' (Spanish)
Dark adult fairytale that does not pull any punches (definitely not for children) . It's damn near a perfect movie.

'Intouchables' (French).
Based on a true story. Lighthearted and funny while touching on serious subjects. The actors are superb in their roles.

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Posted - May 24 2019 : 9:41PM
A great film. One of my favorites

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Posted - Jun 7 2019 : 11:39PM
Look up a Russian-French comedy-drama called '' (2009).
It is brilliant.
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Posted - Jun 13 2019 : 7:12AM
Couple not already mentioned:

Idi i smotri aka Come and See (1985)
Oldeuboi AKA Oldboy (2003)
Jagten aka The Hunt (2012)


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Posted - Jul 2 2019 : 3:54PM
I'd say Intouchables and La Haine (both French).
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