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Posted - Jul 26 2019 : 2:54PM
was it US replicators who shunned the industry?
was it digital playground/vivid who went VOD/streaming?
was it the consumers who went VOD/streaming?
was it AACS who refused to patch the broken drm but still required mandatory payment?
did the replicator who did DP/Vivid's blu-rays shut down?

the last "new" blu-ray to be released was in 2018 according to AE

does this mean we won't even get a 4k UHD release since studios big & small have abandoned the format?

i would love to get a 4k blu-ray in 60 fps

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Posted - Jul 26 2019 : 7:35PM
I think, ultimately, it was porn consumers who killed porn on Blu-ray, not for the reasons you mentioned, but because they just didn't buy them. Most stores and companies will tell you that, even today, porn DVDs outsell porn Blu-rays.


I am just a simple man trying to find my way in this universe.
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Posted - Aug 7 2019 : 6:38AM
To be fair, not just in porn, cloud and portable external hard disks killed Blu-rays.


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Posted - Aug 7 2019 : 5:04PM
^ That's something of an oversimplification. Their mere existence didn't contribute toward Blu-ray's loss of popularity. Cloud computing (in differing forms) and portable HDDs have existed before Blu-ray became a household name. The provision of high-speed internet (home broadband and LTE) infrastructure at an affordable price point has facilitated HD/UHD streaming and downloads as an alternative to Blu-ray. Increasing storage density of hard disks and their price erosion has limited the relevance of Blu-ray.


I am just a simple man trying to find my way in this universe.
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Posted - Aug 8 2019 : 2:29AM
I've meant to be simple and direct, but yes, the money and general availability is also an important fact and with SSD prices dropping eventually, the BD and DVD will lose even more, I use BD for backups since they are more resistant to vibrations and physical damage unlike HDD and have a longer life than SSDs.

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