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Director: Jules Jordan
Starring: Marley Brinx.
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Posted - Jun 29 2019 : 12:06PM
This is a bit of a strange one, I've been searching for the last few months and I can't come across this title.

The basic premise is this woman is given the mission by some black robe shrouded demon to have sex with various people and capture their souls. It shows her in various scenes through the ages where she has sex with men and women and captures their orgasm in a chalice and then dumps it over a flame. It ends with her doing the same to the demon who gave her the mission.

Scene 1:- It's some sort of egyptian theme that I remember. The demon said that for her first assignment, he'd send her help - so he sends her another girl. They dance for this guy and have sex with him.

The next scene, I can't remember it exactly but she's on her own with just another fellow.

The next scene that I remember is something at like a "swinging 20's dinner party" where it's an orgy consisting of her and 2 other couples.

The final scene is where she's reporting her victory to this "demon' and she then captures his soul as well.

In between scenes it would show like a flame in an above ground fire-pit/cauldron and you'd have the voice instructing her.

Any help with this weird one be greatly appreciated!!

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Posted - Jul 3 2019 : 7:04PM
If anyone is curious - I was finally able to find it. It's called "Inflamed" and it starred Misty Regan.


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Posted - Jul 3 2019 : 7:39PM
That was pretty fast---good job!

We are hit and miss over here in terms of IDing so many searches---tb

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Posted - Jul 11 2019 : 2:11PM
Sounds like a weird one that is worth a watch.

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